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By Ed Snyder

BassMasters Central Division Texas Invitational
February 6-thru-12, 2000, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

During the week of February 6th thru the 12th, our Nations top Professional BassMasters will converge on Lake Sam Rayburn, TX, to compete for the National B.A.S.S. title win for Lake Sam Rayburn's Texas Invitational. The B.A.S.S. anglers will be competing during the three days of Thursday-(February 10), Friday-(February 11), and Saturday-(February 12), as they check in with their daily catches at Twin Dikes Marina during the weigh-in hours of from 2:30pm -to- 4:30pm each day of the event. The public is "welcomed" to attend each weigh-in day to watch and cheer on the National Bass/Pro's as they display their efforts for this prestigious BassMaster tournament. As BassMaster, Robert Tucker once stated at a Rayburn event, "Somedays Hero's and Somedays Zero's, But that's Bass fishing!!"

The following is an edited clip from LakeCaster's BassMaster results of Lake Sam Rayburn's February, 1999, Central Invitational event.

VanDam Wins "Tuff" Rayburn BassMaster's

BassMaster Central Division Texas Invitational
Saturday, February 20, 1999, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas.

Final day bassin', for the 320 anglers who were struggling to make the "money cut" for the Central Division Texas Invitational, would be under the gun of changing weather patterns, as near purrr-fect conditions of pre-front sun shine quickly became history under the overcasting downpours of a passing coldfront. Today would become "pay-day" for some of the BassMaster's, with $208,000 in cash & prizes as the hopefull anglers filed in for their final tally at Twin Dikes Marina. But some BassMaster's would return to their home ramps with only the memories and resolutions from their hindsite 20/20 loses.

But even the sodden chills of an East Texas Cold Front didn't seem to have any serious effect on the top three anglers who managed to notch first, second, and third place positions, as Kevin Van Dam, of Kalamazoo, Michigan, weathered first with a final day catch of 5 bass/14 lbs-2 ozs, giving Kevin a three day total of 15 bass/48 lbs-12 ozs, or the 15 bass/42 lbs-9 oz catch of Warrene, Ohio, angler, Nick Prvonozac, as he managed a 2nd place final, giving the 15 bass/41 lb-5 oz catch of Amston, Connecticut, angler, Lee Bailey Jr., a 3rd place finish.

But only one angler, who would be found "praying" for the gusting winds and chilly rains that "re-conditioned" the bass-bite, managed keep his eye the "prize" as the National BASS/Pro, and bass fishing legend, Kevin VanDam had his prayers answered "with gusto" as he re-casted his winning efforts for that prize.

"Strike King Series X chartreuce Crankbaits, informed the Michigan BASS/Pro as he informed of how he worked 13'-14' inside grass-lines and 2ndary points around the Caney Creek, and Black Forest areas. "The water temp was holding around 57 degrees, Kevin pointed out, "but I was able to pull my limit within 2 hours as early morning bites put 10 bass in the boat on 10 consecutive casts.

"Cranks and carolina rigs helped to give me my 2nd place win , explained Ohio BASS/Pro, Nick Prvonozac, as he told of flippin', crankin', and draggin', 3'-4' , 10'-12' , and 17'-24' mid-lake creek channel structure, and shallow flats, with Riverside Craws, 3/8th oz jigs, and Pradco Fat Free Shads in firetiger and shad patterns.

"Pradco Fat Free Shads, "echoed" Connecticut BASS/Pro, Lee Bailey Jr. , as he informed of how he fished 12'-14' Veach Basin cuts to the bank for a 9:am to 9:30 a:m: bite that put his final day weight of 5 bass/16 lb-7 ozs on the scale for his 3rd place finish.

Final day Big Bass "almost" made it in with Takahiro Omori, of Emory TX, as the Lake Fork angler put a 7lb-5 oz "kicker" on the scale, "but" Joplin, Missouri, angler, Randy Blaukat "nudged" Omori's bass out with a 7 lb-15 oz crankbait "kicker" for the big bass money.

The "overall" tournament big bass was weighed-in on the first day of competition as Paducah, Kentucky, angler, Dan Morehead, put a "citrus color" Fat Free Shad catch on the scale for a 9 lb-6 oz Bass.

The BassMaster's managed to catch 748 bass on final day weighing 1,508 lbs, for a three day total of 2,284 bass weighing 4,516 lbs which were live released by the BassMaster Live Release Team.

As the Pro-Bass anglers were "tuffin" it out on the lake, the "future" Pro-Bass anglers were busy pitchin', flippin', and casting their efforts for points & credits at Twin Dikes Marina, as the Southeast Texas B.A.S.S. Federation sponsored and coordinated a K-Mart Casting Kids Contest. The winners for this "worth-while" childrens casting event would have a chance to advance to the Regional finals which could eventually earn them a Casting Kids position at the BassMaster's World Classic in Chicago Illinois for the new millennium year of 2000.

