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St. Jude Wins Big on "The Bend"
By Ed Snyder

St Jude's Children's Hospital Cancer Research Team/Bass Open
Saturday, March 25, 2000, Cypress Bend Resort, Toledo Bend Lake, LA.

"We fished Swimmin' Images and Bulldog spinner baits, stated the winning team who had just won the 1st Annual St. Jude Children Hospital Open Team/Bass Tournament, further explaining that they found their fish up in the Beson area while fishing 4' shallow drains. The 1st place duo found near Purrrr-fect weather conditions for doing a little bassin' on one our nations finest bass fisheries as they were also to weigh-in their catch at a "near perfect" tournament facillity at Cypress Bend Resort.

Eighty degree Summer-like weather patterned the bass bite for the 1st Annual St. Jude's Team/Bass Benefit as 30 anglers teamed up to launch from Cypress Bend Resort to fish the event. Sponsored by Willamette Industries of Zwollie LA, the open team bass tournament was dedicated for raising funds to benefit the cancer research programs of the St. Jude's Children Hospitals.

"We may have only drew 30 anglers for our 1st benefit event, stated tournament director, Daniel Cheatwood, "but we've already started plans for our next tournament, "as" next year we plan to be bigger and better for raising more money for those very important cancer research programs of the St. Judes Children Hostpitals.

(1st-5 bass/17.1 lbs)-Kingfisher/Johnson got us there and 3/4 oz chartreuse/white Bulldog spinner baits w/pearl Larew craws and firetiger Swimmnin' Images put our 1st place win in the boat, grinned the winning team of Rich Remedies of Zwollie LA, and Gary Craig of Many LA, as they informed of working Allstar & Castaway rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 15# Berkely Big Game mono. "We concentrated our efforts up in Beson 4' drains today, they explained, telling of catching 12 to 13 bass during a 9:am to noon prime-bite.

(2nd-5 bass/16.3 lbs)- "BassCat/Evinrude "TUFF", explained the 2nd place team who fished Kistler & Castaway rods and Garcia reels spooled with 20#/15# Berkely Big Game mono. "We went to "bank-shallow" Housen Bay structure today, they informed while telling of working shad colored Riverside sling-shots rigged wacky style and 3/4 oz black/blue Stanley Jigs w/watermelon-red Zoom craws for catching 8 bass from a 10:30 a:m to noon bite, which included the "overall" 6.4 lb big bass catch for Kelly's 11:am sling-shot bite. Kelly Cotton & Wesley Friedeu of Many LA, managed to put the 2nd place cull in their boat during an all day bite.

(3rd- 5 bass/15.2 lbs)- "We fished southlake inside grass-lines today, informed Bo-(boo)- Ebarb and Scott Sepulvado of Zwollie LA, as they explained of how they caught their 3rd place finish by working Castaway rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 15# P-line. "Reaction red-bug trick worms, rigged wacky style, put our bass in our live-wells, they stated while telling of fishing 4' to 5' inside grass-lines from the deck of their Pro Craft/Yamaha bass-rig. "We probably caught 10 bass from an all day bite today, they informed while chompin' onto some of the excellent BB-Que sandwiches which were provided to the tournament anglers by the weigh-in crew.

Top 6 St Jude Teams;
1-Rich Remedies of Zwollie LA/Gary Craig of Many LA----------------------5 bass/17.1 lbs
2-Kelly Cotton of Many LA/Wesley Freideu of Many LA-------------------5 bass/16.3 lbs
3-Bo("boo")Ebarb of Zwollie LA/Scott Sepulvado of Zwollie LA----------5 bass/15.2 lbs
4-Neil Bridges of Many LA/Carey Friedeu of Florien LA---------------------5 bass/11.6 lbs
5-R.D. Procell of Noble LA/Donald Paddie of Noble LA----------------------5 bass/11.5 lbs
6-Malcolm Dowden of Joaquine TX/Floyd Blackman of Slasle LA--------5 bass/10.5 lbs

Overall Big Bass-(6.4 lbs)-Kelly Cotton-
2nd big bass-(5.5 lbs)-Scott Sepulvado-

All Bass were recovered and live released by the St Jude Bass Recovery Team.

For more information on how you can assist in this very important program for rasing funds needed for the St Jude Children's Hospital Cancer Research programs contact Daniel Cheatwood at (318)-645-4480, Leo (Chumpy) Rivers-645-9792- or- Randy Ebarb-645-6971-

Tournament Sponsor; Willamette Industries of Zwollie, LA. -( more sponsors are "welcomed")-

17.1-(1st place winners)

2000-(St Judes Winners with tournament staff)
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