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Get Hooked On Fishing-NOT DRUGS- "A Clear And Open Message"
By Ed Snyder

14th Annual East Texas Get Hooked On Fishing -"NOT DRUGS"- Crusade

Saturday, May 6, 2000, Shirley Creek Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

Scampering Squirrels, shuffling feet, and BIG YELLOW school busses arrived with the mornings sun as Shirley Creek Marina awoke to the excited giggles of hundreds of kids who were taking part in the "Fishing Friends & Family Day" phase of the 14th Annual East Texas Get Hooked on Fishing -NOT DRUGS- crusade, where, after the last cast was made, final perch caught, hotdog munched, and soda gulped, the importance of "the message" went home within the happy smiles of those "very" motivated kids,.......... "lesson's well learned".


Letter From The Office Of The Governor of Texas;

Greetings: "Welcome to the 14th Annual East Texas Get Hooked on Fishing celebration. This May 5 & 6 event provides a great opportunity for the youngsters to enjoy the great sport of fishing and reaffirm your commitment to saying "NO" to drugs and alcohol.

"Young people are the future of the Lone Star State. "I am proud of you for making the choice to stay safe and healthy, and I encourage each of you to continue setting high goals for yourself. "I commend this year's fishing champions and the grand prize winners of the essay and poster contests for taking a stand against drugs. "You make Texas Proud".

"I also applaud the event planners and the participants for sponsoring this wholesome outdoor entertainment and teaching youngsters about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. "Your dedication to children helps improve the quality of their lives and makes the Lone Star State a better place. "Mrs. Bush joins me in sending best wishes for a fin-filled and exciting event.

George W. Bush - Governor


>From the Director:

"In the past 14 years, stated "Get Hooked" Director, Paul Hinton, "over $265,000 in rods, reels, tackle boxes, baits, caps, and T shirts have been given to the East Texas youngsters who participated in this event.

Approximately 20,000 of those youngsters have made posters or written essays with "Hooked on Fishing" -NOT DRUGS- as their theme. "Over 8,800 youth have fished at the "Fishing Friends and Family Day" event, Paul informed, "with 165 clean role model Celebrities taking part in our anti-drug abuse crusade by speaking at the school seminars and fishing with the kids. "So far, Paul advised, "we've received 14 letters and messages from the White House which includes 10 letters of appreciation from former President Bush commending the East Texas Get Hooked on Fishing -NOT DRUGS- program. "A recent message from President Bush stated;... "For 14 years now, this event has educated children about the dangers of drugs and the wonders of fishing. "What better way to divert our young people from the perils of drug abuse than by introducing them to the excitement of the rod & reel..... "I commend each and every participant for their devotion to helping others.... "Good Luck & Tight Lines".....President Bush.

Primary Objectives:
* To provide positive alternatives to alcohol and drug use.
* To promote public awareness of the fight to help kids have better alternatives.
* To encourage and challenge youth to set high goals and have high ideals in life.
* To provide clean role models from different walks of life to speak in schools and at the crusade to stimulate youth.
* To incorporate the program into schools to encourage active youth involvement by writing essays and drawing posters on the theme "Get Hooked on Fishing" -NOT DRUGS-!
* To give as many youngsters as possible their own fishing related products to use fishing as an alternative to drugs, alcohol, and gangs.

Fishing Friends & Family day activities provided fishing contests & seminars, casting contests & seminars, boat safety seminar, Bass Tubs Of Oklahoma Fishing Show Seminar, Texas Forestry game bag toss, alcohol & drug abuse council activities, Texas Parks & Wildlife Boat Shuttle runs for "all" age groups, and "LUNCH".
Celebrities & Special Guests;

