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Fall Fishing
By Chris Wilkerson

September signals the beginning of the fall season. With Labor Day weekend the last major holiday of the boating season, the first part of the month will remain hot, but we will all be looking for that first cool front in mid to late September. The fishing will really start to excel after the first cool front that blows through as the water will then begin to start cooling down.

The black bass fishing has remained good over the last month. We have had no major rains or fluctuations in the lake level. Soon the shad will begin migrating from the main lake to mouths of the creeks and pockets. This is when the south lake areas really begins to get excellent fro bass fishing. There are a lot of large bass in the south lake area and when they begin to congregate in the creeks, it is really excellent. This will happen as the water begins to cool. It is not uncommon to catch 20 to 30 - 3 lb. plus bass in the fall.

The first areas for them to move up to are the main lake points at the mouths of the creeks and pockets. They will be holding on some type of structure, brush, standing timber and boat docks. The best ways to fish these areas are with a crankbait on the main lake points. The Norman DD14 in white or chartreuse/black back seems to be the favorite for the black bass here on Lake Livingston. You will need to be fishing in 6 to 12 feet depths watching your depth finder for structure. There area numerous brush piles and timber under the water. The best main lake points is in Indian Creek where there are several at the mouth and several inside the creek itself.

Next, you will want to move to the boat docks on the points and work them in the creek areas. Here the Norman Crankbait is still an excellent bait if you can fish it properly along the docks. If you are not getting hung up, you are not fishing! Flipping the docks also works very well in this area. The best bait will be the Cyclone Tube in black/chartreuse

and a Zoom Mag II worm in dark colors. You will want to drop by every post on the dock also propping for brush piles. Try to establish what water depth they are holding in. Some days they will all be located on the front post of the docks, some days they will be located on the back post. You will also want to be cranking the bulk heads in between the docks. The flats out in the creeks will also be holding bass this time of year and do not let the shallow water scare you. You will want to look for logs in 2 foot or less of water. The best bait for fishing these is the spinnerbaits. Cast the spinnerbait the length of the log and pull it right beside it and you better be ready. Just remember as the water begins to cool, the bass will get more and more active for longer periods of time.

The white bass fishing has remained excellent all summer. There is a lot of surface schooling activity occurring through out the day. We are averaging 75 to 125 keepers a day on guide trips. They will begin to scatter out and begin migrating as they water begins to cool. We would like to welcome the Honey Hole Magazine Championship in September. There will be approximately 500 competitors along with many family and friends who will be in attendance. What and honor to be hosting this championship. Please use extreme care handling your fish for they are hard to keep alive this time of year. Good luck to every one!

You can visit my web site at to get the most up to the minute lake level reports as well as information on upcoming events. I also run a professional guide service on Lake Livingston and Lake Sam Rayburn. I can meet each and every need form instructional fishing to the tournament level, you can give me a call at 936-329-2750. As always, these trips are great ideas for you and your family, especially for the kids.

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