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By John Plumb

The Information Pool

Once I listened to any and all information I could gather about fishing. I read everything I could find, even if it wasn't about the lake I fish. Any knowledge is good, is it not ?? Sometimes it's too much information , clogging what memory we have left. You have to forget about that salmon trip, and the big bass trip to Florida, and apply all the grey matter to where you are.

Listening to local fishermen can help, but chances are the fish won't be where they were the day before. White Bass move constantly, day and night. How far you reckon a fish can swim in 18 hours? A far piece, I reckon. No telling about a school chasing baitfish. It could be several miles according to what the shad are doing.

If there is any secret to finding White Bass, it's knowing lots of locations to look at, and a "Plan B".Learning the lake isn't that hard. Looking at a good lake map should give any average person an idea of where he/she is, and basically what to look for as far as depth curves go.

"Caught 'em out in the middle of the lake, "Out by the river", "by the big bridge". I've heard them all through the years. Do you know how much river there is out there? How much "middle of the lake" there is? How many bends in the river? See what I mean??

Some are lucky to get a set of GPS numbers that put them right in the area. Still, a certain amount of exploring is involved so you can see, on your own deptfinder, what it looks like, and how it lays so you can position your boat. It involves some work and concentration, but it's necessary to good positioning. A most important step in catching fish. Plan B is when nothing else is working. Sometimes you have to do the opposite of what your brain is sating. Try something different. Look in deeper water alongside the place you had no results. Sometimes it's just wrong timing, and you are too late or early. Go swimming or for a ride and come back later.

One thing I see a lot is if there are a bunch of boats trolling on a piece of structure, fishing will be shot, and no point in stopping. The fish just won't stand the constand back and forth boat traffic. Find a place where there are no such intrusions to fish. Why these folks troll is a mystery to me. Seems a lot of trouble to drive the boat all the time.

This time of year, the fish will start into their deep summer pattern. Deeper, cooler water will be the ideal area to look. Surface action will be in short supply, and won't last long if you happen on some. If you do jump some up on top, get after it while you can. If there are boats around you, look to get mobbed. In other words, fishing will get tougher.

Don't mis-understand. It's worth going, but do your own thing. If you get wadded up in a bunch of boats, remember why most of them are there. Because there were a bunch of boats there. Know that the noise from all those boats will push the fish off elsewhere.

So, after all the information I digested over the years, I still think the best way is to go your own way, look at lots of spots, become familliar with the whole place, and learn how to fish each one individually. Remember, the best day you have catching fish will be the day there won't be a soul around you to see you beating them up, OUT ON THE LAKE!!!!

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