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15.63 Lbs Takes Crystal
By Ed Snyder

5th Annual Crystal On The Stump "Millennium Invitational"
Saturday, May 13, 2000, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"I sure didn't think they weighed all that much, expressed the surprised angler as he watched the digitals lock on 15.63 lbs, giving him and his team partner a 1st place win and the "display-rights" for the "Crystal on the Stump Trophy". The first place Houston TX, team, managed to catch their #1 bass-weight by draggin' lizards from inside grass-lines. "We 'coulda-woulda' had more in the well, informed the anglers, "but, another boat got curious about our marker, and after they traversed it before moving on we couldn't buy another bite!!

Cool-front bluebirds and whippy, white-capping winds set the stage for the 5th Annual Crystal on the Stump tourney as 74 anglers teamed up to catch 5 bass limit/weights for "hopefully" capturing the prestigious Crystal on the Stump Trophy, a trophy which has only seen four other trophy display mantels of the four teams so far who have won the honor to hold it for one year. "I would like to thank "everyone" who has involved themselves in this "fun" draw-tournament, Tournament Director, Don Collins applauded, further stating that this 1/2 day event would pay out $25,585........"Not bad for 5 hours of bassing".

1st place-(5 bass/15.63 lbs)- Dicky Newberry and Clayton Hunt of Houston TX, put their Skeeter/Yamaha bass-rig up on mid-lake inside grass-lines while working Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20# Berkley Big Game mono. "We mainly fished Carolina rigged Zoom watermelon lizards along 5' to 7' inside grass, explained Dicky, telling of catching their limit between a 6:30 a:m to 8:am bite which completely shutdown on them after another boat became curious and decided to "IDLE" around their marker. "And after those #@*!! did that, growled the frustrated angler, "we couldn't get another bite. The "unlucky" anglers managed to weigh-in a 1st place catch for $2,960.

2nd place-(5 bass/14.75 lbs)- B.J. Woods of Sam Rayburn TX, and George Puckett of Conroe TX, ran their Skeeter/Yamaha to Buck Bay for fishing 12' to 14' grass-edges with Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15# Berkley Big Game mono. "We worked medium blue/white Fat Free Shads and Norman green/white Deep Little N's, B.J. informed, as he also told of fishing Carolina rigged watermelon/red Zoom french frys. The 2nd place team managed to catch 20 bass from a 9:am to Noon bite which also gave them the overall big bass of 6.81 lbs for the tournament. "The big bass "rippled" on a perch up in Tiger Creek, Puckett explained, telling of catching the bass in mid-creek 20' water on a Deep Little N. The 2nd place duo won $1,776 -plus- another $740 for the overall tournament big bass.

3rd-(5 bass/13.79 lbs)- Butch Hollis of Jasper TX, and Bob Taylor of Sam Rayburn TX, throttled their Ranger/Mercury to Veech Basin moss-beds where they sat in the middle and casted out to the grass-edges. "We fished Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 17# Stren, they explained, telling of working watermelon/red Sinko's and 1/2 oz chartreuse/white Stanley Vibra-shaft spinner baits with green/brown baby bass blades and "cultured" watermelon Zoom lizard trailers. "We kept working the 7' to 8' edges which were about 40' out around us, they informed as they told of catching 15 bass between a 9:am to 9:45 a:m: early bite that put the $1,184 -3rd place check in their pockets.

Top 3 Teams;
1-Dicky Newberry/Clayton Hunt-------------------5 bass/15.63 lbs-$2,960
2-B.J. Woods/George Puckett-----------------------5 bass/14.75 lbs-$1,776
3-Butch Hollis/Bob Taylor---------------------------5 bass/13.79 lbs-$1,184
Overall Big Bass-(6.81 lbs)-George Puckett/B.J. Hollis-$740-

$25, 588 was paid out in $6,662 in tournament winnings and $18,926 calcutta winnings-
All bass were recovered and live released via the Crystal on the Stump tournament krewe-
For more information on the Crystal on the Stump events contact Don Collins at- (409)-698-2309-
Crystal On The Stump sponsors; Latch Oil, Giglio-(Miller Lite)-, Del PaPa-(Budweiser)-, The Dam Liqour Store, Col. Bill Marshall, Vogel, Piney Point Plaza/Needmore Tackle, Ramada Inn, Hollis Tire, Lakecaster, and the Crystal on the Stump anglers.

Hunt-L- and Newberry display their #1 catch

B.J. -L- and Puckett show the short & the long of it
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1st place team with "Crystal" trophy

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