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8.22 Lb Splash Takes 14th Annual Toledo McBass
By Ed Snyder

14th Annual McDonalds Toledo Bend "Big Bass Splash" June 23, 24, 25, 2000.
Sunday, June 25, 2000, Cypress Bend Resort, Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

Typical West Louisiana Summer dominated the weather conditions, with typical East Texas southeast winds anchoring the high temperature and humidity levels as 1,437 anglers participated in this 14th annual McBass tournament to catch some very impressive bass weights of over 1,990 lbs. After the last digital was recorded on the final day of competition the top five leaderboard slots marked an 8.22 -lb bass, 7.51 -lb bass, 7.04 -lb bass, 6.70 -lb bass, and 6.44 -lb bass, which helped to raise $14,500 for the Ronald McDonald Houses of Monroe and New Orleans, LA.

McSplash ReCap: (Day-1)- fishing scattered grass-clumps up north in the Beson area, Mickey Starks of Pineville LA, worked a 7" redbug Wacky worm over a 7' grass-patch drop-off to catch the 5.93 lb 1st day lead. First day exact weight 3.00 Boat went to 19 year old Kendall Rutherford of Converse LA, as he worked a Carolina rigged watermelon Zoom lizard over a north-lake 10' brush-top for a 6:30 am bite that put the keys to a fully rigged $16,500 Triton/OMC bass boat in his pocket.

(Day-2)-Cameron, TX, angler, Jay Wise, fished a 20' grass-ridge to weigh-in the biggest bass of the day while flipping a 1 & ¼ oz MR. Blitz Texas Smoke Jig with a watermelon Hawg Craw to catch a 7.04 lb lunker on a 1:15 pm bite up in Housen Bay. A 1 oz camo Cyclone jig connected Rich Remedies, of Zwollie, LA, to the 2nd 3.00 exact weight bass of the tournament for a $16,500 payday on a 7:20 am bite while fishing a 10' to 11' Palo Gaucho grass-bed to collect his fully rigged Triton/OMC bass boat.

(Day 3)- Hal Meyers of Lafayette, LA, stirred the "buffalo gnats" during his 10:am weigh-in hour with a Pipeline bass of 8.22 lbs. "I was drifting a 10' to 12' grass-flat in the Pipeline area, the excited angler began to explain as he told of fishing a Falcon rod and Shimano reel spooled with 20# Fire-line. "The big bass hit my Texas rigged june-bug Riverside Tube at 9:40 am, Hal further stated, saying that he immediately brought his biggest bass catch "ever" to Cypress Bend Park to collect the top of the hour check for $1,000, as well as the keys to a "fully rigged" 2000 Dodge Truck valued at $20,000.

Kenneth Lamb of Hot Springs, AR, fished across from the Cypress Bend park area with his dad while fishing clay-cliff drop-offs of from 20' to 27'. Ken nailed his 7.51 lb bass on a 10:45 am bite while fishing a G-Loomis rod and Shimano reel spooled with 10# P-line. Ken also stated that he was working a TX rigged Zoom red-bug trick worm on a 20' drop-off when the fish hit. "We were working the 2nd Island area, Kenny explained before moving off to collect his $1,000 hour -PLUS- another $500 McBonus for having an "official" McT shirt for the 11:am hour.

"I actually caught that bass at 7:30 this morning, grinned the very happy angler who had just traded in his fish for a fully rigged $16,500 Triton/OMC Bass Boat. "My scale showed it weighing over 3 lbs so I didn't bother to weigh it, informed Emmett Dixon of Elizabeth, LA, "but after "ogling" the Triton Boats that were on display at the tournament site, "And, after taking a Demo-ride, I decided to weigh that bass in "JUST IN CASE". "And darned iffin' it didn't digitize a $16,500 weigh-in for an exact 3.00 lb bass.

"We've had some really good times at this Toledo tournament, applauded Bob Sealy, "and I must ask you to applaud the wonderful support that the Sabine River Authority of Louisiana has provided for us, and this tournament, with some really excellent service operated by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krewe which provided better than a 96% live release rate for this event...... "APPLUADS!!"

"These tournament events always become a great joy for us at Sealy Outdoors, Bob Sealy announced, "when we can deliver a check of love to the RMH charities, "and this years tournament event, Bob advised to the crowd, "has managed to raise $9,500 from the hearts of our fabulous "McBass Family" anglers who choose to fish our events each year. "And with an added $5,000 donation from the McDonald Store of Leesville, LA, Bob gratefully acknowledged, "we can deliver $14,500 for the needs of the Ronald McDonald Houses, which now exceeds over Two and One/Half Million Dollars since our first event 16 years ago...... "May God bless every one of you all"

And with that announcement, Bob Sealy pulled the ticket that would begin to ease the three day long tournament into its final moments, and as Debbie Montano from Leesville, LA, stepped up to claim her "luck-o-the-draw" $10,000 Bennington Pontoon Boat, the 14th Annual McDonalds Toledo Bend Big Bass Splash slipped into "History".

