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It is said that information is power, and while this may sound more like an intro for a financial article, bear with me for a moment. Until recently, tactics and techniques were normally passed from angler to angler by word of mouth. Now computers are becoming a reliable source of information for anyone looking to increase his or her chances of success on the water. In just a few minutes, via the Internet, a vast amount of informa-tion can be accessed and examined. Just yesterday, I spent time chatting with anglers from 15 different states and 4 foreign countries. I also downloaded an interactive topo-graphic map of Lake Sam Rayburn and read numerous fishing reports from the lakes in our area. And I never had to leave the comfort of my home, incredible. Granted, you will still need to approach this medium with a certain degree of skepticism, but it beats the heck out of going to a new lake with little or no information.

The first place to look for data is in the lake reports sections on fishing sites.
These web pages can be located easily by going to the search function on your browser and entering "fishing reports". You can also limit the scope of the search by adding the geographic area you are interested in, such as "Texas fishing reports". >From this point it is just a matter of looking through the sites listed to find one that has the reports you are interested in. Most of the better sites have an area where other fishermen can come in and add reports for the lakes that they have recently fished. The key here is to look for separate postings that share a common pattern. If 5 people say that they did well with purple plastic worms fished in 10 feet of water, then I would certainly give it a try. A short list of sites with anglers reports are: <>, <>, and <>.

Chat rooms can be informative as well as a lot of fun. There are not as many sites available that offer live chat, but do a little searching and you can locate them. This week I was helping a friend locate a used boat to purchase. While the manufacturers web sites are helpful, they obviously do not give an altogether true and unbiased account of their products. So with a little help from present and past boat owners that I talked to in chat rooms, I was able to hear the pros and cons of the specific boat and motor combination he had decided to purchase and also reputable mechanics and service centers in the area. By doing a little research now, you could save a lot of time and money down the road. <> and <> both offer good chat room options.

There are several sites that offer map programs that can be ordered and delivered by mail or downloaded from their web site. I recently downloaded one and I have to mention it by name. Topo-Log Map Company has about 40 maps available and once you have purchased the software, you can go in and customize the maps in order to develop a fishing log. For instance, if you find an old roadbed or some other type of structure that holds fish in the summer, you simply mark the location on the map and create a log with type of fish, depth, structure and type of lures used. Next winter when you are trying to find fish on that lake, refer back to the log and this info will jog your memory. This program even has GPS coordinates that will put you within a few feet of the original location. If you fish a number of different lakes during the year, this program is invaluable. Take a look at

Keep in mind that there is nothing that will help you catch more fish than time spent on the water. But if you only have one day to fish a lake it would be wise to seek out all the information you can before you head out, and the Internet offers a wide variety of options for acquiring this information.

For more information on Lake Sam Rayburn, Lake Toledo Bend, or Lake Livingston contact <> For more information on Roger Bacon Outdoors contact <> or call (409)-489-0444.

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