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Black Bass Fishing

Come and get them Black bass are biting very well. Our weather has been beautiful here on Lake Livingston. It's time for you to get out and go fishing. It's time for the Devil Horse and the Dalton Special. They've both been good to me. Also the Bagley Smoo #3 crank bait shad color, and the buzz bait early in the day. I like the pup in black and red flakes.

You can rig it Texas rig or Carolina rig. There are many worms on the market today. I like the black & blue and black & chartreuse in 10' worms. I like the power worm in these colors. And don't knock the pink color until you try it. It has worked well for me in cordell spots pink with mirror. Also pink craws and worms in pink color. They still work for me. Sometimes I put some dip and dye on the tail of the pink worm or chartreuse dip and dye and rig it wacky. If this don't work try something else. You never know what a black bass wants sometimes. I have had good luck with the old flip tail lizards. I still have some. I don't know if anyone makes them any more. The ones I have left are black & blue. They float very well.

The bass are shallow around piers with brush and weeds near shore lines. Always try logs if available. All the reports are good on black bass this year, and other fish as well.

Don't forget catch and release them. The is really helping. Handle all fish with care and release them quickly. When the weather is hot its best not the hold a big fish in your live well too long, even when it is released sometimes they don't survive in a tournament.

I love to black bass fish, and I like to tie different things to my baits, something the bass hasn't seen before. Sometimes it works. So zip up your life jacket and plug in your kill switch.

Be nice to yourself and others. Until next time, God bless.

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