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5 Bass/19.22 Lbs Wins Toledo's AC/Team (19.08 claims close 2nd)
By Ed Snyder

Anglers Choice East Texas Team Circuit
Sunday, January 30, Frontier Park Marina, Lake Toledo Bend, TX.

With bone-chilling temperatures dipping to the low 20's, 118 anglers launched into Toledo Bend's East Texas Division of the Anglers Choice Team Circuit. And as the anglers settled into their bassin' patterns they would be treated to the sight of a "breaking" sun as the previous gloom of shivering overcast finally cleared into fullblown Bluebirds. "NOT" exactly what the suffering anglers really needed to improve on their bass catching possibilities, but "anything" was better than what was. The breaking sunlight would also help with the action images of the video crews who were taping todays Anglers Choice Tournament for Fox Network's "Fishing Texas" and "Americana Outdoors".

"We're really happy with this new interest by the television fishing show industry, stated Anglers Choice CEO, Johnnie Davis, "and with Cabela's now sponsoring these segments for Fox Network, you'll now be able to view what's happening with our Anglers Choice Tournament Circuits, "and", Johnnie happilly includes, "you computer nuts will also be able to take advantage of this new internet video concept by clicking to <> to view the downloads of these taped fishing segments. "Just clic to our web-sight at <> to get the video download dates, Johnnie quickly informs as he moves to help weigh-master, Randy Knight, weigh a heavy sack of incoming bass. "With 5 bass at 19.22 pounds, Randy announces to the crowd, "your new tournament leaders folks, John Knickerbocker of Maurice LA, and Jeff Lenox of Scott, LA. As the two Louisiana anglers step up to claim their ist place applauds, Terry Burghart and Ricky Potts of Longview TX, who were holding the 5 bass/19.08 lb lead, were bumped down to a close 2nd.

(1st-(19.22 lbs)-John Knickerbocker and Jeff Lenox motored their Triton/Mercury to southlake grass to work Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with Trilene BG-12# & 15# mono. "We mainly stuck with white Norman DD-14's, stated the winning Louisiana team as they explained how they cranked 6' to 8' grass-edges for a 7:30 a:m to 11:am bite that put 6 bass in their boat for culling their 5 bass/19.22 lb 1st place weight and a winners check for $1,610.(Special note folks- this was John Knickerbocker's 39th birthday)-"HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN"

(2nd-19.08 lbs)-Terry Burghart and Ricky Potts managed to run their Nitro/Mercury bass-rig to San Patricio grass and creek-channel edges for catching their 5 bass/19.08 lb 2nd place sack. "We fished with Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15# & 20# P-line, informed the Longview East TX Boat & RV World anglers as they told of working red 1/2 oz rat-L-traps along 5' to 8' grass-edges during the morning hours for catching an early limit, then switched to 5/8 oz camo Oldham jigs with pork trailers by noon for working creek-channel edges with 6' sides. "We probably caught 16 to 18 keeper bass today, they stated, further emphasizing the fact that the Oldham jigs produced the bigger bass which helped them collect the 2nd place check for $800, as well as the "overall" big bass of 5.70 lbs for another $350 playday.

(3rd-17.34 lbs)-George Jean JR., and George Williams of Evans LA, ran their Pro-Craft/Mariner to Six Mile Creek grass-edges to fish Cordell rods and Garcia reels spooled with Berkley BG-15# mono. "We found our fish holding along 12' grass today, stated the 3rd place team, explaining that they fished 3/4 oz "George Jean" chartreuse/white spinner baits for catching 10 to 12 bass that culled to their 5 bass/17.34 lb $650 bass-check.

Top 5 Teams;
1-John Knickerbocker/Jeff Lenox--------------5 bass/19.22 lbs-$1,610
2-Ricky Potts/Terry Burghart-------------------5 bass/19.08 lbs-$800
3-George Jeans JR/George Williams-----------5 bass/17.34 lbs-$650
4-John Schweitzer/Billy Smith-------------------5 bass/17.06 lbs-$590
5-Nick Albus/Edwin Loitz------------------------5 bass/16.31 lbs-$505

Overall Big Bass-(5.70 lbs)-Ricky Potts/Terry Burghart-$350
2nd Big Bass-(5.37 lbs)-John Schweitzer/Billy Smith-$240

All Bass were live released via the Anglers Choice Fish Recovery team with 146 bass weighing 387 lbs.

For more info; on this, as well as other, Anglers Choice bass tournament events, contact Randy Knight at (409)-694-7634 or clic to <>

Tournament Sponsors; BassCat, Mercury, Berkley, TH Marine, DieHard, Fenwick, Big Foot, Please Release Me, MotorGuide,, Abu-Garcia, Cabela's, Ramada Inn Jasper, Holiday Inn Express of Jasper, Needmore Tackle, "and" the Anglers Choice Team Anglers.

Lenox & Knickerbocker with winning catch

Burghart & Potts with "close" 2nd

< photos by Ed Snyder >

1st place kneeling with 2nd & 3rd-L-R-standing

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