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N/E Division Wins Rayburn C.A.S.T. Classic
By Ed Snyder

Couples Association of Sport Tournaments "Millennium" Classic
Sunday, September 24, 2000, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Nine Texas Regions are represented here today, advised the CAST director, "As 172 couples arrived here to team up and compete for the Classic Championship and the winning portion of the $100,000 in cash & prizes. "The Couples Association of Sport Tournaments is "strictly" a family oriented group, noted the director, "And we wish to thank all of our CAST membership for helping CAST to get to the level that it has now reached. "To God be the Glory for everything that CAST is, and is to become"................"Amen!"

HOT AND HUMID dominated the two days of competition as a stalled cold front "inched" its way down, creating an extended pre-front fishing condition. Most anglers were to find good bassin' patterns up in the shallow waters which produced good, but medium sized bass, "But a few were able to find the key to catching those "slightly" larger bass that would "bracket" the top leader-board slots with the "slightly" heavier winning weights.

1st place-(10 bass/31.97 -lbs)- Dianne Garman and Davis Burden of Garland TX, put their Nitro/Mercury bass-rig on Black Forest scattered grass-clumps both days to work Loomis rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Tri-lene mono. The Northeast TX, division anglers fished Texas Rigged Zoom red-bug Old Monster worms along 7' grass-clumps to catch their two day weight of 10 bass/31.97 lbs plus the 6.70 -lb #2 big bass of the tournament to capture the 1st place "braggin-rights" to the "Millennium" CAST Classic.

2nd place-(10 bass/27.09 -lbs)- Pat & George Johnson of Hemphill TX, ran their Ranger/Johnson bass-rig to Black Forest grass-ridges to fish Castaway rods and Team Daiwa reels spooled with 15 lb test P-line. The Southeast division team worked Denny Brauer green/pumpkin Strike King flippin' tubes along 3' to 5' outside grass both days to catch their 10 bass/27.09 -lb 2 nd place finish.

3rd place-(Julie and Randall May of New Boston TX, navigated their BassCat/Mercury bass-boat to McKean Creek to fish Fenwick rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 20 lb test Stren. The ArkLaTex division team worked 6' to 8' scattered grass-mats with chartreuse/orange FLW buzz-baits and white Terminator spinner-baits to catch their 3 rd place finish of 10 bass/26.73 -lbs.

Day-2 Big Bass-(6.74 -lbs)- Larry & Carol McMinimy of Roundrock TX, maneuvered their Charger/Yamaha bass-rig over mainlake & Needmore point moss-edges to work Browning & John Miles Custom rods and Shimano reels spooled with 25 lb & 25 lb test Tri-lene XT mono. The Central division anglers fished garlic-dipped TX rigged plum-apple Zoom U-tailed worms to catch their bass which included Larry's 12:45 pm hook-set on a 6.74 -lb "kicker" which landed the "Overall" Big Bass of the tournament marker.

Top 5 CAST Team/Couples:
1-(N/E)-Dianne Garman/Davis Burden/Garland TX...............10 bass/31.97 -lbs
2-(S/E)-Pat & George Johnson/Hemphill TX.....................10 bass/27.09 -lbs
3-(ArkLaTX)-Julie & Randall May/New Boston TX...............10 bass/26.73 -lbs
4-(West)-Allen & Carrie Jesse/Brownwood TX.....................10 bass/24.06 -lbs
5-(Central)-Rondia & Troy Elliot/Hewitt TX........................10 bass/22.65 -lbs

Day-1 Big Bass-(5.50 -lbs-)(N/E)- Dianne/Garman Davis/Garland, TX.
Day-2 Big Bass-(6.74 -lbs)-(Central)-Larry & Carol McMinimy/Roundrock TX.

Fully Rigged 2001 -518 DVC Comanche Ranger/200 Mercury Bass Boat with Continental Batteries, MotorGuide troll-motor, valued at $35,700 "Winners"-Wayne & Joyce Helberg/MaBank TX-(N/E division)-

Lake Guerreo fishing trip to Hacienda La Vista lodge valued at $700 "Winners" Johnny & Tammy Nowell/Ft Worth TX-(North division)-

All Bass live released via the C.A.S.T. fish recovery crew.

For more information on the C.A.S.T. Tournament Trail contact (817)-268-4651- or click to <>

C.A.S.T. Tournament Sponsors: Ranger Boats, Mercury, Continental, Berkley, Luxor Jewelers, Quantum, MotorGuide, Lucky Craft, Eagle Claw, Lady Luck, J & G Enterprises, Mary Kay, The Shad Connection, Minnie Bucket Brand Baits, Horizon Lures, X-Spurt, The Jasper Chamber of Commerce, "and" the year 2000 C.A.S.T. Classic Anglers.

Top 10 Cast Classic Champions- 2nd-3rd-1st-4th-5th- front row- L-to-R

Cast Classic Champions
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