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5 Bass/16.89 Lbs Takes Rayburn Fisher's Of Men
By Ed Snyder

- 7.29 "kicker" takes overall -

Fisher's Of Men Texas Division Team Circuit
Saturday, February 19, 2000, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"We fished Buck Bay Stumps, stated "Team Port-A-Cool" of Center TX, as they informed of their winning pattern for taking the #1 spot for the Fisher's Of Men TX division team circuit. The Christian anglers were among the 29 teams who launched against 30 degree windchills and "hard" bluebird postfronts to compete in this Christian Bass Tournament.
-And Jesus said; "Follow me and I will make you Fisher's of Men" Matt/4:19-

Probably one of the fastest and more popular of the new tournament circuits of today, the Fisher's Of Men circuit developed its unique Christian anglers format directly from the dedicative mind-sets of brother's such as BASS Super Star Winner, and 9 time BassMaster Classic Pro/Angler, Jay Yelas, and FLW Winner & 2 time BassMaster Classic Pro/Angler, Randy Howell.

"Fisher's Of Men is one of the fastest growing tournament organizations in the country, praised Alabama/Pro, Randy Howell, "giving further praise to the Christian circuits ability to provide a safe place where quality bass fishing competition and good Christian fellowship can come together for an exciting family oriented weekend.

"Fisher's Of Men is a first class tournament circuit, Jay Yelas witnesses, stating that it provides a very relaxed and friendly enviornment where "everyone" is "welcomed", "I highly recommend this Christian Bass Circuit, Yelas Applauds.

(1st-5 bass/16.89 lbs)-Bobby Barreraz of Central Baptist & Phil Hennigan of 1st Assembly of Center, TX, as they told of catching over 20 bass today from the deck of their Champion/Yamaha while working Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 60# SpiderWire. "Team Port-A-Cool" reported of fishing 7- to 8' Buck Bay stumps with 1/2 oz camo Oldham jigs w/larew watermelon craws for catching their 1st place win. The team also reported that had lost a solid 8 lber earlier in the day.

(2nd-5 bass/16.64 lbs)-John Daniels of Lydia of Baptist, Huxley TX, and Lance Daniels of College Ave Church of Christ, Eldorado, AR, as they spoke of fishing from their Champion/Mercury while working Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 14# Stren. The father & son duo managed to catch 20 to 25 bass while working Strike King 3/8 oz crawfish rattlin' jigs w/tx smoke craws and carolina rigged kudzo lizards along 13' to 16' northlake grass which put a 7.29 lb "overall" in the boat on an 8:30am jig bite. It was Lance's biggest bass ever.

(3rd-5 bass/16.55 lbs)-Dan Williamson of 1st Baptist, Jasper, TX, and Todd Dixon of Peachtree Baptist, Jasper, TX, worked from the deck of their Procraft/Mercury while fishing Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 12 & 15# Berkley mono. The Jasper team managed to catch their 3rd place weight from southlake drains while fishing 1/2 oz crawfish Traps and carolina rigged watermelon Zoom lizards.

(4th-5 bass/15.88 lbs)-Len & Carson Fairbanks of Central Baptist, Livingston, TX, ran their Ranger/Mercury to shallow Buck Bay area flats while fishing "bedding" bass with Stanley 1/4 oz black/blue jigs w/larew craws and 3/16 oz purple-flake Gitzits while working Fenwick rods and Garcia reels spooled with 20# Berkely mono. The father & son team managed to catch 6 bass while sight-fishing bedding fish.

Top 5 Teams;
1-Bobby Barreraz/Phil Hennigan-------------------5 bass/16.89 lbs-
2-John Daniels/Lance Daniels----------------------5 bass/16.64 lbs-
3-Dan Williamson/Todd Dixon---------------------5 bass/16.55 lbs-
4-Len Fairbanks/Carson Fairbanks----------------5 bass/15.88 lbs-
5-Danny Lindsey/Jerry Sanders--------------------5 bass/14.70 lbs-

"Overall Big Bass-(7.29 lbs)-Daniels/Daniels
2nd Big Bass-(5.87 lbs)-Hazlett/Strain

All bass were live released via the Fishers Of Men Bass Recovery Team.

For more information on this Christian Bass Tournament Team Circuit contact James Shumake at (409)-384-1487 -or clic to- <>

Fishers Of Men Sponsors; Triton Boats, Strike King Lures, Wake Runner, Evinrude Outboards, Cabela's, Marshall's Marine, TH-Marine, Ray Clepper Boating Center, Jone's Chevrolet, <> , Spike-It, Original Fish Formula, BASS RX, Lifeway, ALLTEL, Doyle Hodgin Sports, AllAmerica, Quantum, "and" the Fisher's Of Men Tournament Anglers.

1st place team

2nd place team
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Top 5 teams

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