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Kickapoo Bait and Tackle Thursday Night Tournament
By Stephanie Wilkerson

Very hot and humid conditions with very little wind and semi-clear water conditions, brought out 35 teams to fish the Thursday night tournament sponsored by Gene and Kay Swann of Kickapoo Bait and Tackle in Onalaska Texas. This tournament has and 80% pay back for the top three winners the night of the tournament and a 10% amount is deposited in an escrow account to be paid back at the last tournament of the year for the top 3 largest bass of the year the final pot is already up to $1075.00. The entry fee for this tournament is $25.00 and if you should have any questions, you can contact Gene or Kay Swann at (936)646-4478.

1st place angler (4.26 lbs.)-$350.00 Danny Gallier of Onalaska placed his Stratos/Johnson bass rig down south of the lake near the stumps using a Zoom watermelon lizard on an Allstar rod and an Ambassador reel with 17 lbs Stren line to lure in his winning bass.

2nd place angler (4.20 lbs.)$210.00-Travis Boating Center Pro Chris Wilkerson of Onalaska, came closely behind using the new Cyclone hard head tube which he explained has really produced for him large numbers of black bass in the tournament circuits. Chris positioned his bass rig over mid lake using Falcon Cara rods with Shimano reels spooled with 12 lbs Power Pro line.

3rd place angler (3.55 lbs.)$140.00Gene Swann of Onalaska, TX positioned his Stealth/Mercury bass rig over one of his many favorite fishing areas in which he would not let us on his secret, but went on to explain that it was midlake near some stumps using a Castaway rod and Carrado reel spooled with 20 lbs Berkley Big Game and a fire tiger crank bait.

There was a 100% release at the end of the weigh in of all the anglers bass. Come on out and have fun with us on Thursday nites.

Top 3 Winners

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