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Sabine "Big Trout Splash" Claimed By 6.16 Lb Speck
By Ed Snyder

Sunday- August 27, 2000, Walter Humphrey State Park, Pleasure Island, TX.

A shimmering Gulf Coast sunrise greeted the Big Trout Splash anglers as they listened for the "anglers start your fishing" broadcast from KD-97 fm/radio and with the final day of competition underway the anglers would be treated to active tides and improved feeding conditions that would help to produce the largest trout of the tournament that would top-end the leader-board with a "healthy" Sabine Lake 6.16 lb Speck.

"It's with great pride and honor that we award these "Big Trout Splash" donation checks to the benefit of the CCA Scholarships and Sea Center Texas Hatcheries, stated Tournament Director, Bob Sealy, "And I also wish to praise the Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce as well as the Port Arthur Visitors and Convention Bureau for all their support, and I wish to give a special thanks to the Pleasure Island Commission, Pleasure Island Restaurant, the Causeway Marina, and the wonderful people at Walter Humphrey State Park for their excellent assistance. "This is our 2nd of three events for this year, Bob Sealy informed the attending crowd, "as we held our first at Teakwood Marina on Galveston Bay, where it took a 6.38 lb speck caught by John Culpeper to win it, and now, here on Sabine Lake, where Modesto Castro of Humble TX, took this event with a 6.16 lb speck. "Our next event, the third and final for the season, will be held in Rockport TX, on October 14 & 15. "The top speck which is caught and weighed from our three tournament event sites will award its angler a "fully rigged" Dodge Dakota Sport Truck, Bob announced. "And after Bob Sealy awarded the "guaranteed" $50,000 in cash & prizes to the Sabine Lake Anglers, "he pulled the "luck-o-the-draw" ticket for the $17,000 Triton/OMC Bay-boat. "Glen Angelle of Port Neches TX, where are you? Bob questioned the crowd, and as Glen stepped up to claim his $17,000 to the "luck-o-the-draw" Triton/OMC Bay-boat- the Sabine Lake Tournament eased into "Big Trout Splash" History.

Trout Splash ReCap:
Day-1- Scott Raggio of Bridge City TX, spent his afternoon strolling a red & white Top Dog JR. fishing a reef in the Lighthouse area to catch the first day leading speck of 5.62 lbs. Bill Garrett of Willis TX, drift fished a north-lake reef to catch the 5.39 lb 2nd place/first day leading speck while casting a black & chrome Super Spook. Although a 2.99 and a 3.01 specks were scaled no exact weight trout were recorded on the first day.

Day-2 -1st place winner-(6.16 lbs)- Modesto Castor, a Continental Airline mechanic from Humble TX, found the "big-un" while casting a bone/silver Top Dog along a main-lake shelf. "I was using a Shimano rod and reel spooled with Tri-lene 15 lb test line, informed the first place "overall" winner, further informing of drift-fishing the shelf when the big speck hit at 10:30 am. The "humbled" angler took home the "braggin-rights" to the Sabine Lake Big Trout Splash as well as a $5,500 for his top-dog cast.

Day-2- 2nd place winner-(5.29 lbs)- HOT on the tail of the 6.16 lb speck, which won the "overall" for the tournament was a 5.29 lb "heavy" that came in only minutes behind Castor's fish, as Alan Podraza, of Houston TX, put his 5.29 lb speck on the scale. Podraza, a self employed surveyor, was fishing a big main-lake hard sandy flat when his speck hit a black/silver/white Rebel Jumpin' Minnow. The angler was wade fishing with a Shimano rod and reel spooled with 16 lb test Berkley Big Game mono when the speck hit on an 8:30 am bite which ended up in 4th place "overall".

At 1:58 pm the long awaited exact weight 3.0 lb speck finally made it to the scales as Clinton Bailey of Angleton TX, scrambled in to collect the $1,000 bonus. "I was fishing with an Allstar rod and Shimano reel spooled with Berkley Big Game 12 lb test mono, informed the excited angler as he told of drift-fishing the Texas surf-line when the speck hit a chartreuse/gold Top Dog. "I weighed that fish on my 5 year old Berkley electronic scale, informed the Dow Chemical Machinist, when it struck me that it was reading exactly 3.0 lbs. "I then fished for a bit more until my nerves just couldn't take it any longer and finally headed in to check it out. "WOW" was I ever surprised, smiled the happy angler who became an "instant" $1,000 winner.

Top 5 Winning Specks:
1- Castor Modesto/Humble TX--------------6.16 lbs-$5,000
2- Scott Raggio/Bridge City TX-------------5.39 lbs-$4,000
3- Bill Garrett/Willis TX----------------------5.39 lbs-$3,000
4- Alan Podraza/Houston TX----------------5.29 lbs- $2,000
5- Marty Blankenship/Baytown TX--------4.99 lbs- $1,000

With only one exact weight 3.0 speck claiming the $1,000 bonus money Bob Sealy drew 2 names to share the unclaimed $1,000 bonus.
Exact Weight-3.0-Sunday-Clinton Bailey/Angleton TX-$1,000
Exact Weight-30- Saturday-(split)-
Ken Terry/Baytown TX-$500
Kevin Gregorcyk/Santa Fe TX-$500

All trout were donated to Boys & Girls Haven of Beaumont TX, with 225 specks weighing 606 lbs.

For more information on this, as well as other fishing and hunting events contact Bob Sealy at (1-888-698-2591) or click to
Big Trout Splash Sponsors: Triton Boats, Johnson OMC Outboards, Shimano, Academy, Texas Dodge Dealers, Texas Fish & Game, McCoy's, MT McClain Trailers, Kinsey's Flying Service, "and" the Big Trout Splash Anglers.

2nd place with 5.62 lb speck and Bob Sealy

1st place winner with 6.16 lb speck and Bob Sealy
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