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Husband/Wife Team-Slams 1-888 BIG HAWG Tourney
By Ed Snyder

2nd Annual Rayburn Tackle Customer Appreciation Tournament
Saturday, October 28, 2000, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Almost" Purrr-fect weather conditions greeted the 80 teams who launched into the 2nd Annual Rayburn Tackle Customer Appreciation Tournament, "But, the early bite was left mostly unmolested as the "ease-off" belayed due to foggy extremes, putting the early morning bassin' patterns on a later am/bite where a Jasper TX, husband & wife team managed to put together the winning tech for team-slamming the "1-888-BIG Hawg" tournament event.
"This is our 2nd Annual Customer Appreciation Tournament event, explained Carl Wright, owner/operator of Rayburn Tackle on Lake Sam Rayburn. "As we really enjoy putting this on for our customers, Carl stated, "adding that they enjoy giving something back to those who enjoy shopping at their tackle store throughout the year. "I really hope that every one had a good time at this year's event and we look forward in serving their fishing needs in the future. The Gang at Rayburn Tackle "Thanks You" for your business.

1st place-(5 bass/13.60 -lbs )-Texas rigged crab-apple ring-worms and white Bandit tandem spinner-baits fished along 10' Black Forest outside grass-edges, informed Ricky & Deirdre Heard of Jasper TX, the husband and wife worked Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 20 lb test Berkley Trilene mono from the deck of their Skeeter/Yamaha to catch their first place winning weight as well as 2 nd and 3 rd place big bass honors.
2nd place-( 5 bass/13.08 -lbs)-Express Aluma-weld Craft with a Mercury outboard provided our ride to the Black Forest area, stated Clayton Boulware and Jim Gaard of Zavala TX, as they informed of working Kistler rods and Shimano reels spooled with 16 lb test Triple-Fish and 17 lb test Trilene XT mono. The runner-up team fished white 1/8 oz Stanley Nitanol mini-wedges and 5/8 oz white Stanley Four-Runners along 10' drains to catch an all day bite for a 2 nd place finish.

3rd place-( 5 bass/12.77 -bs)- Slade Dearman of Onalaska TX, and Ernie Hildebrandt of Sam Rayburn TX, put their Triton/Mercury over 147 bridge area grass to work Kistler rods and Quantum/Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley mono. The 3rd place duo fished 1 oz Oldham camo jigs with pumpkin/green Hawg-craws along 10' to 12' grass and ledges to catch their weight from an all day bite.

Overall Big Bass-( 4.85 -lbs)- Wayne Hancock of Nederland TX, was fishing with Don Isaac while he worked his Castaway rod and Shimano reel spooled with 15 lb test Trilene mono. Wayne was fishing a Zoom watermelon/red-seed wacky worm along a 10' Five Finger grass-edge when the big bass hit on a 10:am bite.

Top 5 Winners:
1-Ricky/Diedre Heard--------------------5 bass/13.60 lbs-$1,000/cash
2-Clayton Boulware/Jim Gaard---------5 bass/13.08 lbs-$600/cash
3-Slade Dearman/Ernie Hildebrandt----5 bass/12.77 lbs-$400/cash
4-Jeff Tall/Thomas Romero--------------5 bass/11.95 lbs-$300/cash
5-Dan Williamson/Randy Wes----------5 bass/11.84 lbs-$200/cash
Overall Big Bass-(4.85)-Wayne Hancock-$1,030/cash
2nd Big Bass-(4.21)- Ricky Heard-$618/cash
3rd Big Bass-(4.15)-Diedre Heard-$412/cash

The customer appreciation tournament awarded over $4,000 in door prizes.
All Bass live released by the "Big Hawg" Fish Recovery Team:
For more information on this and other Rayburn Tackle interests contact (1-888-BIG HAWG)- or click to <> -
List of sponsors: Bob Sealy, Jasper Ice, Dover Oil, PC's Pitts, Casa Ole, Rayburn Country Club, Lakeside Pizza, Auto Salon, Body & Soul, Curtis Kelley's Barbeque, Ramada Inn, Gary Yamamoto Baits, Bill Guillory Sunbelt Sales, Reaction Lures, Advertising Visuals, Bill Lewis Lures, Zorro Baits, Jasper Outboard, Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle, Rodney Howard, War Eagle Baits, Lockhart Lures, Twin Oaks Tackle, Carolyn's Wholesale Bait & Tackle, Castaic Baits, Budweiser - Del Papa, Miller Beer, "and" the Rayburn Tackle Customers.

Top 5 teams- 1st-2nd L-R-kneeling- 3rd-4th-5th-Carl Wright-R-L-standing

2nd Place team
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Husband/Wife team claims "Big Hawg" Tourney

Wayne Hancock with 4.85 "overall"

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