Top five -14th Annual Toledo McSplash Winners:
1-(8.22 lbs)-Hal Meyers/Lafayette, LA.-$20,000 Dodge Truck-plus-hourly
2-(7.51 lbs)-Kenneth Lamb/Hot Springs, AR.-$2,500 -plus hourly
3-(7.04 lbs)-Jay Wise/Cameron, TX.-$2,000 -plus hourly
4-(6.70 lbs)-Paul Fuller/Shreveport, LA.-$1,500 -plus hourly
5-(6.44 lbs)-Darren Williams/Onalaska, TX.-$1,000 -plus hourly

All Bass are live released via the Shimano/SRA-LA fish recovery Krewe.
1st day tally- 224 bass-weighing-717 lbs-
2nd-day tally- 208 bass-weighing-659 lbs-
3rd- day tally- 191 bass- weighing-615 lbs-

And as the Adults were providing their fishing efforts for the crowd -so too- were the Little Anglers as they weighed-in their perch, crappie, bass, and catfish.

Top "Little Angler Winners":
*Bass- Eddie Boswell/Austin, TX........( 9 yrs)......(2.95 lbs)-$50.00 certificate
*Catfish-Sylvia Barden/Many, LA.......(10 yrs)......(2.29 lbs)-$50.00 certificate
*Perch- Katie Esman/Spring, TX.........( 8 yrs)......(0.38 ozs)-$50.00 certificate
*Crappie- Lincoln Pearce/Many, LA.....( 5 yrs)......(0.79 ozs)-$50.00 certificate

Part of the Sealy Outdoors Big Bass Splash tournament package, which has already awarded over 15 Million dollars in cash & prizes to more than 100,000 anglers who've fished these events, the annual Big Bass Splash tournament anglers have also helped to raise over 2 & 1/2 million dollars for the benefit of the Ronald McDonald Charities.

Next tournament will be held at Lake Fork, TX, on September 22, 23, 24, with $300,000 offered in "Guaranteed" cash & prizes. For more information on this, as well as other Sealy Outdoor Events contact (409)-698-2591- (1-888-698-2591)- or click to outdoors.

Big Bass Splash Tournament Sponsors: McDonalds, Triton Boats, Johnson Outboards, Texas Dodge Dealers, SHIMANO, McCoy's Building Supplies, Texas Fish & Game, Academy, Bennington Marine, The Texas Fishing Show, Texas State Networks, Polaris, Lufkin Marine, Latch Oil Inc; - "and" the Big Bass Splash anglers.

