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14.21 lbs Wins Penwaugh White Bass Tournament on Lake Livingston
By Stephanie Wilkerson

6/16/01......Penwaugh Marina, Lake Livingston...... 38 teamed Anglers came out this year to fish one of this lake's favorite tournament---the 7th annual White Bass Tournament which was held at Penwaugh Marina on Lake Livingston. For the past seven years, the tournament was directed by Bill Webb of the Lakecaster , but has now been turned over to Harry Dethan and wife Beth of Penwaugh Marina. Most anglers enjoy this tournament due to the fact that one, it is held on father's day weekend which gives most of the father anglers an opportunity to fish and spend quality time with their children, and second of all, all the anglers who fished the tournament complete the event with an outdoor bar-b-que which was provided by the tournament directors. This year, the weight limits were not near as high as last year's weight limits in which 1st place took the record (20.05lbs) for the white bass tournament. The anglers were faced with very hot humid conditions and very little winds as they fished in very muddy water conditions due to the after math of last week's tropical depression Alison in which the area was hit pretty hard.

1st place 10 white bass (14.21 lbs.) $419.50.............Husband and wife team Derwin and Donna Vinwick of Houston placed their Champion/Mercy bass rig in the Commadore Cape area using their Allstar rods and Curado reels with 15 lbs test line Berkley using crank baits on the flats to catch their fish. Derwin stated that they just simply got into a school of white bass and just couldn't believe just how many they did catch before having to cull most of them. This team was real surprised and very happy with their tournament finishing's as that as they took home the first place trophy back to Houston.

2nd place 10 white bass (14.00lbs.) $314.92............Johnny Wotipka of the Highlands, and Gene Strickland of Santa Fe positioned their Express/Yamaha bass rig in the Indian Hills area using their Berkley rods and Shimano reels on 20 lbs Stren and Berkley Big Game using pet spoons to catch their fish. They both explained that about 95% of their fish were caught right in front of Penwaugh Marina and right about 30 minutes before the actual weigh in.

3rd place 10 white bass (13.45 lbs.) $209.94............ Jim Hudson of League City and Delores Bird from Texas City positioned their Stealth/Yahama bass rig over mid lake by the river and near the bride using Allstar rods and Shimano reels using Charlie slabs and pet spoons to catch most of their fish . Jim stated that "their wasn't any certain time that they caught their fish, but that it was scattered over the whole day in which they had to cull quite a bit of fish before the weigh in."

4th place 10 white bass (13.27 lbs.) $104.96............Jim and Todd Castledine of Coldspring positioned their Stealth/Yamaha boat in the South end of the lake on the boat docks using Allstar rods and Shimano reels using 15 lbs Big Berkley Game test line with crank baits to catch their fish in which they both stated "they were caught all through out the day, pretty much at least a couple ever hour." Todd also brought in the "big" white bass of the day which was 1.85 lbs and received aa additional check for $170.00.

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