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Post Spawn Bass Fishing:
By Chris Wilkerson


Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself to those of you who do not know me. I am a national touring pro and a local guide on Lake Livingston and Lake Sam Rayburn. I will be producing you with informative, hands on articles.

It's time to move to post spawn, early summertime pattern. This year we have experienced a lot of heavy rains locally and north of the lake, which means we have a steady influx of new water and a heavy release at the dam. The water in the main lake is extremely stained, but should start to clear with the warmer temperatures, and the water in the creeks have cleared.

The largemouth bass spawn is now complete and the larger bass have begun moving out to deeper waters. The bass are located at the mouths of the creeks. The underwater humps and points outside of Penwaugh slough, the boat docks and timber structure inside of Indian Creek, White Rock Creek are all holding fish. You must look for something different to locate fish and establish a pattern. Only certain stumps and boat dock's will hold bass. A boat dock with brush under it will always be better than one without any. A stump with fallen limbs around it is better that one without any. Any type of structure that is out of the ordinary is certainly one to try.

Due to the water clarity the bass are extremely tight to the cover. Tight to cover means you must make your cast count. If casting to a stump you must land your bait extremely close to the target. If your bait lands 2 foot away you will most likely not get a bite, so make your cast count.

As for lure selection goes, the best lure is flippin a large lizard or worm in a dark color. A spinner bait with a large Colorado blade in white/chartreuse is a good choice early and late active feeding fish. Many others will work, but these lures that I have mentioned are the ones that I have been catching the fish on. It is better to throw the wrong lure in the right place, than the right lure in the wrong place. Whatever you have confidence in, that is what you should primarily fish with, Take your time, establish a pattern, and set the hook.

I run a full time guide service on Lake Livingston as well as on Lake Sam Rayburn. From beginner to tournament practice, I can accommodate all levels of fishing. Check out my web site at, or give me a call at (936)327-8001.

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