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Black Bass Fishing

Deer season over - start fishsing

With deer season ended we can now concentrate on fishing, if Old Man Winter will just let up. If we can hold on until February, we can start catching plenty of black bass as the spawn should start by the last week of the month. That is if we have a normal February. When the water is cold bass don't bite well. They don't feed as often, they just try to survive. I understand they don't digest food when the water is cold. But the spawn will start soon and the males move in, make the nest and mama comes in and lays the eggs. She don't hang around long. The male takes care of the fry. Sometimes the female lays part of her eggs in one nest and goes to another location to deposit the rest of her roe. Some bass are being caught if you have the patience to work your lures slowly and use small cranks and jig a pig very slow as the fish are not as active now. But you never know what you could catch at this time of year. One Friday in June 1992 in 45 ft. of water at 4:45 p.m. Barry St. Clair caught an 18.18 lb. state record black bass on a 1 ought shiner for bait. He was fishing for crappie on 8 lb. test line. The weather was cold. He caught it on Lake Fork, near the dam. But we don't know how large some of the black bass may be in our Lake Livingston.

My largest bass was 10 lbs. I caught it on a jig and craw on February 27. It was the first day they went on the bed. We had fish every day the two weeks before and caught 4, 5, 6, and 7 pounders. But they weren't on the bed.
Lizards and cranks are good worked slow. So get out and try your luck. We don't know what we could catch. No better time to get a lunker than during the spawn, but have camera ready and release the bass as soon as you weigh it and photograph it, so it will live. You will always have the picture and weight.

Even if the day seems warm take something warm, it may get cold later in the evening, if you stay that late. Always put on a life jacket and zip it up and don't forget the kill switch. If you fall overboard this time of year, it's worse than summertime. You may not make it home. Be safe and good to yourself and others. The life you save could be yours.

I hope to see you all soon catching bass on our Lake Livingston. Until next time, God bless.

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