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Classic Finish Wins Huntsman H.O.P.E. Benefit
By Ed Snyder

Classic Finish Wins Huntsman H.O.P.E. Benefit
By Ed Snyder/LakeCaster

1st Annual Huntsman Cancer Institute H.O.P.E. Bass Classic
May 27, 28, 2000, Frontier Park Marina, Lake Toledo Bend, TX.

Coming from 19th place to catch a 2nd day weight of 20.69 lbs, the Texas/Louisiana Bass team managed to weigh-in the heaviest sack of the tournament, giving them a 10 bass/31.76 lb finish. "But would it be enough to win the Huntsman Classic?... "NO" only 1/100ths of an ounce would split the difference between 1st and 2nd as a North Toledo Texas team digitized a final weigh-in of 31.77 lbs, providing a "Classic Finish" to the 1st Annual H.O.P.E. Team/Bass Cancer Benefit.

"Establishing the Pathways in Cancer Research"....The creation of the Huntsman Cancer Institute was established in large part by the personal tragedy and devastation suffered by the Jon M. Huntsman & Family, when, after his recovery, the internationally known businessman and philanthropist, became dedicated and determined to establish a new standard of excellence in Cancer Research in Salt Lake City, Utah, where, Jon Huntsman & Family committed remarkable resources to establish a "gift" that would initiate a phenomenal effort of promise to reduce the burden of this most devastating disease.

"We Will Place Into Society Assistance For Those Who Suffer, "Hope For Those Who May Need Inspiration, "And Education For Those Who May Feel The Challenge But Do Not Have The Means,........Jon and Karen Huntsman & Family.

-To this pledge came the 288 Bass Anglers & Family who chose to spend their Memorial Day Holiday weekend helping to raise $10,000 in much needed funds for the Huntsman Cancer Research Institute-

H.O.P.E. Classic ReCap; Saturday-(May 27)- Winds of 15/20 with 30/35 gusts kept competitors on "rock & roll" patterns but Scooter Clark of Center TX, and RandySmotherman of Shelbyville TX, managed to ride out the adverse windages to take the lead with a 5 bass/14.64 lb -1215 area- grass-patch. Day-1 Overall Big Bass came in with Alexander Hicks & Jim Kepner, of Houston TX, for Alex's $500 4.47 lb catch.

Final Day-Sunday-(May 28)-
1st place-(10 bass/31.77 lbs)- "Mid-Lake -(1215)- area both days, informed Scooter Clark of Center TX, and Randy Smotherman of Shelbyville TX, explaining how they managed to put their winning marks together for claiming the 1st Annual Huntsman H.O.P.E. Classic. Using Castaway rods and Lews reels as well as Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20# P-line, the North Toledo anglers put their Champion/Mercury bass-rig on 1215 area ridge-lines for fishing salt & pepper Bass Assassins and Texas rigged Zoom tequila worms. "We worked the 8' short grass both days, they advised, telling of catching 20 bass from a 1:pm to 2:pm prime-bite for a day one cull of 14.64 lbs and a much slower 10 bass bite from a 10:am to 11:am prime-bite for a 5 bass/16.73 lb cull on day two.

2nd place-(10 bass/31.76 lbs)- Larry Fogg of Lafeyette LA, and Donnie Martin of Joaquin TX, teamed up to fish the Huntsman from their Skeeter/Yamaha bass-rig as they navigated to 1215 area shallows both days to fish G-Loomis rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20# P-line. "We concentrated on working 3' to 5' flats with Texas rigged watermelon/seed Gator Dogs and ¼ oz white Hombre spinner baits -(no trailer)- for a first day catch of 7 bass from a 10:am to 1:pm bite for a 5 bass/10.17 lb cull. "The 2nd day put us on slightly deeper water as we worked 3' to 7' areas with our Texas rigs for catching 15 bass from an 8:30 a:m prime-bite for a 2nd day cull of 5 bass/20.69 lbs. "The wind made the difference, they pointed out, telling of gusting 30's on day-1, with much more "fishing-friendly" winds on day-2 which allowed them to work and feel their baits a lot better.

3rd place-(10 bass/27.60 lbs)- Scott McCollough of Buna TX, and Mike Tomplait of Nederland TX, put their Ranger/Mercury bass boat to El Camino Bay both days for working Allstar/Castaway/Silstar rods and Garcia reels spooled with 15# Berkely Big Game, 15# P-line, and 50# Fireline. "We fished silver/black Rouques and wacky style grape Crème worms along 8' grass-tops, stated the Carlson Marine Team, explaining how they "ticked" the grass-tops for catching a 1st day bite of 5 bass/13.38 lbs and a 2nd day bite of 5 bass/13.22 lbs for a 3rd place finish of 10 bass/27.60 lbs.

Top-5 Winning Leaderboard Marks;
1-Scooter Clark/Randy Smotherman---------------------10 bass/31.77 lbs-$1,000
2-Donnie Martin/Larry Fogg------------------------------10 bass/31.76 lbs-$900
3-Scott McCollough/Mike Tomplait---------------------10 bass/27.60 lbs-$800
4-David Schmidt/Randall Williford----------------------10 bass/27.18 lbs-$700
5-John Martin/Gary Glende-------------------------------10 bass/25.97 lbs-500

Dawson Marine Demo/Boat-ride -"Luck-O-The Draw" $20,000 Skeeter SX-186/Yamaha VMAX-150- Bass Boat- Joe Murray of Lumberton, TX.
Dawson Marine Demo/Boat-ride- "Luck-O-The-Draw" $5,000 Skeeter/Yamaha 25hp aluminum run-about- Linda Lemons of Port Neches, TX.
American R.V. -"Luck-O-The-Draw" $7,000 Pop-Up Camper- D.C. West of Port Arthur, TX.

All Bass were live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krewe.
Day-1-Tally- 362 bass weighing 737 lbs.
Day-2-Tally- 305 bass weighing 732 lbs

For more information on this "H.O.P.E." Cancer Benefit tournament event and their goals for the Huntsman Cancer Research Institute contact E.J. Moore at (409)-989-6764.

HOPE Tournament Sponsors; Skeeter/Yamaha, Dawson Marine, The BoatRamp, West Marine, Lowe's Creek Marine, Bass-N-Bucks, O.P.E.R.A., Carter Chambers, EPI, Texas Oilman's Bass Club, Safe Seal, Leak Sealers, United Industrial, Drago Supply, Tri-Plex Breathing Air, Cataylist Service Inc, Pneumatic Industrial, C.A. Turner Groups Inc, TEAM, Metal Forms, OHMSTEDE, Applied Standards Insp, Chem Treat Inc, AL-T'S Restaurant, American Waste, Moncla's Catering, A&B Industrials, "AND" the HOPE tournament team/anglers.

1st-2nd-3rd place teams-left to right

"LukeeeDraw" Joe Murray receiving $20,000 Skeeter from Wes Dawson of Dawson Marine
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Linda-"i've never won anything" Lemons with $5,000 Dawson-rig

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