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Tournament Pathfinder
by John Presley

The Louisiana BASS Central Invitational was held on the Red River in Shreveport May 18 - 20 .The Red River is a great fishery it is full of timber and laydowns and a lot of lily pads and grass to fish. Brent Chapman from Shawnee Kansas won the tournament with 15 fish weighing 50-03 . He used a 17 ft aluminum boat to get into places other anglers could not with their big bass boats. He caught most of his fish on a jig and spinner bait . Rodney Wagley of Baton Rouge L.A finished in 2nd place with 15 fish that weighed 44-08 , O.T . Fears from OK was 3rd with 15 fish weighing 43 - 00. It took 29 -04 took make a check for 50th place. I finished in 106 place with 11 fish weighing 20-08.This was the last event to qualify for the 2000 Bass Masters Classic. The 45 slots for the classic are determined by the following categories . The top 25 qualifiers from the Kmart Bassmaster Top 150.The top five finishers from the Bassmaster Western Invitational Tournaments. The top five qualifiers from the Central Invitational trail point standings. The top five Eastern Invitational trail point standings and the five divisional qualifiers from the 2000 Wrangler Bass National Championship. Timmy Horton of Alabama is this years angler of the year with 857 points . As angler of the year he will receive a bonus of $15,000 in cash and a guaranteed free entry into all Bassmaster Tournament Trail - sponsored events .The 2000 BASS MASTERS CLASSIC will be held this year, July 20-23 in Chicago,Illinois with the daily weigh-in at Soldier Field. The following anglers qualified for this years classic from the Central Invitational are Curt Lytle, Scott Rook ,Edwin Evers , Gary Yamamoto ,and Randy Jackson. The top five Western qualifiers are Aaron Martens, Kotaro Kiriyama,Skeet Reese,Mark Rizk, and Brett Hite. The top five Eastern qualifiers are Woo Daves, Michael Iaconelli,George Cochran,Gerald Beck, and Charlie Youngers. The top 25 qualifiers from the Kmart Top 150 Trail are Timmy Horton ,Kevin Vandam,Kevin Wirth,Art Ferguson ,Carl Maxfield, Larry Nixon, Shaw Grigsby, David Walker, Todd Faircloth of Jasper TX who finished in 10 place in the Bassmaster Top 150 points standings,way to go Todd and good luck at the classic. Finishing out the list are Norio Taanaba,Ron Shuffield,Alton Jones,Rick Clunn,Robert .L.Kilby,Mark Hardin,Kim Stricker,Bernie Schultz,Jay Yelas,Mike Worm,Dion Hibdon Tom Mann Jr,Mark Pack,Gary Klein,Lendell Martin JR, Ray Sedgwick and the top five divisional National Championship Wrangler qualifiers. If you can make it to see the classic it is one really big show and a great place to take a vacation for a week at the same time .The admission is free and they have a great outdoor show with the latest in boats motors and fishing tackle and register to win a 2000 Bass Masters Classic Rig. If you would like more info on the classic or to make your reservations call 1-800-764-8808.

By the way , when I am not fishing tournaments I am a full-time fishing guide on Lake Sam Rayburn. If you would like to book a trip please call me at 409-698-9713 or Ann's Tackle Shop at 409-384-7685. Or e-mail me at JOHNPRESLEY@HOTMAIL.COM

Good Luck and Good Fishing.

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