Hal Meyers puts his 8.22 on the scale for the $20,000 McWin

Kenneth Lamb collects $2,500 -plus- for his 7.51 lb McBass
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Emmett Dixon weighed his "just in case bass" for a $16,500 payday
  191 614.76    
7-8 HR Dan Thurmond Conroe, TX 5.81 $1,000
7-8 HR Lance Stringer Orange, TX 5.46 $600
7-8 HR Wade Reed Many, LA 5.27 $500
7-8 HR Grant Walker W.Monroe, LA 4.02 $450
7-8 HR Grady Tassin Colfax, LA 3.99 $400
7-8 HR Steve Crowell Lumberton, TX 3.50 $350
7-8 HR Anthony Edwards Center Point, LA 3.37 $300
7-8 HR Walter Shockley Springfield, LA 3.33 $250
7-8 HR Keith Kocurek Spring, TX 3.29 $200
7-8 HR Butch Covington Lake Charles, LA 2.90 $150
BONUS Bo Connella Tioga, LA 2.82 $125
BONUS Darrell Wiley Effie, LA 2.79 $100
8-9 HR Steve Delia DeRidder, LA 4.82 $1,000
8-9 HR Richard Stagsdill Converse, LA 4.14 $600
8-9 HR James Bohon Zwolle, LA 3.85 $500
8-9 HR Larry Peacher Bentley, LA 3.79 $450
8-9 HR Cory Rambo Orange, TX 3.71 $400
8-9 HR Lynn Graves San Augustine, TX 3.63 $350
8-9 HR Derek Slocum Alexandria, LA 3.44 $300
8-9 HR John Laird Ponchatoula, LA 3.40 $250
8-9 HR Lawrence Stone Anacoco, LA 3.38 $200
8-9 HR Ricky Cunningham DeRidder, LA 3.35 $150
9-10 HR Greg Pugh Lake Charles, LA 4.75 $1,000
9-10 HR Wayne Achord Zwolle, LA 4.34 $600
9-10 HR Sammy Carbone Shreveport, LA 3.99 $500
9-10 HR Paul Supulvado Shreveport, LA 3.79 $450
9-10 HR Sonny Glasco Houston, TX 3.55 $400
9-10 HR Larry Merrifield Duncanville, TX 3.48 $350
9-10 HR John Knutson Houston, TX 3.45 $300
9-10 HR Mike Taylor Lumberton, TX 3.37 $250
9-10 HR Terry Hornsby Lake Charles, LA 3.26 $200
9-10 HR Daniel Brockman Buna, TX 3.24 $150
BONUS V.J. Roppolo Stonewall, LA 3.04 $125
BONUS N/A N/A N/A $100
10-11 HR Hal Meyers Lafayette, LA 8.22 $1,000
10-11 HR Jeff Connella Bentley, LA 4.73 $600
10-11 HR Billy Gatwood Hattiesburg, MS 4.48 $500
10-11 HR Richard Luneau Pineville, LA 3.99 $450
10-11 HR Mark Thomas Rayville, LA 3.97 $400
10-11 HR Bill Domingue Sulphur, LA 3.90 $350
10-11 HR Scott Thornton Lufkin, TX 3.77 $300
10-11 HR V.J. Roppolo Stonewall, LA 3.72 $250
10-11 HR James Woods Montgomery, LA 3.67 $200
10-11 HR Keith Cole Kennard, TX 3.42 $150
11-12 HR Kenneth Lamb Hot Springs, AR 7.51 $1,000
11-12 HR Carmel Barientos Shreveport, LA 5.42 $600
11-12 HR Kyle McDonald Ruston, LA 4.16 $500
11-12 HR Kevin Cole Houston, TX 4.14 $450
11-12 HR Stan Burgay Timpson, TX 4.08 $400
11-12 HR Tim Fletcher Mansfield, LA 3.73 $350
11-12 HR Johnnie Love Burkeville, TX 3.69 $300
11-12 HR Ed Klasing Houston, TX 3.56 $250
11-12 HR Dale Logan Iowa, LA 3.53 $200
11-12 HR Rusty Hall Logansport, LA 3.33 $150
BONUS V.J. Roppolo Stonewall, LA 3.22 $125
BONUS Kyle Bolyard Hemphill, TX 3.15 $100
12-1 HR George Jolly Shreveport, LA 5.73 $1,000
12-1 HR Michael Collins Lake Charles, LA 5.28 $600
12-1 HR Johnny Gypin Boyce, LA 4.91 $500
12-1 HR John Kerry Mora, LA 4.72 $450
12-1 HR Reggie Rivera Lumberton, TX 4.59 $400
12-1 HR William Fairchild Slagle, LA 4.28 $350
12-1 HR Floyd White Livingston, TX 3.99 $300
12-1 HR Chad Cole Greenwood, LA 3.80 $250
12-1 HR Artie Longron Deweyville, TX 3.73 $200
12-1 HR Bill Cockrell Brookeland, TX 3.46 $150
1-2 HR Lance Hughes Center, TX 4.64 $1,000
1-2 HR Tom Stinson Ruston, LA 4.22 $600
1-2 HR Bob Laroux Zwolle, LA 4.16 $500
1-2 HR Hank Williams Benton, LA 4.09 $450
1-2 HR Bobby Parish Center, TX 3.90 $400
1-2 HR Mike Rutledge Silsbee, TX 3.78 $350
1-2 HR Kane Hanks Lafayette, LA 3.64 $300
1-2 HR Bobby Barreraz Center, TX 3.54 $250
1-2 HR Jeff Ivy Carthage, TX 3.41 $200
1-2 HR Tommy Wilson Shreveport, LA 3.41 $150
BONUS Phil Hennigan Center, TX 3.33 $125
BONUS Vennie Landrenau Lake Charles, LA 3.24 $100
2-3 HR Greg Palmer Logansport, LA 4.76 $1,000
2-3 HR Anthony Kyzar Houma, LA 3.99 $600
2-3 HR David Truax Beaumont, TX 3.93 $500
2-3 HR Jeremy Burge DeRidder, LA 3.82 $450
2-3 HR Gary McDonald Center, TX 3.75 $400
2-3 HR Kevin Castilaw Saratoga, TX 3.65 $350
2-3 HR Jeff Brady DeRidder, LA 3.31 $300
2-3 HR Clint Mayo Anacoco, LA 3.19 $250
2-3 HR Tim Runnels Atmore, AL 3.08 $200
2-3 HR Bobby Parish Center, TX 3.00 $150

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