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Team/Buchanan Wins JOF Celebrity Pro/Am
By Ed Snyder

1st Annual Jasper Outdoors Festival- Celebrity Pro/Am Tournament.
Saturday, September 30, 2000, Jasper, TX.

"This is for the next generation", announced the Tournament Director as he began calling out the boats which were easing out into the "crack-o-dawn" waters of Lake Sam Rayburn. "Homer Humphrey's of Minden LA, "Carl Svebek III of Sam Rayburn TX, "Edwin Evers of Mannsville OK, and as the sounds of the "Celebrity Pro/Am" phase for the Jasper Outdoors Festival began dominating the early mornings roll call, barely heard above the blending of fuel exhaust and rumbling outboards were the names of, Kathy Magers, Harold Allen, Shane Allman, Jeff Buchanan, David Wharton, Scott Springer, Todd Faircloth, Randy Allen, Bill Gillory, Elton Luce JR, Mark Pack, Jim Tutt, Mark Stevenson, John Walker, Judy Wong, Bud Pruitt, Stephen Johnston, Ernie Hillebrandt, Randy Dearman, John Presley, and Clark Wendlandt.

"Fishing Southern Style, "Dan Chasen Outdoors, "Fishermen's Guide, "Bass Fishing Home Page, "Outdoor, "Texas Sportsguide, "Dallas Outdoors, "Jasper Newsboy, "Fishin' & Fussin' web-page, "Texas Fishing & Hunting Guide, "Lousiana Outdoors, "The Budget Angler, "Bass Master Magazine, "Anglers Choice Magazine, Fishing World .Com, and LakeCaster Magazine On-Line, along with several free-lance writers and photographers were also well represented among these teams who were now throttled-up and bustin' wakes across the far expanses of the lake. This group of media network professionals were paired up with the Pro/Am teams to record and image the activities of this fishing tournament from its early morning ease-off to the final afternoon weigh-in ceremony on the Jasper City Square.

"This writer/angler's designated Pro/Am team left little doubt to the "who" after a shrieking "Ayyiieeeee" reverberated across the rippling waters as Humpin' Homer Humphrey's throttled out for our run to Veach Basin, giving his Cajun Yell as we cut-water around Rayburn Park's point. This day was to become a very interesting, and "humorous" outdoor adventure as the Louisiana veteran, with 29 years of competitive bass fishing experience, provided a "wealth" of fishing knowledge to me, and our Amateur, or Co-Angler, Matt Rigby of San Antonio TX.

The JOF Celebrity Pro/Am teams consisted of one Professional Angler, an Amateur (-or- Co-Angler), and a media-o-write who would record their day of competition within his, or her, expertise. All three team members were fishing for a tournament limit of 5 bass, of 14 inches or better, for their weigh-in. As the tournament hours were limited to just the morning hours, the competition level was expected to be extreme as running time was limited for finding those areas which could produce the winning weights.

As we eased into Veach Basin, Matt Rigby, a San Antonio native and Sam Houston "U" Education Major, pointed for Homer to head for a series of "matted" grass-clumps which were situated just inside the bay. "They've been holding within these grass-clumps, Matt advised as we prepared to start our day. All three of us armed ourselves with wacky worm rigs as Homer explained our game-plan. "First, we catch our 5 bass limit, then we look for the "kickers". Agreed to this plan we immediately started wacky worming the outside areas of the grass-clumps where, after only a few minutes, Matt hooked, landed, and live-welled our first "keeper". This writer/angler then hooked-up where Homer lip-landed our 2nd bass, a nice chunk of about 3 plus lbs. Quickly following up within this activity, Homer, Matt, and myself managed to put our 5 bass limit in the boat by 7:58 am. "Now, plan B went into effect as Homer switched to a 1 oz jig & craw for punchin-grass, Matt changed-up to a TX rigged craw for flippin-grass, and I started draggin-grass with a Carolina rigged plum-apple worm. At 8:15 am the one thing that all pro's dread happened as Homer "Umphed-Up" on a "Big-Bite". As his rod bent and his line started "surging" he re-set his stance to try and pull the unseen "hawg" from out of the grass-clump when "Thwipp" it was all over within a fraction of a second as our team quickly went from a possible first place position to a fourth place finish, as even though we managed to cull out three bass, our weight held at 5 bass/12.44 lbs.

