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"Seven" -20- Pound Sacks -Top-End- Toledo Bass-N-Bucks
By Ed Snyder

Bass-N-Bucks SouthEast TX Team Division
Sunday, February 6, 2000, Cypress Bend Resort, Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

"We left them biting, announced the team which had just weighed-in a 5 bass/24.52 lb catch. The northlake fishing duo would join 7 other 20 lb "PLUS" sacks for the days final weigh-in tally, but their "dogwood" pattern would hold up as the #1 leaderboard mark for the $20,000 1st place prize. Although 28 to 30 lb sacks were predicted for todays top weights, the top 7 sacks within the 20 lb bracket represented 35 bass weighing 158 lbs...."INCREDIBLE"....and Fox 29's "Cajun Phil's Fishing & Hunting Show caught it all on tape.

Chilly 27 degree temperatures greeted the 282 Bass-N-Buck teams who launched from Cypress Bend Resort this morning and as tournament director, Dave Concienne, called the flight numbers for the outgoing anglers, some broke right for northern patterns, some broke left for southern patterns and some were already making their first casts before the last boat was even called. And with the $40,000 prize and cash guarantee offered for the top anglers, the competitive level for todays tournament was expected to be very high with some "knowing" anglers predicting heavy weights to win the #1 spot.

"These are the best of the best, Concienne lauded as he spoke about his bass-n-buck teams, "they really have it all together when it comes to bass fishing and we always have high expectations on their ability to produce big catches such as they've shown today by catching a total of 542 bass weighing 1,265 lbs. "I give many thanks to the "incredible" assistance that the Sabine River Authority of Louisiana provides for our tournament trail as we wouldn't have had such a smooth operation without their help, and I really applaud our team anglers who make this tournament tour such a "fantastic" adventure which will be aired on Fox-29 TV's "Cajun Phil's Fishing & Hunting Show"(Check local scheduling for air dates and times)-

(1st-5 bass/24.52 lbs)-Kistler Rods, Riverside Jigs, and Zoom worms stated Vic Cooper of Huxley TX, and Brad Hughes of Logansport LA,as they explained how they managed to bring in the #1 stringer of the day. The first place team ran their Champion/Mercury bass-rig to northlake dogwood flats to work Kistler rods and Shimano reels spooled with 16/18 # Triple-Fish line. "We found them holding "shallow" today they further informed, explaining that "dogwoods" were the key for catching their 5 bass/24.52 lb weight from an all day bite that produced 8 keeper bass. The winning pattern involved 1/2 oz black/blue Riverside jigs with Gene Larew Hawgcraws and Texas rigged watermelon Zoom worms fished for an early & late bite."We had to leave them biting to make our weigh-in deadline, they informed as they collected the 1st place keys to a fully rigged Sketter/Yamaha valued at $20,000. (The winning team wouldn't qualify for the Skeeter/Yamaha bonus check for $3,500).

(2nd-5 bass/24.48 lbs)-Glen Freeman of Mansfield LA, and Harold Allen of Hemphill TX, managed to catch their 5 bass/24.48 lb 2nd place sack from northlake timber flats while working Shimano rods & Shimano reels spooled with 18# Triple-Fish line while fishing 3/4 oz black/blue Accent jigs with blueflake Prowler craws. "We probably caught 15 bass today, informed Harold Allen, "but, we probably would've caught more iffin' I hadn't fallen overboard. Glen Freeman quickly stepped in with some hidden chuckles while explaining that he had heard Allen "grumph" and when he turned to see what he wanted all he saw were the bottom of Harold's "feets" as they were going into the water, "after some uproarous laughter", Glen continued with, "And, I gotta' say this in retrospect, after seeing Harold "leap" back into the boat I feel that he really missed his calling at being a performing "Orca" at SeaWorld."Brrrr, but that water was soooo coooold, Harold shivered in response as he quickly began to warm to the $5,000 payday they earned for his 2nd place Miss-step.

(3rd-5 bass/23.43 lbs-)- Howard Thornton of Humble TX, and John Thornton of Splendora TX, ran their Skeeter/Yamaha to mid-lake grass-humps as they worked Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with Trilene 15/17# mono. "We worked 3/4 oz Stanley white/chartreuse Wedges with white pork-rind trailers, they stated as they told of fishing 10'-to-16' grass-humps for a 9:am to 2:pm bite which put 15 bass in their cull for their 3rd place check of $1,600 for their 5 bass/23.43 lb catch.

(Overall Big Bass-8.72 lbs-)-Pat Fisher of Bryan TX, was fishing a 1/2 oz black/blue Football jig with a red craw trailer when an 8:am bite from a 10' outside grass-edge in Housen Bay put the "overall" big bass in his well for the $1,000 check. In being that the 8.72 lb bass was his only catch of the day that it was a very lucky catch for him in-deed.

Top "7" 20 lb teams;
1-Vic Cooper/Brad Hughes------------------5 bass/24.5 lbs-
-$20,000--Skeeter/Yamaha Bass Boat
2-Glen Freeman/Harold Allen---------------5 bass/24.48 lbs-$5,000
3-Howard Thornton/John Thornton------5 bass/23.43 lbs-$2,000
4-Maurice Jackson/Ray Maples------------5 bass/22.34 lbs-$1,600
5-Ted Wyatt/Bill Guillory--------------------5 bass/22.01 lbs-$1,400
6-Mike Michalec/Harold Stalcup-----------5 bass/21.12 lbs-$1,000
7-Roger Hudnall/Shane Hamilton----------5 bass/20.02 lbs-$1,000

Overall Big Bass-(8.72 lbs)-Pat Fisher/Wray Woods-$1,000
2nd Big Bass-(7.54 lbs)-Shelby Shaw/Rusty Clark-$500
3rd Big Bass-(7.25)-Chuck Salter/Mark Martin-$350

All Bass live released via the Shimano/SRA-LA fish recovery Krewe with 542 bass weighing 1,265 lbs.

Bass-N-Bucks paid out $51,825 in cash & prizes to the top 40 teams and the top 3 big bass anglers-
For more information on this, as well as other Bass N'Bucks events contact -(409)-727-8941- or clic to- <>

Tournament Sponsors; Skeeter/Yamaha, Dawson Marine, MotorGuide, Latch Oil Inc, Boots Follmar Marine, Shimano, Nautilus, Bumper Stumper Lures, Zercom Marine, Dual Pro-Charger, Triple Fish Line, <>, Need More Tackle, Piney Point Plaza, Holiday Inn Express, Ramada Inn Jasper, Check-it Stik, McFerrin Insurance, PhilPott Ford/Saturn, "and" the Bass N'Bucks anglers.

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