(7-10 yrs)
1st-Chris Iles-(8)-Hemphill, TX.
2nd-Cody Wilson-(8)-Lake Jackson, TX.
3rd-Rocky Biscamp Jr.-(7)-Silsbee, TX.
4th-Maddie Smith-(7)-Vidor, TX.

(11-14 yrs)
1st-David Barton-(10)-Livingston, TX.
2nd-Jacob Jones-(11)-Livingston, TX.
3rd-Joseph McCarty-(11)-Moscow, TX.
4th-Cole Snider-(11)-Dallardsville, TX.

1st- Kevin VanDam, Kalamazoo, MI.------- 15 bass/48-12 lbs-
2nd- Nick Prvonozac, Warrene, OH---------- 15 bass/42-09 lbs-
3rd- Lee Bailey, Jr., Amston, CT-------------- 15 bass/41-05 lbs-
4th- Marty Fourkiller, Cleveland, OK-------- 15 bass/38-00 lbs-
5th- David Wharton, Sam Rayburn,TX---- 15 bass/37-02 lbs-

Day-1 (9-06) Dan Morehead, Paducah, KY-
Day-2 (7-07) Mike Auten, Benton, KY-
Day-3 (7-15) Randy Blaukat, Joplin, MO-

1999 Texas Invitational BassMaster Catches;
(1) 824 3 76 1610-04
(2) 712 1 58 1396-15
(3) 748 3 69 1508-14
Totals 2284 7 203 4516- 1

As it has always been said before, when the BassMaster's visit the lake areas with their prestigious tournaments they put on one "heck" of a tournament show which brings in one "heck" of a positive impact on the economics of our lake area business's. "And, as a "rather nice" salute to the people of Jasper, TX, as well as to the lake area people, the BassMaster's who stepped up on stage to weigh-in their hard earned catches, gave thanks to "everyone" for being angler/friendly and "very helpfull" to their needs. A lot of good fellowship went home with those BassMaster's from 30 states and 2 countries who would be returning for this years February 6 -thru-12, 2000 event. You are "ALL" cordially invited to watch and applaud their weigh-in efforts "Free of charge" during their daily weigh-ins at Twin Dikes Marina. Just bring your lawnchairs, family, and friends to enjoy three days of professional bass fishing at its absolute best.

( Economic Benefits Of B.A.S.S. Tournaments & The BASS Masters Classic®)
Economic benefits of a regular-season BASSMASTER tournament - More than half a million dollars funnel into an area hosting a three-day BASSMASTER® Invitational, according to a University of Alabama study, in payment for hotel rooms, meals, gas, incidentals and entertainment during the week's stay by the staff, sponsors, industry support teams and the anglers and their families. That $500,000 is multiplied by the number of times the dollars turn over in the local economy. That turnover results in an impact of $1,000,000 to $2,000,000, depending on the length and type of tournament involved. In addition, the local area receives nationwide publicity through a minimum of five national news releases on the event. One is mailed before the event and one following the tournament to approximately 2,000 writers and broadcasters throughout the nation. Daily faxes and e-mail messages, including a one-page story and the full standings, are sent from the weigh-in site each evening of competition to approximately 300 newspapers and broadcast stations scattered throughout the United States. Results of each day's competition are also fed to the Associated Press, USA Today, and are placed on the BASSMASTER Web site <<>>. Daily standings are also placed on the BASSMASTER Hotline at B.A.S.S. headquarters in Montgomery; 1-900-990-BASS. Media outlets within a 150-mile radius of the weigh-in site also receive a media kit with background information on the event, the circuit and bass fishing in general. Each event is also covered by BASSMASTER® Magazine, with a readership of approximately 4 million, and by B.A.S.S. TIMES®, with a readership of more than 245,000. Many of the events are covered by The BASSMASTERS® TV series, which reaches into approximately one million homes weekend Sunday on TNN.

For more information on this economic study contact: MarJean Corkran< Media Relations Coordinator <B.A.S.S., Inc. Communications <5845 Carmichael Road, Montgomery, AL 36117 <phone: (334) 272-9530 ext. 375 <fax: (334) 396-8230 <>
For more information on the motel/hotel/campground facilities of Lake Sam Rayburn call the Jasper Chamber of Commerce at (409)-384-2762.

Michigan BASS/Pro Kevin VanDam with winners form

1999 Casting Kid winners take their appluads
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Dan Moorehead with "overall" big bass

Prvonozac with 2nd place finish

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