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White Bass
By John Plumb

They're back What we have been waiting for has happened. The white bass have returned to the lake. Finished with their yearly duties of spawning up the river and creeks, the fish are re-entering the waters of Lake Livingston. Timing varies with conditions, and this year, they are a bit behind schedule due to the muddy water.

The water is still a bit off color, but is fishable. Reports of action along the shoreline and points prompted me to go and see. I had little success in the near shore places, so out the big water I went. We found fish all along the old 190, but concentrated at the submerged bridges very close to the guardrails. There are seven of them, so plenty of target areas are available. There seemed to be little difference from west to east.

I went on Tuesday and boat traffic was non-existent, but on the weekend, this will not be the case. Fishers will be out looking, and the trollers will be doing their thing, so expect traffic. Jigging slabs will be the best. Remember, the water is still a bit dirty, and the fish have little vision. This means they can't see well enough to run down a trolled bait, and a slow deliberate jigging tight against structure will pay out much better.

They are mixed in size, and the slow approach worked better on this quality. Faster baits caught mostly smaller fish, but plenty of them. We were not trying to fill and ice chest, but rather on a discovery mission. I'm one of those who have to see for myself, and I did, and it's going on. From here it will only get better. By the time this hits the press, the water should be green and fishing will be ballistic. This is what we have waited for.

The month of June should be normal stuff. Transition to deep-water structure will be taking place and all your normal places should be holding fish. The river channel, Walker Lake area, the old 190 humps, bumps and ridges will all be paying off. They are there now, but not to the degree that will come in the next few weeks. As the remainder of the fish come back, they will resume schooling in larger numbers, and feeding like the hungry critters they are.

As long as the water is dirtyish, lure color should be bright green, yellow, etc. As the water clears more, back to normal. Anything that moves will die, and color will mean little to nothing. Now, however, attention should be on contrast to the water color. The bait should stand out, even in the bad visibility conditions.

It's the beginning of the summer, so make sure your boat is working well, and properly equipped. Big brother will be out there amongst us writing tickets. You know, the guy in the gray boat with the little blue whirly light. Yeah, that guy. Watch your drinking. Save it for when you get in, or you may get in sooner than you think. Be courteous out there, and be cool. Remember why you are See you there, ON THE LAKE.

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