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Anglers Quest hits Lake Livingston
by Stephanie Wilkerson

Anglers Quest hits Lake Livingston for final Tournament of year 21.98 lbs. wins Pro/Am and 13.12 lbs wins Amateur division
by Stephanie Wilkerson/Lakecaster

Angler's Quest.......Waterwood Marina, Lake Livingston, TX July - 2001

Summertime was definitely upon this 2 day tournament mixed with some very threating rain showers on the later part of the first day for the 31 pros and 31 amateurs who came out to fish the final tournament in hopes to qualify for this years Anglers Quest The heat was quite intense, but for one angler, the lake still produced a winning "kicker" of 7.08 lbs to capture big bass and a nice pay check to take home. Bill Long and his wife were well please with this final tournament turnout before the big champion ship which is to be held later on this year on Red River.

Pro/Am re-cap of day 1----- Very hot, humid conditions with no winds to help bring some kind of breeze to these anglers, as they fished their hearts out but did have one thing definitely going for them or for the most part most of them--- clear water conditions.The rains and some dangerous lightning came over towards the end of the tournament while most of the anglers were trying to head into Waterwood which did help to bring the temps down a notch or two. On the Pro side Bobby Reed of Cypress, TX came in first for the day leading the tournament with 5 bass at 12.24 lbs. Following close behind in second was David Curtis who had 5 fish at 10.73 lbs. David would have finished a little closer behind but made it into the weigh in line just only 1 minute after 3:00 deadline which knocked him a pound. For the 31Pro's that weighed in fish, only 4 limits were brought in and a total of 159.90 lbs. As for the Am's, Mark Rouse of Laporte, TX came in first with a total of 3 bass at 6.82 lbs, and coming in at second was Rick Westfall weighed in 2 bass weighing 6.35 lbs. For the 31 Am's that fished the first day, there were no limits to be brought in, but managed to still have a total 63.52 lbs to weigh in.

On day 2 of this event, things began to change quite differently. The weather was very hot and no winds in sight for these gentlemen. The standings did change, and the final results are as follow:

1st place Pro Angler---David Curtis---- 9 bass, 21.98 bass----$3100.00-------This angler from Trinity , TX not only captured first place, but as received the Ranger Cup winner which gave him another $250.00 to put in his pocket. David positioned his Ranger/Mercury bass rig over the north end of the lake on the first day of the tournament and on the second day north and south ends of Lake Livingston to work his Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lbs Berkley Big Game mono. David fished both days with crank baits and worms on wood points, drops and lay downs to capture his tournament winnings. David explained to me that he definitely had some serious mistakes which cost him some extra pounds. "On the first day, I was late one minute and the cost me, and on the second day, I threw back one which didn't give me a limit, but now I wish that I would have kept it, because I do believe that it was 14 inches long. I do know that I did through back some that were 14 inches long instead of that one because I thought that I could find something a little heavier." In spite of his mishaps David still came out on top and was very pleased to take home 1st place.

2nd place Pro Angler---Bobby Reed-----8 bass, 19.87 lbs----$1625.00-----Bobby from Cypress, TX who came in first on the first day but finished in the second place spot positioned his Champion/Overdue bass boat over the north end of the lake in the creek areas both day using Kistler Rods and Shimano Reels spooled with 15 lbs Berkley Big Game to work Strike King tubes and spinner baits again both days. He explained to me that he caught most of his fish on the first day by 11:30 that day and on the second day caught most of his fish just 15 minutes before he had to head back to Waterwood. Booby also shared a Pro/Am split with amateur Mark Rouse on the first day giving them both and extra $77.50 to take home.

