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5 bass/21.16 Lbs Takes Rayburn Amateur A/C Team
By Ed Snyder

5 bass/21.16 Lbs Takes Rayburn Amateur A/C Team
By Ed Snyder/LakeCaster

Anglers Choice East Texas Amateur Team Circuit
August 12, 2000, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"We concentrated on south-lake area points today, informed the team who had just digitized an impressive Rayburn sack of 5 bass/21.16 lbs. The East Texas bass team was among the 60 teams who launched out of Twin Dikes Park to compete in the season's final Anglers Choice East Texas Amateur circuit on Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"HOT" & "HUMID" dominated the weather conditions today as most fish were found to be scattered and difficult to pattern. Some were providing early morning ghost-bites while some just sucked to the bottom and had to pried up with jigs, while others became overly picky and only glanced at the passing baits which were flipped, tossed, or dragged by them.

1st-place team-(5 bass/21.16 lbs)- Kris Wilson of Nederland TX, and Cody Comeaux of Beaumont TX, hovered their Astro/Mercury bass-rig over south-lake outside grass-edges as they worked Castaway grass-rakers and Shimano reels spooled with 25 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. "We concentrated on grass-points which had 11' to 12' grass-depths, they informed, as they told of fishing 1 ounce black/blue/amber and Texas Smoke MR. Blitz jigs with Larew black/blue & Texas Smoke craws. The 1st place team worked three spots in the same general area to catch their 8 bass from an all day bite that put the 1st place-winning cull in their boat.

2nd-place team-(4 bass/16.39 lbs)- Stratos/Evinrude helped to put our catch in the boat today, stated Jason Hanks and Marc Woolems of Jasper TX, as they informed of working Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 30 lb test P-line. The 2nd place team fished 1-ounce camo and pumpkin/green Oldham jigs with pumpkin/green Larew craws to catch 7 bass from an all day bite. "We only managed to put 4 keepers in our boat today, answered the runner-up team as they explained of having their chance for the 5th limit bass but blew it. Even so, the 2nd place weight of 16.39 lbs was impressive due to the fact that their 6.35 lb "kicker" would also take the "overall" big bass award.

3rd-place team-(5 bass/14.18 lbs)- Albert White of Houston TX, and Bill Harlan of Crosby TX, may have managed to put only a 5 bass/14.18 lb catch on the scales for a 3rd place finish, but the team also managed to put enough points on the seasons leaderboard to grab the prestigious "Amateur Team Anglers of the Year" award. The "ATAOTY" team put their Skeeter/Yamaha on Ayish Bayou 14' grass-beds to work Falcon Rods and Shimano reels spooled with 80 lb test Spider-Wire & 30 lb test Fire-line. "We concentrated on fishing the outside grass-edges with 10 & 1/2 inch Zoom "old monster" red-bug worms for a 7:am to 8:30 am bite that put 9 bass in their cull. "But we couldn't buy another bite after 8:30 am, they advised.

Top 5 Amateur Teams:
1-Kris Wilson/Cody Comeaux------------------------5 bass/21.16-$900
2-Jason Hanks/Marc Woolems------------------------4 bass/16.39-$700
3-Albert White/Bill Harlan----------------------------5 bass/14.18-$510
4-Donnie Robinson/Juanita Robinson---------------5 bass/13.11-$435
5-TomTownsend/John R. Smith----------------------5 bass/12.41-$385

"Overall" Big Bass-(6.35 lbs)-Marc Woolems/Jason Hanks-$300
2nd big bass-(6.16 lbs)-Kevin Phillips/Bryon Phillips-$180
3rd big bass-(6.09 lbs)-Kris Wilson/Cody Comeaux-$120

All Bass live released by Anglers Choice fish recovery with 169 bass weighing 390 lbs.

For more info on the Anglers Choice tournament circuits contact Randy Knight at (409)-694-7634.

Anglers Choice Amateur Team Sponsors: BassCat, Berkley, Mercury, TH Marine, Abu-Garcia, DieHard, Fenwick, Big Foot, Please Release Me, MotorGuide, eAngler, Cabela's, Ramada Inn Jasper, Holiday Inn Express, Needmore Tackle, "and" the Amateur Team anglers.

Woolems holds the 6.35 lb "overall" that "kicked" them into 2nd place

Wilson-R- and Comeaux show part of their 1st place 21.16 lb catch
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Top 3 teams with 1st kneeling and 2nd to 3rd -R- to- L- in rear

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