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Roadkill Dominates Rayburn A/C Couples
By Ed Snyder

Anglers Choice East Texas Couples Circuit.
August 6, 2000, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Roadkill and Buck Bay grass-flats" explained the Highland TX, couple as they angled up yet one more notch of excellence on their leader-board of tournament wins. The Anglers Choice Tournament Veterans competed against seventy-four other anglers who teamed up to fish the final event for the East Texas Couples Circuit.

"This is the final event for our East Texas season, informed Anglers Choice Couples Director, Curtis Kayda, explaining that they had a good season with plenty of excitement during the tour which involved tournament events on Lake Livingston, Toledo Bend, Richland Chambers, as well as Sam Rayburn. And our Couples Championship this year will be announced later after the rest of the circuits finish up.

"It didn't start getting hot till after 1:pm, interviewed one couple, "But, after 1:pm it really got "HOT"!! Thirty-eight couples teamed up to launch out of Twin Dikes Marina as the ease-off temp registered 68 degrees. But by the time the final flight checked-in at 3:15 pm the temps registered in at 103 degrees with 110 heat index readings. Unfortunately the bass bite wasn't as hot as the surface temp as most teams checked in with un-limited bags.

1st place-(5 bass/12.87-lbs)- Skeeter/Yamaha stated the Carter Cycle Marine Team as they informed of fishing Buck Bay grass-flats. "We concentrated on flipping watermelon/red Texas rigged Zoom "Road Kill" craws with one ounce weights rigged to American Rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20# Fire-line. "We kept to the creek channel edges, advised Donnie and Juanita Robinson of Highlands TX, as they told of catching an early limit by 9:am, culling their 1st place win from a 15 bass all day bite.

2nd place-(5 bass/11.24-lbs)- Dusty Rhoads Marine of Lufkin sponsored our Champion/Mercury, explained the 2nd place team of Henry and Sharon Parsons of Baytown TX. As they informed of working Allstar rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15# Berkley Big Game mono. "We pitched Texas rigged watermelon/red Zoom craws along 8' to 12' Black Forest outside grass-hump edges, they added, further telling of catching 12 bass from a 9:am to 11:am bite.

3rd place-(5 bass/10.82-lbs)- Rick and Julie Friedrich of Houston TX, put their Ranger/Mercury over Southlake grass-beds to claim the 3rd place finish. "We managed to work Castaway rods and Abu-Garcia reels spooled with 20# Tri-lene mono, they informed, as they told of fishing one ounce Mark Stevenson pumpkin/chartreuse jigs with green/chartreuse Larew craws. "We concentrated our efforts on 13' to 15' outside grass-edges that put 9 bass in our boat from a 7:30 to 10:30 am bite.

Overall big bass-(5.66-lbs)- A Bumble Bee Boat and a Mercury outboard put us over a Caney Creek grass-edge, informed Bob & Marie Hughes of Lufkin TX, as they informed of working an Allstar rod and Garcia reel spooled with 14# Trilene Texas rigged with a junebug/chartreuse Berkley Power worm. "The 5.66 lb big bass hit my bait at 9:am, informed Bob Hughes of Nacogdoches Marine.

Top 5 Team Couples:
1-Donnie/Juanita Robinson------------------12.87-$480
2-Henry/Sharon Parsons--------------------11.24-$350
3-Rick/Julie Friedrich-----------------------10.82-$265
4-Billy/Teresa Eddins-----------------------10.61-$255
5-Danny/Angela Cherey--------------------10.26-$170

Overall Big Bass-(5.65-lbs)-Bob/Marie Hughes-$105
2nd Big Bass- (5.02-lbs)-Tommy/Sherry Arnall-$70

All bass live released by Anglers Choice fish recovery.

For more information on the Anglers Choice Couples Circuit contact Curtis Kayda at (281)-339-5048.

Anglers Choice Couples Tournament Sponsors: BassCat, Mercury, Berkley, TH Marine, Abu Garcia, DieHard, Fenwick, Big Foot, Please Release Me, MotorGuide, eAngler, Cabela's, Holiday Inn Express, Ramada Inn-Jasper, Needmore Tackle, and the Anglers Choice Couples.

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Veteran anglers, Juanita and Donnie Robinson, rack up another AC win
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