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Metcalf "RULES" At Toledo's A/C Pro-Am.
By Ed Snyder

Metcalf "RULES" At Toledo's A/C Pro-Am.
-Lee Warren Takes Amateur Win-

Anglers Choice/2000 Central Division Pro/Am Circuit
Sunday, August 20, 2000, Frontier Park Marina, Lake Toledo Bend, TX.

"Yesterday was one of those days that tournament anglers dream about, explained the Center TX, Pro/Angler, "When everything goes just right and the bass are hitting all day long. "But, reviewed the sun-parched angler who just topped the leader-board with 37.12 lbs, "It was nothing but a constant struggle today as everything seemed to go wrong. But despite the "extreme" triple digit heat index and "stilled waters" the Toledo bass/pro managed to anchor his first place Pro win by almost four pounds above the 2nd place angler.

"This is the final event for our Central Division Pro/Am 2000 circuit, advised Anglers Choice CEO, Johnnie Davis, "which has seen our anglers compete at Lake Sam Rayburn in March, Lake Texoma in April, The Red River last June, and Lake Livingston in July, as well as here, on Lake Toledo Bend, in August. "Our Central Division Championship will be held at Lake Grandbury TX, on September 8-9, 2000, where we will award 3 fully rigged BassCat/Mercury bass boats to the top three winners. "This year has seen an excellent field of competitors fish our events, Davis announced, as he gave honors to the top Central Division Pro/Angler of the Year, Ted Pate of Alexandria LA, and the top Central Division Amateur/Angler of the Year, Chad Griffin of Cresson, TX.

Pro/Am Recap-
Day-1- 1st place pro-lead-(5 bass/20.61 Lbs)- Michael Metcalf of Center TX, managed to work Lake Fork Tackle soft plastics along north-lake drop-offs to catch a scattered all day bite for his first day lead. 1st place amateur lead- (5 bass-16.73 lbs)- Lee Warren of Sulphur Springs TX, fished Bagley Tnn-shad crank-baits and Carolina rigged watermelon Zoom lizards along north-lake 10' to 12' river channel brush-drops for his 1st place amateur lead."Overall" Big Bass-(7.85 lbs)- Pro/bass angler, Jimmy Sorter of Hemphill TX, fished 15' Housen Bay grass-beds to catch his 7.85 lb big bass on a 1 & 1/4 -oz TX smoke MR. Blitz jig with a mardi-gras Reaction craw.


1st place pro-win-(10 bass/37.12 lbs)- "Id like to thank Mark Pack Lake Fork Tackle, Stanley Baits, Anglers Choice, and my wife LaDonna, explained the grateful angler who had just claimed the Pro-win for the Central Division Pro/Am event. Mike Metcalf worked Mark Pack's watermelon/candy Magic Shads and Kudzu Brush-hogs both days to catch his winning weights. "I concentrated on fishing just three little north-lake flats which were in a main-lake slough, informed Metcalf, stating that the first day of competition was what dreams were made of as he managed to catch an early limit and continued to catch fish all day long for culling to his 20.61 lb weight. "But, he frowned, the 2nd day was entirely different as it became a struggle all day long, "as I only had three baby's by noon, "but as the sun got hotter, so did the bite as I was finally able to catch 16.51 lbs to clinch my win.

2nd place pro-win-(10 bass/33.19 lbs)- Glen Freeman of Converse TX, put his Champion/Yamaha up on San Miguel and Converse ridge-lines both days to catch his 2nd place finish. "I worked Shimano V-rods and Shimano reels spooled with 14 lb test Triple-fish line, Glen explained, telling of fishing TX rigged red-bug Reaction worms on both days to catch 14.16 lbs on day-1 and 19.03 lbs on day-2 as he worked 12' ridgelines which had 20' drop-offs.

3rd place pro-win-(10 bass/32.31 lbs)- Dicky Newberry of Houston TX, managed to put his Skeeter/Yamaha over south-lake grass-beds both days to catch his 3rd place finish. "I worked Waterloo rods and Shimano reels spooled with 80 lb test Spider-wire, Dicky informed, as he told of fishing 1 -oz Oldham black/blue jigs with Larew black/blue craws. The Dawson Marine Pro concentrated on fishing 14' tapered outside grass-edges to catch 16.42 lbs on day-1 and 15.89 lbs on day-2 for his 3rd place check.

