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Black Bass Fishing

The month of July is hot, dry and clear. Get out on the lake early. Many good bass are coming in now. Early use Devil Horses, chiggers, buzz baits. If they won't hit them try a stick bait. No spinners, sometimes they don't want a noise. I try to fish for large bass. I don't fish many tournaments anymore where five bass is the limit. Large bass are usually loners. They like and require more oxygen than smaller fish. Try points that drop off in a creek or deeper water.

Where the bass are cooler and oxygen and bait are there, I use the shad or bream or the 10' -12' power worm. I rig my big worm Texas style or I Carolina rig it. I also use a jig and large craw or pork trailer. I like the black/blue/purple skirt, or a camo color skirt and match the trailer color. Watermelon seed is a good color in many plastics. I dip the tails, claws and french fry in chartreuse dip and dye. I do lots of dragging or drifting in cold or very hot weather with these plastics. I sometimes let it lay still for some time and just move it or shake it and let it lay some more. If there is a bass around and they are ready to feed you will catch them. I don't set the hook when I first feel the strike. I wait until she starts to move and then tighten up the line. Sometimes I have pulled the bait out of the bass's mouth. If I am using large worms or jigs or any big lure I want to give the bass time to get the bait in her mouth good. I know everyone doesn't fish alike but over the years this has work for me many times.

Black bass fishing has done very well this year and it's getting better all the time. Catch and release is the best thing to do. We do need patience to catch bass this time of the year. Just don't give up. The weather is hot. Wear sun screen and put it on during the day while on the water. Drink plenty of cold water, wet a towel and put it around your neck. Wear a big hat and long sleeved shirt in a light color and cotton. So get out on the lake and zip up your life jacket and plug in your kill switch. Be nice to yourself and others and keep safe.

Until next time, God bless.

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