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Black Bass Fishing

More black bass return from spawn Every year even when the water is high and off-color mama bass survives and spawns. We can help them survive by releasing them so we may catch them again when the grow larger or someone else can have fun too.

Wet your hands before you handle any fish as dry hands take the protective slime off fish. You may be surprised how this can help you be a better fisher person. Patience, concentration, confidence. Just say, "Every cast will be a big bass." If something goes wrong you can still have fun just to be outdoors on our beautiful Lake Livingston.

I would go with a coach dog crank bait worked slow, fire tiger is good and now a buzz bait is working, as well as a white/chartreuse spinner bait and a devil horse and black/gold rogue. Don't forget my favorite jig tipped with a pork frog or craw worm in black/blue. I use lots of 10' - 12' power worms in black & blue flake. I have caught bass that swallowed 12' worms. I had to cut the line to save the bass.

Many bass have been caught this year. Just read the April Lakecaster and see the nice bass. I'm sure they probably worked hard for them but it paid off for them. Even in cold and rain and wind just wrap up and go. Get out on the lake and zip up your life jacket before you start the big engine and plug in your kill switch.

Be careful and safe and have fun outdoors. Be nice to yourself and others. Until next time God bless.

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