"With 5 bass/12.66 lbs, co-announced Bob Sealy of Sealy Outdoors and Ann Thomason Wilson of Ann's Tackle Shop, "your 3rd place Pro/Am team, Kathy Magers. The Magers team consisted of Co-Angler David Truax and Media-O-Write Jeff Hood." We put our Champion/Mercury over Needmore Point and Farmers Flats today, Kathy informed, as she explained that her team fished Carolina rigged Zoom red-bug & red-core worms, 1/4 oz white MR. Blitz spinner-baits, chartreuse Bandit crank-baits, and Bacon Rinds along 8' to 12' grass-flats. "The new Strike King EZ-Rigs made it easy for catching our Carolina rigged bass, advised Magers, "And my Casa Del Mar glasses made it possible for spotting the "fishy" side of the grass-beds, she stressed, "Which included David Truax's 5.28 lb bass catch for the 2nd place Big Bass honors, explained the smiling National Bass N'Gal & WBFA Champion.

Sam Rayburn Pro/Team, David Wharton folks, Ann Thomason announced to the huge applauding crowd on the Jasper Courthouse Square, "with a 5 bass/14.83 lbs and a 2nd place finish. "We ran my Nitro/Mercury to the Black Forest area this morning, Wharton informed the crowd, "As we concentrated on fishing the "thin-grass" areas with TX rigged Larew june-bug worms. "The bass were mostly holding out from the matted walls early, David explained as he further informed that they would cast to the grass-mats and start working their baits back through the 11' to 12' thin-grass patches which were just out from the walls. "We also worked 3/8 oz Horizon ghost-minnow spinner-baits with round gold blades for helping to catch at least 20 bass today, revealed the BassMaster Classic/Pro and "multiple" National tour winner. Team/Wharton- Pro/Angler, David Wharton, Co-Angler, Gerald Bergeron, Media-Brad Downey.

"Your 1st Annual JOF Celebrity Pro/Am team winners folks, Bob Sealy and Ann Thomason excitedly introduced to a now standing ovation crowd, with 5 bass/16.59 lbs "AND" the 5.91 lb "overall" big bass of this celebrity tournament event, Team/Buchanan. "Kistler rods and Stanley spinner-baits put our winning weight in the boat, announced the Sam Rayburn BassMaster Central Invitational winner. "We ran my Triton/OMC bass-rig to the Canyon's above the 147 bridge, Jeff explained as he spoke of working Kistler rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Tri-lene mono. "We fished TN Shad Zara Spooks and 3/8 oz white/chartreuse Stanley spinner-baits early, Jeff advised, as he told of fishing 4' to 6' shallow grass edges which he was able to spot with his "Maui Jim" sunglasses. "We then switched to Carolina rigged red-bug Zoom worms for our later bite, added the Sam Rayburn Bass/Pro. Team/Buchanan- Pro/Angler, Jeff Buchanan, Co-Angler, Jerry Hoffman, Media-Connie Kilpatrick.

