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5 Bass/19.71 Lbs Takes "Stormy" Dawson/Skeeter Invitational
By Ed Snyder

5 Bass/19.71 Lbs Takes "Stormy" Dawson/Skeeter Invitational By Ed Snyder/LakeCaster

2nd Annual Dawson Marine/Skeeter Invitational
Sunday, December 12, 1999, MillCreek Park, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

Anyone who ventured out to do a little bassin' on Lake Sam Rayburn today were either just plain "KRAZY" or had to be fishing a bass tournament. "Forty Four" of those "KRAZYS" teamed up to fish the 2nd Annual Dawson Marine Invitational as they spent the better part of their fishing day dodging storms and getting wet, "REALLY WET", and as one team managed to catch a 5 bass/19.71 lb stringer from Needmore Point grass-edges, they would claim 1st place honors from the "#1 Skeeter Boat Dealership in the World", Dawson Marine of Beaumont, TX.

Honored by Skeeter Boats INC; Dawson Marine now holds the distinctive position of being the "1 Skeeter Boat Dealership Dealership in the World, as the honor was bestowed on Wesley Dawson, and his Dawson Marine crew, By Skeeter Rep; Ben Jarred during weigh-in ceremonies being held at MillCreek Park on Lake Sam Rayburn. The Invitational team tournament launched 22 teams into stormy pre-front weather conditions which would put everyone on "rock & roll" patterns as they dodged storm after storm which rumbled through during the day with stabbing lightning and drenching rains. But as the final bag was weighed and tabulated, all teams were accounted for as they managed to weigh-in 71 bass weighing 216 lbs.

1st-(19.71 lbs)- James Shaw & Steve Crowell managed to catch an early morning bite that put a 5 bass limit in their well by 8:am as they fished 2' to 14' grass-edges with St Croix/Quantum rods and Quantum reels spooled with 15# Berkley Big Game Mono. They worked 1/2 oz crawfish colored Rat-L-Traps during their morning bite, then came back to the same area for a noon bite to catch 2 more bass which culled up to their 5 bass/1971 lb winning weight and a Skeeter Check for $1,200, with another $200 for their 5.27 lb 2nd place big bass of day..

2nd-(Bill Hudspeth & Peggy Scifres managed an early re-covery from the lake by 10:30am, but during their short fishing time they managed to work Allstar/Shimano rods and Quantum/G-Loomis reels spooled with 10#-12# P-Line. They limited out by fishing 6' to 9' Buck Bay grass-humps near 25' dropoffs with #141-(green/white)- DD-14's for catching their 2nd place finish of 5 bass/18.74 lbs and a $600 Skeeter Check.

3rd-(18.12 lbs)- Wesley Dawson & Samuel Christian worked Shimano rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15# Berkely Big Game mono while fishing 1' to 2' Buck Bay grass with 3/4 oz red Rat-L-Traps. The 3rd place team managed to put 5 bass/18.12 lbs on the scale for a $300 Skeeter Check.

BIG BASS-(5.42 lbs)- Tony Marino & Vernon Bagget managed to boat the "overall" big bass of 5.42 lbs while fishing a 1/2 oz chrome/blue/orange Rat-L-Trap along 3' grass-edges from their 1:pm big bite for a Skeeter Big Bass Check of $300.

Top 5 Teams;
1-James Shaw/Steve Crowell----------------------5 bass/19.71 lbs-$1,200
2-Peggy Scifres/Bill Hudspeth--------------------5 bass/18.74 lbs-$600
3-Wesley Dawson/Samuel Christian------------5 bass/18.12 lbs-$300
4-David Concienne/Jeff Scifres-------------------5 bass/17.18 lbs-$200
5-Mike Kelly/David Ozio---------------------------5 bass/16.67 lbs-$100

Big Bass-
1st-(5.42 lbs)-Tony Marino/Vernon Bagget-$300
2nd-(5.27 lbs)-Steve Crowell/James Shaw-$200
3rd-(4.91 lbs)-Bob Ramsdell/Sandy Daniel-$100

All bass were live released by Bass-N-Bucks at the tournament site with 71 bass weighing 216 lbs.

For more information on Dawson Marine Skeeter/Yamaha contact-(1-800-471-2357) or clic to <>

Tournament Sponsor; Skeeter Boats/Yamaha Outboard

Shaw & Crowell display 1st place catch

Hudspeth & Scifres show 2nd place sack
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Dawson & Christian hold 3rd place finish

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