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Fishing With Chris
by Chris Wilkerson

Lake Livingston has now begun to settle and the heavy spring rains have came and gone. The water level has stabilized as have the water clarity has returned to normal. The water temperature is now in the low 80's.

The heat of summer is now upon us so be sure to bring along plenty of water and sunscreen to help protect you from the blistering heat. There is only one word to sum up the fishing-it is hot right now and will not be getting any better. The white bass action is excellent with many limits being caught. The best areas have been the main lake points and moving out to the humps and around Dove Island. The Charlie slab in chartreuse has been the hottest bait jigged slowly off the bottom.

The black bass fishing is also excellent as of this writing. Many 15 to 20 lbs. Tournament stringers have been weight in this year. This is definitely proof of the excellent fishery we have here on Lake Livingston. We had a great spawn this year and it should just keep getting better.

Early morning hours should be spent fishing shallow. The first hour of daylight there is usually a feeding frenzy. The best baits will be a white cyclone spinner bait and buzz bait. The water temperature is at its coolest level early in the morning. The bass are most active and are willing to chase the bait. When fishing these baits, you will want to keep a slow steady retrieve. Try to cast the bait past any visible cover, retrieve the bait back to the object and running into or over the object. Running a cyclone spinner bait or a buzz bait parallel down the length of a log is almost certain to catch a big large mouth bass. The cyclone spinner baits and buzz baits will hardly ever gets hung up, so do not be afraid to pull into cover. It is also easily retrieved reeling down to the bait and pushing downwards until you feel the bait come lose. If you never get hung up your not fishing tight enough into the cover. The best of us get hung up every now and then, the best rods for these baits are the Falcon Graphite rods (6 ft. 6 inches , medium action) open fishing and the shorter 6 ft version for casting up under boat docks.

Now as we progress to the midday hours you will want to back out to a little deeper water. There are several lures of choice depending on the area and type of cover you are fishing. The month of June brings on crank bait season on Lake Livingston. The Dam is a great place to fish with this type of lure. It is loaded with rocks and rig raps. The best way to fish this pattern is to run your bait parallel to the dam. Position the boat close to the bank and go down the bank casting parallel. This is an efficient way to cover a lot of water and best way to catch a lot of bass. You will want a medium to deep diving crank bait such as the Excalibur fat free shad in citrus color. The crank bait needs to be in contact with the rocks. Reason being is that with the rocks, the erratic motion of the crank bait bouncing off the rocks is what triggers the strikes.

If the dam is not your cup of tea, the main lake points at the State Park, Penwaugh slough, Indian Creek are all great crank bait areas. Here you want to bounce the crank bait off the standing timber and brush. The Carolina rigged centipede, brush hog and lizard are also good baits for these areas. You will want to concentrate on the 6 to 12 foot water depth in these areas.

There is still plenty of bass to be caught in the larger creeks with deep waters such as Indian Creek, White Rock Creek, Kickapoo Creek. These are all great areas. Here during the midday, you will want to target the deeper cover in 3 to 6 ft of water. The best baits will be the Excalibur crank baits and the Texas rigged, soft plastics with the lightest weight so that you can be accurate with. The slower the fall, the better, as ninety percent of the bites on a Texas rig will be on the fall.

As we return to evening hours just before dark we will be once again targeting the active feeding bass. You will want to return to the early morning patterns for best results.

For all of your tackle needs, Kickapoo Bait and Tackle located in Onalaska, has expanded the business, and now has a large inventory of fishing tackle. They are located just across the Kickapoo Creek bridge.

With the on set of the summer boating season, our lake will be crowded with pleasure boats, water skiers and jet ski's. Please keep safety and respect for others and try to keep some distance between your boat and the others.

I run a professional guide service on Lake Livingston and Lake Sam Rayburn. I can meet each and every need from instructional fishing to the tournament level. For a daily update fishing report, you can check my web site at, or you can give me call at (936) 329-2750. As always, these trip are great ideas for you and you family , and especially the kids.

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