1-Pro/Jeff Buchanan-Co/angler-Terry Hoffman-Media-Connie Kilpatrick---------5 bass/16.69 lbs-
2-Pro/David Wharton-Co/angler-Gerald Bergeron-Media-Brad Downey----------5 bass/14.83 lbs-
3-Pro/Kathy Magers-Co/angler-David Truax-Media-Jeff Hord-----------------------5 bass/12.66 lbs-
4-Pro/Homer Humphreys/Co/angler-Matt Rigby-Media-Ed Snyder-----------------5 bass/12.44 lbs-
5-Pro/Bill Guillory-Co/angler-Gary Price-Media-Sue Crochet--------------------------5 bass/11.51 lbs-
6-Pro/Jim Tutt-Co/angler-Clay Dean-Media-Ralph Means-----------------------------5 bass/11.12 lbs-
7-Pro/Stephen Johnston-Co/angler-Gary Lawing-Media-Sherrie Ruslink----------5 bass/11.00 lbs-
8-Pro/Clark Wendlandt-Co/angler-Jim Behnken-Media-John Nix--------------------5 bass/10.38 lbs-
9-Pro/Scott Springer-Co/angler-Issiah Price-Media-Jim Files-------------------------5 bass/9.46 lbs-
10-Pro/John Presley-Co/angler-Chantz Pryor-Media-Mandy Smith-----------------5 bass/9.41 lbs-
11-Pro/Randy Allen-Co/angler-Adrian Coble-Media-Noe Garcia--------------------5 bass/8.79 lbs-
12-Pro/Bud Pruitt-Co/angler-Lee Corevemberg-Media-Dan Chason----------------4 bass/8.32 lbs-
13-Pro/Harold Allen-Co/angler-Gordan Welch-Media-Jim Noah---------------------3 bass/7.94 lbs-
14-Pro/John Walker-Co/angler-Greg Carroll-Media-Jay Micheals-------------------2 bass/6.90 lbs-
15-Pro/Randy Dearman-Co/angler-Steve London-Media-Gerry Labing-----------3 bass/6.15 lbs-
16-Pro/Todd Faircloth-Co/angler-Wilson Melton-Media-Ken Keiser--------------3 bass/6.09 lbs-
17-Pro/Judy Wong-Co/angler-John Lewis-Media-William Fisher-------------------3 bass/5.74 lbs-
18-Pro/Edwin Evers-Co/angler-Darlene Dean-Media-Steve Brigman---------------2 bass/4.17 lbs-
19-Pro/Carl Svebek III-Co/angler-Ken Buhnert-Media-Ransay Davis--------------3 bass/3.38 lbs-
20-Pro/Ernie Hillebrandt-Co/angler-Elton Oxley-Media-Tom Taylor----------------2 bass/2.79 lbs-
21-Pro/Elton Luce JR.,Co/angler-Butch Nolen-Media-Pamela Dountas------------2 bass/3.97 lbs-
22-Pro/Shane Allman-Co/angler-Stephen Bumstead-Media-Gene Tuck-----------3 bass/3.38 lbs-
23-Pro/Mark Stevenson-Co/angler-Tony Gutierrez-Media-Rick Spivey-----------4 bass/3.18 lbs-

Overall Big Bass-Team/Jeff Buchanan-(5.91 lbs)-
2nd Big Bass-Team/Kathy Magers-(5.88 lbs)-
3rd Big Bass-Team/Homer Humphreys-(3.98 lbs)-

B.A.S.S. Federation Casting Kids Champions:
(7-10 yrs)-
1-Regina Kreyenbuhl-Leesville, La.
2-Clayton Dowden- Jasper, TX.
3-Alexa Dutton-Jasper, TX.
(11-14 yrs)-
1-Seth Williamson-Port Neches, TX.
2-Charlie Robertson-Brokkeland, TX.
3-Seth Price-Palestine, TX.

"The Mission of this Jasper Outdoors Festival event is to promote Jasper TX, area fishing & hunting activities throughout the outdoor sporting community in order to maximize the attractions of this area among the outdoor sporting enthusiasts of all ages, while benefiting a worthy cause, the Boys and Girls Club of Jasper, TX.

"This was a job well done folks and the whole JOF team should be highly commended for their hard work in producing a Jasper, Texas, "class act" where life "IS" worth living............"Mission Accomplished!!"

For more information on the upcoming "2nd Annual Jasper Outdoors Festival" which is now being planned for next year, contact Roger Bacon at (409)-384-7685 -or- click to <>

Jasper Outdoors Festival Sponsors: JEDCO, Jasper Printing Co., Kenwood Communications, Latch Oil Co., Ann's Tackle Shop, First State Bank, Grevemberg Communications, Hollis Tire Co., KJAS fm/107.3 Radio, Patrick's Steakhouse & Seafood, Stewart Glass and Mirror, Texas Charlie's Restaurant, The Stump Restaurant, "and" the 1st Annual Jasper Outdoors Celebrity Pro/Am Anglers & Staff.

Ann Thomason Wilson with winning Casting Kids

Top winning Teams 1st thru 3rd L-to-R
< photos by Ed Snyder >

JOF Celebrity Champion-Jeff Buchanan

3rd place Pro- Kathy Magers

2nd place Pro-David Wharton

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