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$10,000 Nugget "Hooked" By 19.03 lb Rapala Catch
By Ed Snyder

Sealy Outdoors -Team/Splash- "Go For The Gold" Circuit-
Sunday, April 30, 2000, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"We fished Northlake drains for our winning bass-bite today, informed the team which had just weighed-in a 5 bass/19.03 lb catch. The team/splash anglers had competed against 308 other anglers who were on "rock & Roll" patterns while fishing through gusting whitecaps for the same $10,000 bass-bite. But their Rapala pattern managed to hold tight enough for placing them just .70 ozs above the 2nd place "wacky" weight of 18.33 lbs that paid its anglers $5,000.

"We're offering $40,650 in "guaranteed" cash & prizes "WHICH INCLUDES" a Triton Bass Boat draw for each of our Team/Splash events, stated Bob Sealy of Sealy Outdoors, "and to date, Bob informed, "we've paid out over $121,000 in cash & prizes to our team/splash bass anglers which includes today's Sam Rayburn event. "We are a "fully rigged" outdoor promotional service company, Sealy advised, "with competitive sporting formats for-(freshwater)-such as Big Bass Tournaments, Team Bass Tournaments-(saltwater)- Big Speckled Trout- and-(hunting)- Mega Whitetail Bucks, as well as Charity Benefit events for Corporate, Company, or Organizational promotions. "Our motto, "Go for the Gold", pretty well covers our past 16 years of competitive tournament operations which has paid out over 20 "MILLION" to our anglers while collecting over 2 & 1/2 "MILLION" for Charity benefits.

1st-5 Bass/19.03 lbs- Clint Goodeaux and Mike Michalec put their Triton/Mercury up on Northlake drains for working Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15# Ande line. "We fished Tenn-Shad Suspending Rapala Shad-Raps and Husky Jerks today, informed Mike, as he told of fishing their baits around 6' to 8' drains which put 12 bass in their cull between 10:am to 11:am for their $10,000 1st place win.

2nd-5 Bass/18.33 lbs-David Wharton and Jimmy Olive ran their Nitro/Mercury to the Southlake areas of Farmers, Buck, and Needmore for fishing Allstar rods rigged with spooled reels of 12# Berkley Vanish line. "We fished junebug Larew Finesse worms all day today, answered David as he informed of fishing 6' to 8' grass-beds "wacky-style", further pointing out that they had to actually "touch" the grass before getting any bass-bites. The 2nd place team managed to put $5,000 in their pockets for their runner-up catch.

3rd-5 Bass/17.64 lbs- Ricky Smith and Craig May maneuvered their Triton/Mercury to (bleep) 12' grass-humps to fish Carolina rigged cotton candy lizards. "We worked Berkley rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 25# Berkley Big Game mono today, informed Ricky, further telling of catching their bass at the top of the humps betwixt a 9:am to 12:noon bite. Ricky also managed to nail an 8.44 lbs "kicker" that held as the overall big bass for $1,000 as well as helping them to collect another $2,500 for their 3rd place finish.

Top 5 Winning Teams;
1-Clint Goodeaux/Mike Michalec----------------------5 bass/19.03 lbs-$10,000
2-David Wharton/Jimmy Olive-------------------------5 bass/18.33 lbs-$5,000
3-Ricky Smith/Craig May--------------------------------5 bass/17.64 lbs-$2,500
4-David Ozio/Kevin Wing-------------------------------5 bass/17.49 lbs-$1,500
5-Mike Bernard/James Joel------------------------------5 bass/17.13 lbs-$1,000

Overall Big Bass-(8.44 lbs)-Ricky Smith/Craig May-$1,000
2nd Big Bass-(7.66 lbs)-Melvin Hensley/Bobby LeBert-$600
3rd Big Bass-(7.04 lbs)-Felipe Edgerton/Scott Skinner-$300
"Luck-O-The Draw" $10,000 Triton Bass Boat & Trailer went to the father & son team of Josh & Brian Chambers of Wildwood TX. The Team/Splash tournament paid out $40,650 in cash and prizes to the top 25 places which had a cutoff of 13.40 lbs.-(which includes the boat-draw).

All bass were recovered and live released by the Sealy Outdoors Fish recovery Team-
For more information on the Sealy Outdoors Tournament events contact-(409)-698-2591 or clic to <>

Sealy Outdoors Team/Splash Sponsors;Texas Dodge Dealers, Triton Boats, Johnson Outboards, Shimano, Academy, McCoy's, Reaction Lures, Latch Oil, Lufkin Marine, Jasper Chamber of Comm, H & W Marine, Needmore Tackle, Piney Point Plaza, The Stump Restaurant, Toledo Town & Tackle, "and" the Team/Splash anglers.

1st place team with $10,000 catch

2nd place team with $5,000 catch
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Smith with 8.44 lb "overall"

Top 5 teams

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