3rd place Pro Angler----Don Knapp----8 bass, 19.26 lbs----$1190.00-----This angler from Montgomery, TX placed his Skeeter/Johnson bass rig on both days up north using his All-star Rods and Ambassador Reels spooled with 15 lb test P-Line to work Pop-r jigs to catch his bass, fishing mainly on the points in shallow to deep waters . 1st place Am Angler---Don Bender-----6 bass, 13.12 lbs----$1062.00----Don from Humble, TX fish with pro Ted Kellogg on the first day and pro David Curtis on the second day. He stated that he used his Castaway Rods and Shimano Reels spooled with P-line working buzz baits and wacky worms on day one and one day two buzz baits and crank baits. On the first day with Ted they fished in the Waterwood area focusing on the flats and the grass areas. While fishing with David on the second day, they fished up north and south on points and laydowns. Don was well pleased with his tournament finish since he came from behind on the first day just a few short pounds to capture first place on the amateur side. Don also captured 2nd big bass on the Amateur side weighing 3.76 lbs to give him an extra $56.00 weigh in. During his interview on stage with tournament director, he thanked both of his pros for help making this happen.

2nd place Am Angler---Gary Thompson---5 bass, 11.98 lbs---$592.00---Gary from Crosby, TX fished with pro anglers Johnny Meyers and Jason Reyes both days on the north end of the lake focusing on laydowns and grass points. He explained to me that the later in the day the better the fish were biting and that is what worked best for me. He used Falcon Rods and Ambassador Reels spooled with 20 lbs Berkley Big Game using mostly crank baits to help catch his tournament winnings. Gary al had a Pro (Jason Reyes)/Am split on the second day for the heaviest string , 7.66 lbs which gave them both and extra $77.50.

3rd place Am Angler ---Mark Rouse---5 bass, 11.16 lbs---$490.00-----This angler from LaPorte, TX fished with Pro anglers in the north end of the lake in the creek areas using All-Star Rods and Shimano Reels spooled with Berkley Big Game while working spinner baits and lizards on both days. He also had a extra $77.50 to take back home with as we mentioned earlier Pro/Am heaviest stringer--6.82 lbs on day one with pro Bobby Reed. Mark came in first on the first day, but will still well please with his tournamentfinish.

Big Bass on the Pro side:
1st place---Scott David ---Goodrich, TX "Kicker" 7.08 lbs $ 217.00
2nd place--Travis Boating Center Pro Chris Wilkerson---Livingston, TX
3.85 lbs $93.00
Big Bass on the Am side:
1st place----Rick Westfall---Houston, TX 3.78 lbs $130.00
2nd place---Don Bender---Humble, TX 3.76 lbs $56.00

Top 5 Pros
1----David Curtis/Trinity, TX 9 bass 21.98 lbs $3100.00
2----Bobby Reed/Cypress, Tx 8 bass 19.87 lbs $1625.00
3----Don Knapp/Montgomery, Tx 8 bass 19.26 lbs $1190.00
4----Dicky Newberry/Houston, TX 8 bass 18.74 lbs $400.00
5----Scott David/Goodrich, TX 5 bass 16.30 lbs $350.00

Top 5 Amateurs
1---Don Bender/Humble, TX 6 bass 13.12 lbs $1062.00
2---Gary Thompson/Crosby, TX 5 bass 11.98 lbs $592.00
3---Mark Rouse/LaPorte, TX 5 bass 11.16 lbs $490.00
4---Larry Cotten/Houston, TX 5 bass 9.39 lbs $167.00
5---Rick Westfall/Houston, TX 3 bass 8 lbs $138.00

Angler's Quest would like to thank all of it's sponsors. They include:
Ranger Boats, Lake Houston Marina, Paint Works, Union Planters Bank,
All-Star Rods, Anchorage Marine, Superior Seals, Inc., Royal Purple
Racing Oil, MSD Building Contractors, Superior Wrecker Service, Bass
Angler.Com, and Check-It Stick.

Chris Wilkerson-2nd place big bass-pro

Rick Westfall 1st place big bass - amateur
all photos by Stephiane Wilkerson

Scott David 1st place big bass -pro

group shot of just the top 5 pro/ams

top winners with tournament director bill long (david curtis pro
and don bender amateur)

david curtis with 2nd day big stringer and 1st place Pro winner

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