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Last Second Catch Leads Toledo McSplash
By Ed Snyder

14th Annual McDonalds Toledo Bend "Big Bass Splash" June 23, 24, 25, 2000.
Friday, June 23, 2000, Cypress Bend Resort, Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

After landing the lunker bass at 2:30 pm I glanced at my watch and decided that "NO-WAY" was I going to be able to make it down from Beson to Cypress Bend Resort in less than 30 minutes to make the final weigh-in hour, stated the surprised, but happy angler, "so I throttled out into Toledo Bend's newly cut and marked boating lanes and managed to make it to the weigh-in site with only seconds to spare.

With predawn anglers poised to cast their fishing efforts, and as Kicks f/m-105 radio keyed, "Anglers, start your casting" throughout every nook & cranny of this massive 184,000 acre reservoir, the official 6:am start of the 14th Annual McDonalds Toledo Bend Big Bass Splash was underway. Amidst this huge flotilla of McBass anglers, who were dragging, cranking, or flipping, their hopes around, under, or over their chosen big bass holes, were three anglers, one from Pineville LA, another from Negreet LA, and a third from Converse LA, who managed to hook enough Mc-Bites to make the 1st day competition "very" interesting.

Part of the Sealy Outdoors Big Bass Splash tournament package, which has already awarded over 15 Million dollars in cash & prizes to more than 100,000 anglers who've fished these events, the annual Big Bass Splash tournament anglers have also helped to raise over 2 & 1/2 million dollars for the benefit of the Ronald McDonald Charities.

"Our Toledo event offers a "Guaranteed" tournament purse of $200,000 in cash & prizes, stated CEO, Bob Sealy, "which will be awarded to those Big Bass anglers who've weighed-in their big bass catches for the top 10 largest bass for the daily/hourly tournament hours. "We will also award a $16,500 Triton/Johnson Bass Boat to the lucky anglers who can weigh-in an exact weight (3.00) bass each day of this 3 day event, Sealy stated, "with the largest "overall" big bass weighed-in at this 3 day long tournament winning its angler the 1st place grand prize of a $20,000 Dodge Dakota Sports Truck. "Even the spectators who arrive just to watch the daily/hourly weigh-ins, Bob adds, "will have a "FREE" chance to get in on the Big Bass Splash booty, as on the final day -(Sunday)- all spectators over the age of 18 years will be eligible for the draw-win of a $10,000 Bennington Marine Pontoon Boat. "And, of course, Bob reminds, "we will be holding our special "little anglers" tournament each day with awards & prizes going to the top kiddy anglers who can catch the biggest bass, crappie, perch, or catfish.

1st Day Leader-(5.93 lbs)- "I was fishing scattered grass-clumps up north in the Beson area, stated Mickey Starks of Pineville LA, "working a Castaway rod and Garcia reel spooled with 17# Vanish line rigged with a 7" redbug Wacky worm, when casting to a 7' grass-patch that dropped off to 25' a bass hit on the bottom drop, and after getting the bass to the boat I glanced at my watch to see that it was already 2:30 pm, Mickey frowned, "thinking that there was just no way that I could possibly make it down to the Cypress Bend weigh-in site in time for the final weigh-in hour, I tried anyways, Mickey stated, as he informed that he managed to make it back to Cypress Bend Park, and to the weigh-in line with only seconds to spare to scale his bass of 5.93 lbs to take the 1st day lead. "Thank "God" and the SRA for those boating lanes, grinned a very thankful Mickey Starks.

2nd Day Leader-(5.59 lbs)- An Allstar rod and Ambassadeur reel spooled with 17# Stren Carolina rigged with a red shad worm helped to put my fish in the boat, smiled Robin Sanchez of Negreet LA, as she further informed of fishing 15' to 25' humps with stick-ups to catch her 5.59 lb bass on a 1:15 pm bite. The lady angler managed to hold on to her 1st place leading position until slipping to 2nd on Starks last second weigh-in.

The 1st day exact weight 3.00 Boat- went to 19 year old Kendall Rutherford of Converse LA, as he worked a Carolina rigged watermelon Zoom lizard over a north-lake 10' brush-top when a 6:30 am bite put the keys to a fully rigged $16,500 Triton/OMC bass boat in his pocket.

