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Black Bass Fishing

Fall fishing What beautiful weather with fall in the air. It is time to get on our beautiful lake and be fishing. Cast top waters and cranks in fire tiger/white and chartreuse, spinner baits, also worms in black/chartreuse as water will be off color in lots of places. I like a jig in black/blue/purple with black/blue trailer. Big craw or mad man craw is very real looking. You can use it as a trailer for a jig or rig it Texas style.

Many good black bass are biting, just have patience and don't give up. Just think every cast could be a big bass. Keep your mind on what you're doing, don't let your mind wander off. I would cast a dark color worm in off-color water, or a ten or twelve inch worm in black/blue flake. A rattle is good in your worm or jig with off-color water. I believe the big lunker bass are lazy right now. You have to entice them sometimes to bite. I have thrown at a stump or bush a long time and sooner or later she would take the lure. I don't know if she was there all the time or had just moved in or did I work my lure to her the way it looked real to her. I work my worm and jigs slower than many fishermen. They can move fast for a short distance but most of the time they wait behind some structure or docks and hit when a lure comes near. I have watched several big bass in a tank at Lake Fork from 12 lbs. to over 17 lbs.

Minnows and bream are in the tank too. There are big rocks too and the bream seem to hide behind the rocks but during the day they swim near the big bass and minnows too but the big bass starts to move and act different from the smaller bait fish. She can try to hide but she can eat one and you cannot see her take it in. All you will see is scales she releases. I have tried to catch some bass off beds and you can catch them sometime but sometimes they won't bite. They suck the bait in and they blow it out of their mouth before you can set the hook. It's interesting to watch them. But the black bass live in water in their own world. We learn a few things about bass but we will never know everything, how she lives and why she does many things her way to survive. Maybe if I knew everything about her I wouldn't enjoy fishing for her as much. So maybe it is best if I just keep fishing and doing my best. You know how much fun it is when you catch a big black bass. Don't forget to catch and release her. Let someone else catch her and have fun like you did and she also each year will spawn and raise more bass. I love to release the black bass. I like to catch them too.

The weather is getting cooler so take a kid fishing. It is more comfortable for the kids and they will enjoy catching fish more. Teach them to wear their life jacket and to catch and release their bass. Get out on our beautiful Lake Livingston and fish and have fun. Be nice to yourself and others.

Don't forget to wear your life jacket and kill switch. Keep safe. The life you save could be yours. This is a beautiful time of year as fall and cooler weather is here. Black bass will be moving around looking for food to put on weight to go through the winter. So until next time, God bless you all.

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