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Stanley Provides Win For Amateur Team Champions
By Ed Snyder

Anglers Choice Texas Regional Amateur Team Championship
Sunday, November 12, 2000, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Just a plain ol' straight-line Stanley Spinner bait out of the package, explained the winning team who put 16.67 lbs on the scale for day-1, finishing up with 12.05 lbs for their day-2 efforts which gave them a final weight of 28.72 lbs and the Championship title to the East Texas Amateur Team Championship. The Lufkin/Diboll were forced to make some drastic changes on the final day to keep their bid operational but their move proved to be the right one as they managed to anchor their winning lead by over three lbs with only a four bass weigh-in.

Tournament ReCap:Flip-Flop weather changes caused iffy bites for day-1 as pre-front, post-front, and pre-front conditioned the start of the tournament.-first place leaders caught a 5 bass/16.67 lb weigh-in as Stephen Rhodes of Lufkin and Jim Gaard of DiBoll fished 8' to 10' mid-lake grass-lines with 3/8 oz White Stanley Spinner-baits which also included Jim Gaard's 6.38 lb "overall" big bass.

Day-2- Mother Nature proved to be unpredictable on this go-round as the expected cold front failed to arrive with its predicted rains and threatening storms. But no one was complaining as calmer weather replaced the unexpected with warmer breezes and shifting skies. For the most part the tournament became a shallow water bite with spinner baits and crank-baits ruling the outcome.

1st-place-(9 bass/28.72 lbs)- Stephen Rhodes of Lufkin and Jim Gaard of Diboll fished mid-lake grass-points on day-1 and moved to 2ndary inside-points on day-2 to catch their winning pattern. The winning team fished from the deck of their Express/Mercury bass-rig to work Castaway rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 17 lb test T-Line. "We worked 3/8 oz Stanley "straight-line" spinner baits with no trailers, they informed, telling how they caught an all day bite on day-1 while fishing 10' main-lake grass-points, "But, we had to make a move on day-2 as we found our bass while fishing 3' inside 2ndary points after 1:pm. "Man, it was a loooong morning for us, "But we managed to hang in there until the bass turned catching only four keepers for our winning weigh-in today.

2nd-place-(9 bass/25.00 lbs)- Albert White of Houston and Bill Harlan of Crosby put their Skeeter/Yamaha bass-rig over Canyon and Julie Creek outside grass-edges both days to work Falcon rods and Quantum reels spooled with 17 lb test P-line. The 3 time "Amateur Team Anglers of the Year" fished gold/orange Producer "Ghost" top-waters and ½ oz white Bumper Stumper buzz and spinner baits to catch 10 bass/4 keepers on a noon to 2:pm bite on day-1 and 10 bass/5 keepers on a 7:am to 8:am bite on day-2.

3rd-place-(10 bass/24.69 lbs)- Alan Moore and Clint Teutsch of Lufkin managed to run their Javelin/Johnson bass-rig to shallow grass-beds both days as they worked Falcon/Castaway rods and Quantum/Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. The 3rd place team fished Mud Creek grass-lines with 1 / 2 oz chrome/blue Traps with orange bellies to catch an all day steady bite on day-1 for 9 keepers and a scattered bite on day-2 for 5 keepers.
Big Bass-day-1-(6.38)- Jim Gaard fished a 3/8 oz Stanley spinner bait to catch his 9:am bite from a main-lake grass-point.
Big Bass-day-2-(6.33)- Byron Phillips was fishing a pearl white Zoom Fluke around an 8' mid-lake grass-bed when the bass hit on a 10:15 am bite.

Top 5 Amateur Team Winners:
1-Stephen Rhodes/Jim Gaard--------------------9 bass/28.72 lbs-$5,000
2-Albert White/Bill Harlan-----------------------9 bass/25.00 lbs-$3,000
3-Alan Moore/Clint Teutsch--------------------10 bass/24.69 lbs-$2,000
4-Paul Gremillion/Vaughn Phillips------------10 bass/23.94 lbs-$1,500
5-Vince Neal/Harold Moore--------------------10 bass/23.76 lbs-$1,200
All Bass live released at the tournament site by the Anglers Choice fish recovery crew.

For more information on this, as well as other Anglers Choice events contact Randy Knight at (409) 694-7634.
Angler's Choice Sponsors: Mercury Outboards, Bass Cat Performance Boats, MotorGuide trolling motors, DieHard Marine Batteries, Big Foot, T&H Marine Accessories, Pure Fishing, Berkley, ABU Garcia, Fenwick, Cabela's and Sure Life Laboratories, the Jasper Chamber Of Commerce, Holiday Inn Express, Ramada Inn, Best Western, Rayburn Country, Chateau Inn and Twin Dikes Marina, "and" the Anglers Choice Amateur Team Circuit Anglers.

Byron and Kevin Phillips with 6.33 day-2 big bass

Rhodes and Gaard display their $5,000 Championship Check
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Top 3 winning teams-1st kneeling- 2nd -thru- 3rd standing L-to-R

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