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Black Bass Fishing
By Pat Lambreth

Get outdoors, the weather's great We couldn't ask for more beautiful weather and the good rain and we even need more. With all the good weather, it makes us all want to get outdoors.

The cooler weather has really turned the black bass on. Two and three pounders are plentiful, though not too many larger ones yet. Go deeper early and shallow later in the day as the water warms. White and chartreuse spinner baits and cranks in fire tiger and craw fish color are good and try the
jig of your choice in black/blue and black/chartreuse. Try the baby brush hog in watermelon seed color. It works for me. Try Pop R's, they work sometimes.

We are still catching bass on the walking worm in blue flake color. We use it with the little spoon and it works better than a regular sinker.
Keep fishing, the larger bass should start moving as the water cools. They need to feed to put on weight for the winter. This is a good time of year to get a lunker. It is so comfortable to be outdoors now.

Deer season is coming up soon, so try to get out on the water now. I like to black bass fish and deer hunt too. It's deciding time. Do I want to hunt or fish today? We have several tanks on our lease. We hunt in the morning, then fish later in the day.

I got a 9 point last November 18th. I was 83 years young and I hope I get one this year. I got one or two most every year for many years now.
I have two 8 points mounted plus an 18 point, but I have never mounted the 9 point. I do love the outdoors.

Take your children fishing and hunting if they like the outdoors. I wouldn't take anything for the times I have spent outdoors on the water and in the woods and in my deer stand and hiking. I love to just stroll through the woods, especially this time of year. You see and learn so much and see so
much wildlife.

So get outdoors and be safe and good to yourself and others. Don't forget the life jacket. Zip it up before you start the big engine and plug in the kill switch. I hope you catch a big bass. Don't forget catch and release. We have to do this so our kids and grandkids will enjoy fishing like we
have. Thanks.

I hope to see you one the lake soon having fun and catching bass. Until next time, God bless you.

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