Day-1 Top-5 Bass:
1-Mickey Starks/Pineville, LA..........5.93 lbs
2- Robin Sanchez/Negreet, LA..........5.59 lbs
3- Ed Kean/Hemphill, TX...............5.57 lbs
4- Jimmy Everett/Alba, TX..............5.56 lbs
5- Paul Fuller/Shreveport, LA...........5.46 lbs

The public is invited to "lawn-chair" their enjoyments for the three day tournament festivities of scheduled "fun in the sun" events which will be "free and open" to the public at Cypress Bend Resort with the final day of the tournament being televised "live" on Fox-29/TV.

All Bass are live released via the Shimano/SRA-LA fish recovery Krewe.
1st day tally-(224 bass)-weighing-(717 lbs)-

For more information on how you and your family can enjoy the "Big Bass Splash" activities contact Sealy Outdoors at (409)-698-2591 - or - clic to for tourism information and for directions to Cypress Bend Resort call (318)-256-4114.

Big Bass Splash Tournament Sponsors: McDonalds, Triton Boats, Johnson Outboards, Texas Dodge Dealers, SHIMANO, McCoy's Building Supplies, Texas Fish & Game, Academy, Bennington Marine, The Texas Fishing Show, Texas State Networks, Polaris, Lufkin Marine, Latch Oil Inc; - "and" the Big Bass Splash anglers.

