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Black Bass Fishing

Soon to be warm-up time again Mama bass is moving shallow as we get more sun and the water heats up. The male bass moves in first and builds the nest. Mama hangs out deeper until water temperature suits her. So look for her to be near grass, brush, or docks, usually on north west shore, though sometimes further back in the coves than you might think. I have been surprised at times how far back in the coves to find big bass so shallow.

A Rogue is a good lure this time of year. I have had them to come up and blast the Rogue. It will wake you up with the noise. This is a good lure when the water is off-color and you cannot see the nest. If you see bass with their back out of water or see them rush out like a torpedo, they're chasing something away from her nest. But I like my jig in black/blue and purple skirt tipped with a black with blue craw or pork chunk to match color of jig. I still believe the jig is the best bait for big bass in all seasons. You may not get as many bass on it but you will catch larger bass. I believe this, but some fishermen will argue with me about it.

A 12' power worm is next best bait for me as well as the brush hog. Don't forget the pink color lures this time of year. Try rattle traps, worms and lizards in this color with the off-color water and when the bass are nesting. Also a pink jig and pink craw works too. Don't laugh at this, just try it.

With this warmer water several bass 3 to 4 pounders and some 7 pounders are coming in. Not bad. They are moving in. Try every day you can. They will move in fast as you might fish a place one day and zero, go back the next day and get some big bass. They can move in overnight but don't forget to catch, photo them and release them. This is very important. This has helped more for our lake to produce larger bass and more of them and I thank everyone that does this.

Don't waste any fish by destroying them. I have seen people throw small catfish, bream and carp up on the bank to die. I ask why and the answer was, "I don't want them to steal my bait." I tell them someday they will be big and good to eat. More fishermen are releasing fish now then ever, I believe. We can see that the fish like black bass are coming back. I'm glad. I have had so much fun catching them and I love bass fishing best of all. I haven't eaten one in years. We put all black bass back even at our deer camp. We have several tanks, but we catch them and release them. This is in our rules at our camp to catch and release them.

So get out on our beautiful Lake Livingston, but first put on your life jacket and fasten it before you start the big engine and plug in your kill switch too. Be good to yourself and others and keep safety first. Until next time, God bless you all.

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