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Trinity TX Couple Wins Rayburn Choice
By Ed Snyder

Anglers Choice East Texas Couples Circuit
Sunday, March 26, 2000, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Oh my gawd, exclaimed the startled lady angler as she attempted to net the huge bass that was being maneuvered towards her, "now,.. hurry up and net the fish honey, urged the worried husband as he labored to bring the Big fish to the waiting net, then "swoosh", it was finally landed as the big bass lay on the deck of their bass boat. Rolling thunder and flashing lightening delayed the 6:am start of the Anglers Choice Couples tournament, but as 7:30 a:m weather finally calmed enough for a safe ease-out, the 56 couples teams were off & running into what was to become a pleasent Spring day of fishing in light north winds and 80 degree temps which eventually witnessed a Trinity TX, couple take 1st place with 17.26 lbs and a Shreveport LA, couple land 2nd with 16.38 lbs.

"This is our first couples event on Rayburn this year, explained Tournament Director, Curtis Kayda, "informing that the couples circuit is a part of the $5 Million cash & prize awards available for the Anglers Choice circuit anglers this year. "We are now the largest bass tournament organization in the country today, Kayda pointed out, adding that Anglers Choice now has 6 divisions which cover 27 states and 46 individual trails. "We are the #1 "weekender" tournament trail, Kayda further explained, "and regardless of where the anglers live and work they now have an opportunity to qualify for the Anglers Choice Regional & National Championships. "Our Anglers Choice couples circuit, Kayda advised, "offers a grass-roots opportunity for married couples, single fathers, single mothers, grandparents, and, or, just good friends who want to enjoy a fun-filled weekend with other couples who like to bass fish on a competitive level.

1st-5 bass/17.26 lbs- "Skeeter/Mercury put us on our winning Veach and Buck Bay patterns today, stated Nick & Sharon Albus of Trinity TX, as Nick informed of working Bass-Pro rods and Garcia reels spooled with 14# Fire-line, while his wife much preferred a Zebco 33 combo rig. The husband & wife team managed to catch 10 keeper bass from an all day bite while fishing bank shallow "new-grass" patches in 3' to 4' of water. "Draggin' carolina rigged watermelon Zoom flukes and crankin' Tennesee shad Norman Deep N's were the key for our win, Nick finalized.

2nd-5 bass/16.38 lbs- "Ranger/Mercury was our bass-rig, informed Michael & Sandra Hogg of Shreveport LA, as they told of working Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20# Berkely BG-mono. "We fished northlake banks today, they advised, telling of fishing bedding bass in 2' to 3 & 1/2' of water with watermelon/chartreuse Zoom flukes rigged wacky style. The 2nd place team caught 22 bass from a prime-time bite of between 11:am to noon.

Overall Big Bass-(8.01 lbs)- Ricky & Deidre Heard of Jasper TX, were fishing Buck Bay grass flats when Ricky, working a Castaway rod and Shimano reel spooled with 20# & 10# Triple-Fish line, caught his 8.01 lb lunker while dragging a 10 & 1/2" redbug Zoom worm. "The big bass hit me at 10:35 a:m, Ricky began to inform, as his wife Deidre suddenly interjected with, "no, I think you're wrong honey, "it was more like 10:45 a:m,..................."ok honey,........ you're right!........-(chuckles)-

Top 5 Couples Teams;
1-Nick & Sharon Albus------------------------5 bass/17.26 lbs-$860
2-Michael & Sandra Hogg--------------------5 bass/16.38 lbs-$430
3-Linnis & Lynn Gibbons---------------------5 bass/15.29 lbs-$350
4-Chad & Jennifer Brook----------------------5 bass/14.14 lbs-$255
5-James & Lynda Hewitt----------------------5 bass/14.00 lbs-$205

Overall Big Bass-(8.01 lbs)- Ricky & Deidre Heard-$135
2nd Big Bass-(6.01 lbs)- Linnis & Lynda Gibbons-$75

All bass were live released by the Anglers Choice fish recovery team.

For more information on this, as well as other, Anglers Choice Tournament events, contact Curtis Kayda at (281)-339-5048- or- Anglers Choice Inc; at (817)-326-2240.

Tournament sponsors; BassCat, Mercury, DieHard, TH-Marine, MotorGuide, Berkley, AbuGarcia, Big Foot, Please Release Me, Cabela's, Fenwick, Cabela's, Ramada Inn Jasper, Holiday Inn Express, Cedar Tree Restaurant, Needmore Tackle, "and" the Anglers Choice Anglers.

top 3 winning teams

The Heard's with 8.01 "overall"
< photos by Ed Snyder >

17.26- The Albus team with winning weight

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