Mickey Starks with last second weigh-in

Robin Sanchez with 5.59 2nd place lead
< photos by Ed Snyder >

19 year old Kendall Rutherford with $16,500 Triton Catch
1ST Mickey Starks Pineville, LA 5.93  
2ND Ron Sanchez Many, LA 5.59  
3RD Ed Kean Hemphill, TX 5.57  
4TH Jimmy Everett Alba, TX 5.56  
5TH Paul Fuller Shreveport, LA 5.46  
FRIDAY-Exact Wght Kendall Rutherford Converse, LA 3.00 $16,500
  224 716.92 lbs.    
7-8 HR Ed Kean Hemphill, TX 4.74 $1,000
7-8 HR Randy Couthran Orange, TX 4.39 $600
7-8 HR Charles Andre Blanks, LA 3.49 $500
7-8 HR Kyle McDonald Ruston, LA 3.47 $450
7-8 HR Fermin Montano Leesville, LA 3.45 $400
7-8 HR Grady Tassin Colfax, LA 3.38 $350
7-8 HR Emmett Dixon Elizabeth, LA 3.16 $300
7-8 HR Monte Griffin Hot Springs, AR 2.93 $250
7-8 HR Rick Guidry Many, LA 2.88 $200
7-8 HR Herman Herzog Florien, LA 2.66 $150
BONUS Scott John Franklin, LA 2.56 $125
BONUS Jeff Connella Bentley, LA 2.25 $100
8-9 HR Ed Kean Hemphill, TX 5.57 $1,000
8-9 HR Jimmy Everett Alba, TX 5.56 $600
8-9 HR Craig Hall Leesville, LA 4.51 $500
8-9 HR Jimmy Jeane Leesville, LA 4.23 $450
8-9 HR Jay Landreneau Lake Charles, LA 3.78 $400
8-9 HR Bobby LeBert Brookeland, TX 3.48 $350
8-9 HR Chad Koonce Sulphur, LA 3.42 $300
8-9 HR Richard Stephens Beaumont, TX 3.37 $250
8-9 HR Mark Koury Leesville, LA 3.16 $200
8-9 HR Greg Jones Montgomery, LA 3.14 $150
9-10 HR Roy Walton Oakhurst, TX 5.19 $1,000
9-10 HR Harold Dyess Many, LA 5.18 $600
9-10 HR John Gunnels Houston, TX 4.13 $500
9-10 HR Bob Dubose Winnie, TX 4.02 $450
9-10 HR Rick Guidry Many, LA 3.96 $400
9-10 HR Rich Remedies Zwolle, LA 3.94 $350
9-10 HR Kendall Rutherford Converse, LA 3.81 $300
9-10 HR Reba Johnson Weatherford, TX 3.76 $250
9-10 HR Brad Calvit Alexandria, LA 3.54 $200
9-10 HR Buddy Rutherford Converse, LA 3.45 $150
BONUS Bryan Odom Milam, TX 3.38 $125
BONUS Bill Boswell Austin, TX 3.30 $100
10-11 HR Dennis Anderson Zwolle, LA 5.04 $1,000
10-11 HR Jerry Sanders Baytown, TX 4.95 $600
10-11 HR Jessie Cline New Roads, LA 4.71 $500
10-11 HR Wesley Fredieu Many, LA 4.70 $450
10-11 HR Randy Colson Noble, LA 4.50 $400
10-11 HR Fermin Montano Leesville, LA 4.45 $350
10-11 HR Malcom Williams Bronson, TX 4.33 $300
10-11 HR Earl Gafford Shreveport, LA 4.21 $250
10-11 HR John Gunnels Houston, TX 3.98 $200
10-11 HR Randy Duplechine Lake Charles, LA 3.89 $150
11-12 HR Paul Reed Bunkie, LA 5.05 $1,000
11-12 HR Bobby Parish Center, TX 4.92 $600
11-12 HR James Elliott Center, TX 4.29 $500
11-12 HR James Watson Converse, LA 4.23 $450
11-12 HR Melvin Henson Livingston, TX 4.13 $400
11-12 HR William Ryan Converse, LA 4.07 $350
11-12 HR Benny Watson Converse, LA 3.99 $300
11-12 HR Lance Hughes Center, TX 3.97 $250
11-12 HR Buddy Rutherford Converse, LA 3.88 $200
11-12 HR Dennis Anderson Zwolle, LA 3.77 $150
BONUS Curtis Fisette Zwolle, LA 3.42 $125
BONUS Mike Metcalf Center, TX 3.31 $100
12-1 HR Mike Metcalf Center, TX 5.00 $1,000
12-1 HR Hank Williams Benton, LA 4.15 $600
12-1 HR Gary Bedgood Coushatta, LA 4.08 $500
12-1 HR Chris Landry Ponchatoula, LA 3.94 $450
12-1 HR Justin Peters Deville, LA 3.91 $400
12-1 HR Johnny Gypin Boyce, LA 3.78 $350
12-1 HR Phil Hennigan Center, TX 3.62 $300
12-1 HR Steve Burgay Timpson, TX 3.61 $250
12-1 HR Bobby Barreraz Center, TX 3.56 $200
12-1 HR Bobby Kennedy Lake Charles, LA 3.53 $150
1-2 HR Robin Sanchez Many, LA 5.59 $1,000
1-2 HR Paul Fuller Shreveport, LA 5.46 $600
1-2 HR Tom Nolan Montgomery, TX 4.76 $500
1-2 HR Wallace Price Keithville, LA 4.50 $450
1-2 HR Joe Gawlik Quinlan, TX 4.32 $400
1-2 HR Tommy Jones Porter, TX 4.23 $350
1-2 HR David Patrick Houston, TX 4.23 $300
1-2 HR Bobby LeBert Brookeland, TX 3.99 $250
1-2 HR Jerry Sisco Sulphur, LA 3.95 $200
1-2 HR Randy Michalec San Augustine, TX 3.89 $150
BONUS Kyle Bolyard Hemphill, TX 3.41 $125
BONUS Tommy Wilson Shreveport, LA 3.35 $100
2-3 HR Mickey Starks Pineville, LA 5.93 $1,000
2-3 HR Craig Hall Leesville, LA 4.97 $600
2-3 HR James Matney Lake Charles, LA 4.72 $500
2-3 HR Steve Burgay Timpson, TX 4.63 $450
2-3 HR Grady Tassin Colfax, LA 4.16 $400
2-3 HR William Scanlon McComb, MS 4.09 $350
2-3 HR Jay Wise Cameron, TX 3.76 $300
2-3 HR Steve Delia DeRidder, LA 3.71 $250
2-3 HR Ken J. Hayes Leesville, LA 3.40 $200
2-3 HR Sammy Carbone Shreveport, LA 3.39 $150
1ST Eddie Boswell Austin, TX 2.95 9
2ND Charles Boswell Austin, TX 1.81 11
1ST Sylvia Bardin Many, LA 2.29 10
2ND Donny Elinfritz Lawrenceburg, TN 0.37 10
1ST Landon Risher Jackson, MS 0.23 11
2ND Kaitlyn Michalec San Augustine, TX 0.20 11
3RD Larry Simmons Anacoco, LA 0.19 12

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