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5 Bass/20.11 Lbs Ropes Toledo Cowboy Pro
By Ed Snyder

( 5 bass/17.5 lbs takes Co-Boater win )

Red Man 2000 Tournament Trail- Cowboy Division-
Saturday, March 4, 2000, Cypress Bend Resort, Toledo Bend Lake, LA.

"North" answered the wind-chilled angler who had just weighed-in a heavy stringer,.. "well, far north, re-probed the tournament director as the tournament crowd leaned forward to hear......."Way north, re-iterated the tired angler...."And again, just how black & blue was your jig, re-asked the director as the crowd leaned even further to hear,...."Stanley Black & Blue", answered the grinning angler as he stepped off stage. And that's how it went today at Cypress Bend Resort as 162 pro-boater and co-boater teams struggled through their weigh-in with hard earned catches "plucked" from the grasp of Winter/Spring weather shenanigans.

As Mother Nature double dipped with back to back coldfronts, providing gusty northerly-winds from 10 to 35 mph, 324 anglers teamed up under the Red Man format of Pro/Boaters & Co/Boaters to fish the first Cowboy Division circuit of the season, but despite the adverse weather conditions, which provided heavy overcast for the a:m bite and high bluebirds for the p:m: bite, most of the "would be" Red Man regional qualifiers managed to locate, catch, and live-well enough bass to provide an interesting 3:pm weigh-in at Cypress Bend Resort. "I wish to thank the Sabine River Authority of Louisiana, stated the tournament director, as he praised and lauded the helpfull efforts of the SRA group who provided them with so much support, "and Cypress Bend Resort is one of the finest facilities that I have "ever" operated a national tournament event out of, re-appreciated the director as he turned to weigh-in the first flight of incoming Red Man Cowboy anglers.

(1st Place Pro/Boater-5 bass/20.11 lbs)-Stan Burgay of Timpson TX, ran his Champion/Mercury "WAY" up to north-lake stump-ridges to fish Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-20# mono while working 3/4 to 1/2 oz Stanley black/blue/chartreuse jigs with Larew black/blue craws. "I don't think my co-partner had any idea of just how far north we were to go, Stan chuckled as he explained how they fished 5' to 6' stump-ridges which was in "very" protected waters. "We probably caught 30 to 35 bass from that area informed Stan as he grimaced from the memory of losing a solid 6 pounder at about 1:pm when they had to leave for their deadline check-in at Cypress Bend. Stan Burgay collected the $5,192 winners portion of the pro/boater division for his "WAY UP NORTH" protected water pattern.

(2nd Place Pro/Boater-5 bass/19.6 lbs)-David Matheny of Troup TX, navigated his Javelin/Johnson to mid-lake flats to catch an early limt from 4' to 8' grass-lines while working Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20# Berkley BG mono. David fished 1/2 oz red traps and Texas rigged green/pumpkin Zoom lizards to catch 15 bass which culled to his 2nd place finish and a pro-check for $2,596.

(3rd Place Pro/Boater-5 bass/19.4 lbs)-David Truax of Beaumont TX, managed to get his Nitro/Mercury onto Housen Bay grass-flats where he worked Quantum rods & reels spooled with 17# Mason line while fishing 1/2 oz shad colored traps and red DD-14's along 8' lines to catch an 8:am to 9:am bite for 20 bass that put a 5 fish cull on the scale for a 3rd place pro-check of $2,596.

(1st Place Co-Boater-5 bass/17.5 lbs)-Matt Cannon of Troy TX, fished with Berkely rods and Daiwa reels spooled with 15# P-Line while working crawfish colored Bomber crankbaits along northlake creekcove flats which had breaking grass & timber from 1' to 8'. "I wish to thank Jesus Christ, my savior and Lord, Matt praised as he moved to collect his 1st place co-boater winnings of $2,596.

Top 5 Pro/Boaters;
1-Stan Burgay/Timpson, TX----------------------5 bass/20.11 lbs-$5,192
2-David Matheny/Troup, TX---------------------5 bass/19.6 lbs-$2,596
3-David Truax/Beaumont, TX---------------------5 bass/19.4 lbs-$1,298
4-Dalton Robbins/Tyler, TX-----------------------5 bass/18.7 lbs-$1,125
5-Ken Hayes/Leesville, LA------------------------5 bass/17.12 lbs-$1,039

Pro/Boater Overall Big Bass-(7 lbs-1 oz)-Dalton Robbins of Tyler TX, managed to catch his lunker on a black/gold Rattlin' Roque rigged with a flash-tail while fishing an Allstar rod and Shimano reel spooled with 15# Trilene mono along a Hurricane Creek grass-flat for a 10:am big-bite which awarded him an $810 Pro-check.

(Pro-Boaters caught 552 bass weighing 1,367 lbs.)

Top 5 Co-Boaters-
1-Matt Cannon/Troy, TX-------------------------5 bass/17.5 lbs-$2,596
2-Andy Ginn/Tyler, TX---------------------------5 bass/15.9 lbs-$1,298
3-Glenn Hardin/Brookeland, TX----------------5 bass/14.8 lbs-$649
4-David McCrone/Minnetonka, MN----------5 bass/14.5 lbs-$563
5-Mark C. Berry/Parks, LA-----------------------5 bass/13.1 lbs-$519

Co-Boater Overall Big Bass-(6lbs-8 oz)-Mark Milward of Lexington TX, fished with a Castaway rod and Shimano reel spooled with 15# McCoy mono while working Kickin' Bass crawfish scented baits along a mid-lake creek channel for a 7:am bite that put the 6 lb-8oz bass in the boat for a $405 co-boater check.

(Co-Boaters caught 315 bass weighing 749 lbs)-

All Bass were collected and treated by the Red Man Bass Recovery team with a 98.5 % live release..

For more information on this, as well as other Operation Bass tournaments contact -(270)-362-4880 -or clic to- <>

Tournament Sponsors; Red Man, Evinrude, Abu-Garcia, BC Headache Powders, Black & Decker, Chevy Trucks, CITGO, Coleman, EverReady, EverStart, GARMIN, Poulan WeedEaters, PowerBait/Frenzy, Ranger Boats, ShopVac, Stren, Timex, US Bank, Visa, Wrangler, "and" the Red Man Tournament Angl

Stan Burgay with "Stanley Black & Blue" Pro-Win

Matt Cannon with Co-Boater Win
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Stan Burgay-L- and Matt Cannon-R- take top-spots

Dalton Robbins with 7 lb-1 oz Pro-Big Bass

Mark Milward with 6 lb-8 oz Co-Boater Big Bass

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