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Rayburn Legend Makes "Who's Who" Registry
By Ed Snyder

Rayburn Legend Makes "Who's Who" Registry

The National Registry Of Who's Who-(1999 Edition)-
January 17, 2000, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

In National Recognition for being an outstanding individual who has made an impact in her profession as a community leader, as well as "a legend" within the bass fishing industry, two time Woman's World Bass Champion and multiple Woman's National Bass Champion, Ann Thomasson Wilson, owner/proprietor of Ann's Tackle Shop in Jasper TX, has been honored and published in the 1999 Edition of "The National Registry of Who's Who" in America.

The National Registry of Who's Who- (1999)- edition - Published by American Biographical Publications, Inc.- is an annual biographical publication that recognizes outstanding individuals who have made an impact in their profession and community. The volumn contains detailed biographical profiles of successful professionals from nearly every occupation across the United States. For its life members, "The National Registry of Who's Who" -(tm)- serves as a powerful networking tool, uniting professionals for recruiting and consulting purposes. In addition, "The National Registry of Who's Who" -(tm)- gives its life members the opportunity to learn about and appreciate the achievements of their peers of equal character. "The National Registry of Who's Who" -(tm)- provides a forum for its life members to publisize facts about their business, memberships, family, or other elements that have contributed to their personal and professional fulfillment. Through detailed biographical profiles, life members gain valuable exposure to other professionals published in "The National Registry of Who's Who" -(tm)- . This exposure ultimately contributes to "The National Registry of Who's Who" -(tm)- dedication to helping like-minded professionals meet, network, and share knowledge. "The National Registry of Who's Who -(tm)- encourages communication among life members, that the full networking potential of "The National Registry of Who's Who" -(tm)- may be realized. In addition to its practical uses, "The National Registry of Who's Who" -(tm)- honors the accomplishments of its life members and makes it known to their colleaques and clients that they bear the mark of excellence. All life members within this volumn have perservered in their quest for success; it is an honor to publish their stories and preserve their history for generations to come. Life members should take pride in appearing in this registry, as only individuals of significant accomplishment are considered for the publication. It is the goal of "The National Registry of Who's Who" -(tm)- mission to maintain and uphold its high standards of excellence for acceptance and inclusion. It is the goal of "The National Registry of Who's Who" -(tm)- to continue to seek out and extol those exemplary individuals who have made such considerable contributions to their profession and community.

Published on Page 140- of the 1999 Edition:
(.....Thomasson-Wilson, Ann- Ms. Thomasson-Wilson is the owner of Ann's Tackle Shop, a retail tackle store that is the center of attention of Lake Sam Rayburn during bass tournaments. She has been a professional angler for twenty five years. Ms. Thomasson-Wilson is a two time World Champion, holding titles such as Bass N' Gal World Champion in 1989 and 1988 Lady Bass World Champion. She is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce (small business award winner) Ms. Thomasson-Wilson and her husband, Charlie, were married in 1990. Her daughter, Debra Pryor, helps at the shop. Ms. Thomasson-Wilson has two grandchildren: Amber and Chantz. She is also involved in two radio shows "Fishing in East Texas with Ann Thomasson-Wilson" , which has been broadcasting since 1987, and "Richard Corder", broadcasting since 1992. Ann's Tackle Shop is located at 924 North Wheeler, Jasper, TX. 75951- Phone-(409)-384-7685.....)

(The 1999 Edition was bookmarked for the Library of Congress)

-(Publisher Credits)-
American Biographical Publications
620 Waverly Avenue/2nd floor
Patchoque, NY. 11772

The first thing you'll notice when you enter Ann's Tackle Shop, at 924 North Wheeler, in Jasper, TX, will be the fishing tackle, with racks full, shelves full, and walls filled to the boardline. Your second observation will surely be the wall to wall trophies, plaques, and awards which represent over 20 years of bass fishing excellence, as trophies from Alabama, New York State, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, with two World Class Bass Championship trophies topping the applauds. The next item of notice will "always" be the warm and happy smile, freely given, by the woman who's responsible for those many tributes, as Ann Thomasson Wilson steps up to extend her hand of greeting. And as you reach out to press her hand of friendship you will have touched a footprint of American History.

As a young East Texas girl, Ann Thomasson Wilson started her wanting life shoeless, pennyless, and breathless from the toils of working to support her schooling needs. But with the banks of the Angelina River beckoning nearby, Ann's muddy toed footprints would soon lead her down the path of National fishing fame. Ann Thomasson Wilson would leave her leaderboard marks at every crossroad and launch ramp of her competitive bass fishing career as she quickly became one of the true "Legends" of Bass Fishing History. But her most recent honor of being titled within the Who's Who pages of the National Registry has provided Ann with a high water mark of her life as her honor has come full circle with another family honor. "I can now share that National Honor with my granddaughter, Amber Pryor, explained a very proud Grandma, as she "mistfully" informed of her granddaughter being so "honored" within the pages of the 1997/1998/1999 registry editions of Who's Who among American High School students for setting high standards in education and communications, which also honored Amber for her involvement with Childrens International group for needy children. A Jasper High School honor student, with perfect attendance and a member of the National Honor Society, Amber Pryor would also be titled for her unselfish duties as a Flag Corps member, Marching Band member, Baseball Babe member, S.A.D.D., H.O.S.A., as well as displaying overall excellence in the Outdoor Sports of Swimming, Sportfishing, Golf, and Watersports, with "sparetime" recognition for being an outstanding member of the Jasper/ Rayburn Chamber of Commerce Youth Leaders Group.

(Editors Note)- I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Ann Thomasson Wilson, and her family, since 1991, and have penned, published, and photographed considerable applauds and accolades to her professional abilities. Ann Thomasson-Wilson is an accomplished business leader within her community and maintains high levels of professional respect from her peers from both, in the retail business, and in her professional field as a "World Class" bass fishing competitor. When the Professional Bass Tournaments are in town, on any given day of the week at Ann's Tackle Shop, you'll most likely find the Hank Parker's, Bill Dance's, Roland Martin's, Orlando Wilson's, and Jimmy Houston's, of National Bass Fishing Fame, rubbin' elbows with future Bass Fishing Legends as they "fine-tune" their fishing skills with one of the best "legends" in the business, Ann Thomasson Wilson. Ann, and her family, PaPa Charley, Debra, Amber, Chantz, and several pro/fishing friends will always be on hand to provide you with the "word" of what's happening on Lake Sam Rayburn.

>From the nor'easter waters of New York's Hudson River, to the tropical sloughs of Florida's Lake Seminole, to "Bama's Guntersville, and on down to the God's Country area of Rayburn and Toledo, Ann Thomasson Wilson has left her mark on those of us who have already known what "The National Registry of Who's Who"-(tm)- has just now published.

"We", of the staff, and readership, of LakeCaster Publications, take great pride in giving Ann Thomasson Wilson a "Standing Ovation" for her "well deserved" induction into the "Who's Who of America's Greatness, as well as a heartfelt "Thank You Ann" for these past many years of unselfish, and professional service to "us" your loving friends and customers...."God Bless You".

-(.. NOW...."Miss Annie,...what are the bass biting on, where on the lake are they hitting, and what colors are they biting best....??.....)-

"Who's Who" titelist's, Ann Thomasson Wilson & Amber Pryor

The Wilson Family "welcomes you" to Lake Sam Rayburn

< photos by Ed Snyder >

Ann Thomasson Wilson with two "hefty" career credits

"Bass n' Gal Legend" Sugar Ferris awarding "Bass Fishing Legend" Ann Thomasson Wilson, one of two- "World Class Trophies"

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