Miss East Texas- Kayla Karder / Miss Teen East Texas- Kali Endsley / Miss Piney Woods Area- Erin Ruckle / Miss Teen Piney Woods Area- Marinda Thomas / Miss Angelina County- Sabrinda LaVoi / Miss Teen Angelina County- Kendall Beard / Miss Nacogdoches- Kasey Porter / Miss Teen Nacogdoches- Crystal Y'Barbo / Little Miss Lufkin- Taylor Lyons / Miss Nacogdoches-(1999)- Page Patillo / Texas State Representative- Wayne Christian / NFL "Hall Of Famer"- Kenny Houston / District Forester- John Boyette / Major League Baseball Player/Scout- Red Murff / District Forester- Christopher Brown / Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council- Terri Liles / Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council- Teral Knighton / Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council- Linda Pendland / Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council- Patty Bridges / Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council- Chris Lena / Texas Parks & Wildlife Biologist- Todd Driscol / Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.- Captain Donnie Pucket / Texas Game Warden- Doug Spivey / Texas Game Warden- Tom Jenkins / Texas Game Warden- Billy Patton / Texas Game Warden- Jay Smith / "Smokey The Bear" / Pro/Bass Angler- Lonnie Stanley / Pro/WBFA Angler- Janice Cheek / U.S. Customs SR. Inspector- Micheal Guillot / U.S. Customs Canine Officer- Paul Norris & "Red"/ Bass Tubs Of Oklahoma- Brandon Hawkins


Poster & Essay Winners----
Central ISD--Poster-Chase Allen-(2nd Grade)-Essay- Daniel Rowe-(7th Grade)-
Cherino ISD--Poster-Jacob Piermenter-(9th Grade)-Essay- Gina Metteauer-(11th Grade)-
Martinsville ISD--Poster-Brandi Marble-(8th Grade)-Essay- Ben Cook-( N/A )-


All Bass, Perch, Goo, Crappie, Catfish, & "Stuff" were recovered and released by the East Texas Get Hooked on Fishing volunteers.

For more information on the East Texas Get Hooked On Fishing-NOT DRUGS- Crusade and how you can take part, or send your supportive Tax deductible contributions, contact Paul Hinton at (409)-787-3110 - or - write to "Get Hooked on Fishing" - Rte-1 - Box 926 - Hemphill, TX. 75948.

13th Annual Get Hooked Sponsors; Shirley Creek Marina, Albertsons, Anglers Printing, Barnhill's, Boot's, Brookshire Bros, Dr. Cagle, Christian Words & Works, Circle T Tax, Cox Concrete, Dr. Erwin, Foretravel, Fredonia Graphics, Gulf Coast Electric, Gulf States Toyota, Mrs. Halbert, Hale's Tackle, Hemphill Feed & Stock, Mr. Kenny Houston, Dr. Jones, Kistler Rods, L&L HomeCare, Luby's, Mid-Lake Septic, Milam Settlers Day, Mr. Mitchell, Bill Moon, Nacogdoches Lions Club, Music Mountain Water, Coca Cola, Nacogdoches County EMS, Dr. Oglesbee, Pilgrims Pride, Pineland State Bank, Randalls, Dr. Redfield, Sam's Club, Sealy Outdoor's, Dr. Schaff, Sound Tech, Story-Wright, Stringers BBQ, Temple Inland, Texas Foundries, Texas Signature Foods, Tropar Manufacturing, Tyson, Fay White, Wal-Mart, Thomas & Lucy Giltner, Gulf Star Comm-(KYKS-KAFX-KTBQ-KSFA)- Chireno ISD, Central ISD, William George, Foremost, Little Debbies, Sysco, Rowe, Cardio/Thoracic Ass:, Woodland Hights Med. Center, Dixie Paper, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Morris, Dr. Walker, John Price, District Judge-Karren Price, Berkely, Physicians Diagnostic Radiology, Shimano, Zebco, Tennessee Titans Football Team, Yamaha Outboards, "and" the 14th Annual Get Hooked On Fishing Kids.

Director- Paul Hinton, -C- takes 5 with "get Hooked Kidz"

5 time "Get Hooked" Veteran, Randa Moore, with kritter
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Top 5 teams- 1st-2nd-

WBFA Bass/Pro- Janice Cheek gave Pro/pointers for this catch

TX&W Biologists with get hooked kids

TP&W Game Wardens provided boat shuttle rides

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