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Honey Hole Championship
By: Stephanie Wilkerson

"34.00 lbs Wins Honey Hole Championship on Lake Livingston, Tx"

09/15/01.....................Lakeside Marina- Lake Livingston Onalaska , Tx.

As our nation draws closer to one another during this time of crisis in America- 197 teams from across the south traveled to Lake Livingston- Lake view marina in Onalaska, Tx to fish the 2001 Honey Hole Team Championship tournament. Each and every angler has been touched by the recent attacks on the United States and their thoughts and prayers go out to each and every victim as well as to families. As U.S. Representative Dan Ellis greeted the anglers and the crowd to the Lake Livingston area, he also reminded us to pull together as one during the difficult period. Tournament director Jerry Dean stated that due to the devastation earlier in the week they came very close to postponing this tournament to a later date, the committee had a hard time debating on this issue and decided that the tournament must go on, that we as American citizens can go on no matter what happens. At the close of the day's one weigh in, the national anthem was sung and you could feel throughout the whole crowd - that we all are truly glad to be an American.

This years Honey Hole Championship promised to pay back over $85,000 in cash and prizes to this years top 21 anglers. $19,000 in just prizes alone was given away by a drawing held at the end of each days weigh-in , and a $32,000 cobra bass boat went to this years first place team.

On day one, the anglers were greeted with nice temperatures, normal water conditions, with light and variable winds. The father and son team of Chip and Brian Sewell came in first for the first day with 15.58 lbs and a 5 fish limit. Coming in second place was James Chandler and Tracy Moss with 5 fish at 15.14 lbs. Rounding out the day in 3rd place was the team of Nick Albus and Edwind Loitz with 14.27 lbs and a 5 fish limit. Also a the end of the day one, tournament director Jerry Dean announced this years Angler's of the Year for each region of the 2001 season, They are as follows:

North: Leonard Redding

Thomas Smithhart

High Plains: Mike Chisum

Joe Bennett

Oklahoma: Red Rutherford

Ronnie Morrison

West: Jim Jones

Brian Hudgens

South West: Bruce Fox

Mutt Mcneil

North East: Ken Smith

Bill Johnson

South East: Nick Albus

Edwin Loitz

Central: Randy Hibler

Randall Christian

Each angler was recognized and received a plaque for their accomplishment. Congratulations to each of them for all of their hard work and determination.

Day 2- " The Final Weigh - In" Hot and muggy weather conditions with a heavy haze over the water made conditions a little more difficult for the final day. Just before the weigh-in began the haze lifted and the sun came out to make it a "typical" summer day in East Texas. The final results and the two day totals are as follows:

1ST PLACE: Anglers Chip and Brian Sewell 10 bass, 34.00 lbs - 2001 Cobra Bass boat. This father and son team from Coldsprings, Tx Were all smiles as they become the 2001 Honey Hole Team Champions. This team positioned their Bass Cat/Johnson bass rig over 5 - 7 feet of water using points- mainly boat docks and brush piles to catch their winning bass. They used Castaway rods and reels spooled with 17 lbs Silver Thread working worms on both tournament days. Chip also caught the 2nd Place big bass weighing in at 5.22 lbs and an extra $100.00 in his pocket. The Sewell's are sponsored by 3278 Marina and Castaway Rods.

2ND PLACE anglers- Nick Albus and Edwin Loitz 10 bass, 26.85 lbs, $3,000 , and a trip to El Sado, New Mexico This team from Trinity, Tx positioned their Skeeter/Yamaha above the 190 bridge both days rising Ambassador & Castaway spoiled with 80 lb Braid Spider Wire and 14 lb trilene deep little N's and jigs to capture their tournament winnings, They also explained that they finished mostly humps and grass areas and caught twenty eight bass on the first day and the twelve bass on the second .

3RD PLACE anglers- James Chandler and Tracey Moss, 8 bass, 22.24 lbs, $2500.- This team from Wichita Falls, Tx placed their Astro/Mercy bass boat down in the south end of the lake working their way back to the north end. The team used Aeri Garcia rods and reels spooled with 17 lb trilene XL working tequila sunrise worms on boat docks in 2-5 feet if water.

Special Thanks went to all of the Honey Hole's Tournament Sponsor and a huge thanks to the Lake Livingston's Tourism Council for bringing the Championship to Beautiful Lake Livingston.

1ST place big bass- 5.83lb Steve Jones from Mesquite , Tx $250.00

2ND place big bass- 5.22 Chip Sewell from Trinity, Tx $100.00

Honey Hole- Anglers of the Year

Steve Jones-Mesquite,Tx-5.83 Big Bass
Photos by Stephanie Wilkerson

James Chandler/Tracey Moss-Wichita Falls,Tx-3rd place team

Nick Albus/Edwin Loitz-Trinity,tx-2nd place team

Brian & Chip Sewell-Coldsprings,Tx-with Jerry Dean tournament director
awarding them 1st place

Brian & Chip Sewell trying on their 1st place prize-a $35,000 Cogra
Bass boat

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