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40.33 Lbs Takes "Braggin-Rights" For Toledo -TOBI
By Ed Snyder

10th Annual Texas Oilman Bass Invitational
Saturday, March 18, 2000, Pendleton Harbor Marina, Toledo Bend Lake, TX.

"We pretty much stuck with our pattern. explained the "Oilpatch" team which had just stressed the scales with a 5 bass/24.53 lb catch winning them a 1st place team position for day-2 competition -plus- the "Overall" 1st place "Braggin'-rights" for the 10th Annual Texas Oilman Bass Invitational for their 10 bass/40.33 lb catch. Team# 536 fished against 536 other "Oilpatch" teams for the honor,......... NOT an easy task!!

Tournament ReCap; Day-1-Highlight for 1st day competition came in with team#203 as Karen Epps and Joe Epps of T.C.B. Industries motivated their Skeeter/Yamaha to Patroon Creek stick-ups where Karen fished a black/orange belly Roque around 5' stick-ups when she had a bite at about 11:10 a:m:. "At first I didn't think it was all that big, stated Karen, "but after it came to the top I yelled for Joe to "Get The Net", and just as he managed to get the big bass in the net, advised Karen, "the bait just fell right out of its mouth. Karen Epps fish, her biggest bass ever, was 24" long and 20" around as her 11:10 a:m: caught fish weighed-in at exactly 11:10 lbs........."amazing".

(1st place team-10 bass/40.33 lbs)- Team#536- Dannon Erskins of Houston TX, and J.R. Overstreet of Carthage TX, concentrated their fishing efforts around 1215 and Converse ridgelines on both tournament days to catch their "overall" 1st place weight of 10 bass/40.33 lbs. "We ran our Champion/Evinrude to Converse ridgelines for our morning bites, stated the duo as they told of fishing with Allstar/Castaway/Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with Berkely BG-20# mono for flipping 3/8 and 3/4 oz Oldham watermelon/chartreuse jigs with Hawg-craw trailers. "We would then go to Converse ridgelines for our afternoon bite, they informed, further stating that they concentrated on 4' to 10' drops to catch their fish. Team#536 caught 15..80 lbs to finish in 20th place on day-1, but managed to catch a 24.45 lb sack on day-2 for taking the 1st place "overall", as well as the largest sack weighed-in during the tournament which held a 7.34 lb "kicker".

(2nd place team-10 bass/39.54 lbs)- Team# 317- Bucky Crowson and Clay Broussard of Lafayette LA, navigated their Ranger/Mercury to 1215 areas the first day for catching their 1st day weight of 5 bass/16.77 lb 13th place position, but changed up on day-2 by running up to northlake stump-patches where they concentrated on flippin' 5' to 7' timber with 1oz Southpaw black/blue jigs with black/blue Larew Craws. "We made a good move, stated the 2nd place duo, as they informed of catching their bass during a 9:am to 10:30 a:m: bite which put 15 bass in their boat for a 22.77 lb cull. "After we managed to get our weight culled out, informed the anglers, "we then started messin' with the White Bass that were tearing up the water all around us. Team#317 put 10 bass/39.54 lbs on their leaderboard for a 2nd place "Overall" finish..

(3rd place team-10 bass/37.89 lbs)- Team#412- Randy Draper of Haughton LA, and Paul Wilson of Doyline LA, managed to run their Stratos/Johnson to Converse stumps where they worked Browning & Gil Adams rods and Ambassadeur/Lews reels spooled with Berkely BG-20# mono. "We fished with 1/2 oz chartreuse/white Strike King spinner baits with Zoom watermelon trailers, stated the 3rd place winners, informing that they also used 1/2 oz black/blue Southpaw jigs with Larew craws while fishing 6' to 8' stump-patches. Team#412 caught 18.89 lbs for a 3rd place position on day-1, but managed to cull 11 times on day-2 to catch 19.01 lbs for their 37.89 lb 3rd place "Overall" finish.

Day-2 Overall Big Bass-(9.73 lbs lbs)- Team#558- Patrick Malloy and Mike Albertson of Houston TX, went to southlake dropoffs where Patrick fished Allstar rods and Garcia reels spooled with 17# Trilene mono while working a Zoom pumpkinseed/redflake Wacky worm along "bank-shallow" drops where he stuck his 9.73 lb "kicker" on an 8:30 a:m: bite.

Day-2 2nd Big Bass-(9.33 lbs)- Team#10- Stephen P. Renne and Bob Munn of Houston TX, went to northlake creek-timber where Bob worked a Shimano rod and Shimano reel spooled with 14# Stren while fishing a watermelon/redflake Zoom Wacky worm along a 10' drop for hookin' his 9.33 lb lunker on a 1:pm bite.

Top 5 Overall Teams-
1-(Team#536)-Dannon Erskins/J.R. Overstreet-----------------40.33 lbs
2-(Team#317)-Bucky Crowson/Clay Broussard----------------39.54 lbs
3-(Team#412)-Randy Draper/Paul Wilson-----------------------37.89 lbs
4-(Team#013)-Steve Mouton/Phil Migues-----------------------34.77 lbs
5-(Team#010)-Stephen P. Renne/Bob Munn--------------------34.13 lbs

Day-1 Overall Big Bass-(11.10 lbs)-Team#203-Karen & Joe Epps- paid $1,500 for 1st day big bass and $5,000 Bonus paid by Halliburton for new tournament record .
Day-2 Overall Big Bass-(9.73 lbs)- Team#558- Patrick Malloy/Mike Albertson- paid $1,500 for 2nd day big bass.

All Bass were live released via the Shimnao/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krewe with final day catch of 1,240 bass weighing 3,054 lbs for a total bass catch of 2,675 bass weighing 6,515 lbs.

Benefitting the funding needs for The Texas Children's Hospital, the Texas Oilman Bass organization managed to raise
$25,000 for the children's 2000 needs, giving a total of over $197,000 to the Charity from the past 10 years of tournament

The 10th Annual Texas Oilman Invitational paid-out $105,075 in cash & another $41,000 in prizes which included a fully rigged
Skeeter ZX-195/Yamaha 200 bass boat valued at $26,000 which also included the $5,000 paid by Halliburton for Tournament Record Bass.

"Luck-O-The-Draw" Skeeter/Yamaha Bass Boat winner, Phil Baer- Arkla Taylor-$26,000 value-

For more information on this, as well as other Oilmen Bass Tournament events contact John P. Alexander at (281)-391-3736
-or- clic to-<>

Mr & Mrs Epps with 11.10 lb "Overall" big bass

40.33- 1st place winning form
< photos by Ed Snyder >

TOBI Krewe-2000

39.54- 2nd place finish

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