1st place amateur-win-(8 bass/23.61 lbs)- Lee Warren of Sulphur TX, fished with Pro, Stan Burgay, on day-1 to catch 16.73 lbs and with Pro, Mike Metcalf, on day-2 to catch 6.88 lbs. "I worked Bagley crank-baits and Zoom lizards both days to catch my 1st place win, explained the happy angler who had just spent two days fishing with two of the best anglers that Toledo Bend has to offer.-"Money well spent, Lee advised.

2nd place amateur-win-(9 bass/21.75 lbs)- Buddy Brown of Westlake TX, fished with Pro, Glen Freeman, on day-1 to catch 11.47 lbs, and Pro, Brent Hickey, on day-2 to catch 10.28 lbs. "I fished with FLA & TX rigged 6" Reaction centipedes both days, informed Buddy.

3rd place amateur-win-(10 bass/19.69 lbs)- Klint Meyers of Hamshire TX, fished with Pro, Chad Prody on day-1 to catch 8.78 lbs and Pro, Jimmy Sorter on day-2 to catch 10.91 lbs. "I worked Carolina rigged watermelon Brush-hogs and Stanley 1 -oz chinquapin "Flat-eye" jigs with Larew TX smoke craws both days, Meyers explained.

Day-2 "Overall" big bass-(6.59 lbs)- Pro/angler, Randy Knight put his Skeeter/Yamaha over a 12' to 14' Housen Bay grass-bed while working an Allstar rod and Ambassadeur reel spooled with 45 lb test Spider-wire. "The 6.97 lb "overall" hit my FLA rigged 10" red-bug Zoom worm at 2:58 pm, Randy informed, "which only gave me 17 minutes to get back for my check-in deadline.

Top 5 Winning Pro's:
"Pro/Angler of the Year"- Ted Pate of Alexandria, LA. (843.12 points)-$28,500
1-Michael Metcalf/Center TX--------10 bass/37.12 lbs-$10,000
2-Glen Freeman/Converse LA--------10 bass/33.19 lbs-$5,000
3-Dicky Newberry/Houston TX------10 bass/32.31 lbs-$2,250
4-Stan Burgay/Timpson TX-----------10 bass/30.15 lbs-$2,000
5-David Truax/Beaumont TX----------9 bass/29.12 lbs-$1,600

Day-1 Pro/Big Bass-(7.85 lbs)-Jimmy Sorter-$1,000
Day-2 Pro/Big Bass-(6.59 lbs)-Randy Knight-$500

Top 5 Winning Amateurs:
"Amateur/Angler of the Year"- Chad Griffin of Cresson, TX -(764.91 points)-$1,525.
1-Lee Warren/Sulphur TX---------------8 bass/23.61 lbs-$2,000
2-Buddy Brown/Westlake TX-----------9 bass/21.75 lbs-$1,500
3-Klint Meyers/Hamshire TX----------10 bass/19.69 lbs-$700
4-Jack Thomas/Highland Village TX-8 bass/19.61 lbs-$650
5-Gerald Davis JR/Corsicana TX-------4 bass/13.57 lbs-$525

Amateur/Big Bass Day-1-(6.1 lbs)-Gerald Davis-$500
Amateur/Big Bass Day-2-(5.24 lbs)-Roy Ingham-$250

All bass live released by the Shimano/SRA-LA Fish Recovery Krewe..
Day-1 tally-254 bass at 594 lbs.
Day-2-tally-220 bass at 523 lbs.

For more information on this, as well as other, Anglers Choice Tournament circuits contact Johnnie Davis at (817)-326-5821 -0r click to-

Anglers Choice Pro/Am Sponsors; BassCat, Mercury, Berkley, TH Marine, Abu Garcia, Big Foot, Please Release Me, Fenwick, MotorGuide, eAngler, Cabela's, "and" the Pro/Am Anglers.

Randy Knight with 2nd day 6.59 "Overall"

Top3 Pro's- L-to-R- 3rd-2nd-1st
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Metcalf with 2 of his 37.12 lb winning Pro-bass

Top 3 Amateurs L-to-R- 3rd-2nd-1st-

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