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Black Bass Fishing

Wow! What a splash the black bass are making if you get out on the lake and can stand the heat. Some very good black bass are coming in even with the dry hot weather. They are looking for oxygen, cooler water and food. Try top water very early and cranks in fire tiger and shad colors. Worms work well always in black/blue. Lizards still work this time of year, also large worms. Wacky worms work too. Sometimes bass are picky this time of year so you may have something you like to use and have faith in. I would work lures slowly this time of year, until we get cooler weather. When this happens bass will get more active and feed better. I still love my jig and pig or jig and Gene Larew big craw. Black, blue and purple are good colors for jigs too.

Drink plenty of cold water. I freeze little water bottles and put them in my ice chest. I use a collar that you put in your ice chest. It swells up and is cool and wonderful on my neck. Don't forget a big hat, a loose long sleeved shirt in light colors. Use sun screen and put it on often. My doctor said Bull Frog brand is good so that's what I use. Drink cold water often even if you don't feel thirsty. If you get too warm, go in and cool off awhile. Eat something. Catch bass but have fun and don't forget catch and release so we can keep bass for our little anglers when they get ready to fish.

I feel so good to see these bass swim way when I release it. I released the 9 pounder caught in June 2001. I felt so good. She was beautiful and I can still put her on the wall. I have good pictures of her. She was 24-1/2 inches long. I have someone who will mount a replica of her for me from the pictures and the length of the bass while she is still alive and swimming in the lake and I can still get my mount. It is fun when you catch a black bass but when we get lucky and catch a good one and you wonder just how big she is until you get her up and she don't come up too fast.

Get out on beautiful Lake Livingston and catch bass. Be nice to others and yourself. Don't forget your life jacket and kill switch and throw pillow. Until next time, God bless.

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