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5 Bass/22.42 Lbs Takes Rayburn Bass-N-Bucks
By Ed Snyder

Skeeter/Yamaha Bass-N-Bucks East TX Team Circuit
Sunday, April 2, 2000, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

Dangerous lightening, rolling thunder, gusting winds, and flash-flooding rains created quite a show for the pre-dawn anglers anglers who signed up to compete at the Bass-N-Bucks East Texas Team tournament, but most didn't complain about the late 8:am launch-off as tournament director, David Concienne allowed for a 1 hour extension on the flight deadlines. Despite the loss of the early "be-witching hour" the 184 teams managed to find some good bassin' from the extended late-bite for putting 708 bass on the scale weighing in at 1,777 lbs.

With over $375,000 in cash & prize guarantees for their YK/2000 Team Tournament Millennium Tour, the Bass-N-Bucks organization is offering a guaranteed cash & prize payout of over $40,000 for each of their YK/2000 team tournament events. "We are paying out a first place prize of a fully rigged Skeeter/Yamaha SX186 Bass Boat, valued at $20,000, per each and every tournament this year, stated Tournament Director, David Concienne, "with a guaranteed cash & prize payout of over $40,000 for the top 25 places, which includes the top 3 big bass, David further informs. "We also have bonus money available for our anglers this year, David explains, stating that Skeeter/Yamaha will pay Skeeter Owners, who win 1st place positions in "any" of our team events, a $1,000 cash bonus, plus $2,500 for those who've qualified for the "Gold Tour" package-(see bonus money rules & regs at <>)- "AND", David happily includes, "all Skeeter Tour bonus winners will become eligible to compete in the "National Skeeter Tour Championship". "We are very excited about our Bass-N-Bucks team tour this year, David informs, adding that their Championship package offers over $85,000 in cash & prizes, which includes fully rigged Skeeter/Yamaha ZX-202/225 Bass Boat awards for the 1st and 2nd place Championship teams.

It RAINED today on Big Sam "ALL DAY LONG" as misting rains and full blown monsoon's intermingled within 15 minute time cycles, raising havoc with normal angler bassin' patterns as some managed to overcome with good catches while others just went home rain-soaked and wind-tired. Of the few who managed to overcome were the seven 20 lb sacks and 7 to 8 lb "kickers" weighed-in that could barely be witnessed through the sheets of torrential rains that but obscured the Bass-N-Buck weigh-in stage.

1st-(5 bass/22.42 lbs)- Wayne White-Pineland TX/Charles Mouton-Broaddus TX-managed to run their Triton/Evinrude to southlake grass-humps while fishing "Team-Allstar" rods and Shimano reels spooled with 17# P-line. "We worked 1/2 & 3/8 oz camo Cyclone spinner baits with rootbeer Zoom trailers, stated the winning duo who had just weighed-in the 1st place catch. The team fished 4' to 10' grass-humps catching four limits of bass from an all day bite which put the keys to a "fully rigged" Skeeter/Yamaha bass-rig in their pocket.

2nd-(5 bass/22.29 lbs)-Brian Schott of Lufkin TX/Jim Smith of Beaumont TX- worked sourgrape Zoom wacky worms and carolina rigged watermelon lizards along point-grass and shallow grass-banks today as they fished Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-20# mono from the deck of their Champion/Mercury bass-rig. "We concentrated on areas which were above Caney Creek today, answered the 2nd place team, as they explained how they caught up to 30 bass from an all day bite that put a $2,600 check in their tackle-pacs.

3rd-(5 bass/20.86 lbs)-Ricky Potts of Nederland TX, fishing by himself, managed to run his Nitro/Mercury to Farmers Flats and southlake coves where he worked Loomis rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15# P-line. "My regular partner, Terry Burghart, lost his dad, explained Ricky, "so I had to fish by myself today while dragging watermelon/seed/chartreuse Zoom lizards along grass-point edges. Terry managed to catch 12 bass while site-fishing bedding bass between 8:am to Noon for a 3rd place $2,100 payday that would also pay him another $500 in 2nd big bass money for his 7.90 "kicker". (our prayers go to his partner for the loss of his dad)-

Overall Big Bass-(8.60 lbs)- Shelby Shaw of Kirbyville TX was fishing with Rusty Clark of Evadale TX, when he managed to catch his 8.60 lb Lunker from on a 1:pm bite from an 8' to 10' mid-lake grass-hump. "I was working a Castaway rod and a Shimano reel spooled with 15# Berkely mono, Shaw informed, stating that he caught his Lunker while fishing a carolina rigged watermelon lizard. "We had a good bite today, Shelby advised as he told of catching 15 bass that put 20.29 lbs in their well.

Top 5 Teams;
1-Wayne White/Charles Mouton--------------------5 bass/22.42 lbs-Skeeter/Yamaha-$20,000
2-Brian Schott/Jim Smith--------------------------------5 bass/22.29 lbs-$2,600
3-Ricky Potts-----------------------------------------------5 bass/20.86 lbs-$2,100
4-Ernie Hillebrandt/Carl Svebec III--------------------5 bass/20.46 lbs-$1,400
5-John Hale/Bill Cook-------------------------------------5 bass/20.37 lbs-$1,200

Big Bass Winners;
1-(8.60 lbs)-Shelby Shaw/Rusty Clark-$1,000
2-(7.90 lbs)-Ricky Potts-$500
3-(7.61 lbs)-Harvey Coward/Jack Adams-$250

All bass were live released by the Bass-N-Bucks fish recovery crew with 708 bass weighing 1,777 lbs.

For more info on the Bass-N-Bucks Team Tour contact David or Trish Concienne at (409)-727-8941 -or- clic to <> For information on Oak Cove Marina-(903)-872-0888

Tournament Sponsors; -Skeeter/Yamaha, -Dawson Marine, -Boots Follmar Marine, -Latch Oil, Inc, -MotorGuide, -Shimano, -Exide/Nautilus, -Bumper Stumper Lures, -Zercom Marine, - Dual Pro Charger, -Triple Fish line, -Philpott Ford, -Pro-Fishin'Report, -Check-It-Stik, -McFerrin
Insurance, -Piney Point Plaza, -Holiday Inn Express, Ramada Inn of Jasper, "and" the Bass-N-Bucks team anglers.

White & Mouton with 1st place bass

Shaw & Clark with 8.60 "overall"

Concienne awards 1st place Skeeter to winners

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