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26.51 lbs Win the 2001 Honey Hole Family Championship
by Stephanie Wilkerson

Lakeview Marina, Lake Livingston, Livingston, TX

84 team composed of husband and wife's, dads and sons, and even mom's and son's came out to fish this years Honey Hole Family Championship which was held on Lake Livingston,TX. This fall Sunday on Lake Livingston was a beautiful one despite the previous day which consisted of a miserable day of rain showers. The skies were beautiful blue and the winds were light and variable. The water clarity for the most part was somewhat muddy due to the all the rain that this area has received in the last few days. Tournament director Jerry Dean was well pleased with the turnout and addressed the crowd that we as Americans should stand together as one as America strikes back to defend our country. Some of the anglers that qualified to fish the championship were not able to attend due to the fact that they were either in the military or a fire fighters who has been called on for duty. "Our thoughts and prayers are with each and every family" Jerry explained. This years Honey Hole Championship promised to pay back over $80,000 in cash and prizes to the top anglers in this year's tournament and over $8,000 in just prizes alone was given away by a drawing held at the end of each days weigh-in and a $32,000 Cobra bass boat went to this years first place team.

The Final results and the two day totals are as follows:

1ST PLACE: Mom and son team Lynette Branch and Shane Gibson of Beeville, TX ...26.51 lbs... took home a brand new 2001 Cobra Bass boat equipped with a Mercury motor. Shane explained to me that they positioned their Skeeter/Mercury bass rig over mid lake and in the north areas of the lake fishing with All-Star Rods and Quantum Reels spooled with 17 lbs Berkley Big Game and used mostly Stanley jigs in about 4 foot of water. Most of their points of interest were stumps and boat docks. Shane also took home second big bass for the tournament weighing 6.32 lbs and extra $50.00 to their winnings.

2ND PLACE: Husband and wife team Ray and Deborah Peace of Arlington, TX.....25.14 lbs... $1,000 and a trip to El Sato, NM. This team placed their Ranger/Yamaha bass rig mainly in the Kickpoo areas both days using All-Star rods and Shimano reels spooled with 17 lbs-20 lbs P-Line two work bandit crank baits and Zoom worms that were a June bug color. Ray stated that they fished mainly in 2 to 3 foot of water concentrating mostly on timber for their fishing structures.

3RD PLACE: Husband and wife team Joe bad Lillie Moore of Wichita Falls, Tx...23.15 lbs....$550.00. As this couple fished form their Skeeter/Mercury bass rigs both days, they were using All-Star rods and Ambassador reels spooled with 17 lbs Silver Tread to work tubes mostly under the boat docks on the first day of competition. One the second day, Joe explained to me that most of their fish on the second day were caught right after lunch and mostly all of them were caught not to far from Lakeview Marina. He stated that they had not caught any thing all day and wasted most of their gas running up and down the lake and then just before they were due in for their weigh in time they caught their remainder so close to the marina---they both were well pleased with their 3rd place finish.

BIG BASS: MEN: Walter Shop 6.44 lbs $100.00 Shane Gibson 6.32 lbs $50.00

WOMEN: Liz Lewis 4.69 lbs $100.00 Betty Godfrey 4.53 lbs. $50.00 YOUTH: Hunter Ducks (8 years old) 4.35 lbs $100.00 Casey Dick 3.22 lbs. $50.00

ANGLER'S OF THE YEAR: Southwest Region: Shane Gibson and Lynette Branch Northeast Region: Ellis and Phanel Kirby Southeast Region: Donnie and Juanita Robinson Central Region: John and Laura Martin North Region: R. D. and Patti Campbell Highplains Region: Ken Massey and Betty Godfrey

There was a 100% release of all black bass at the weigh in for both days

Thanks to the sponsors for the Hone Hole Family Championship:,Pimp Int,X-Spurt Pro Formula Cobra Boats,The UndertakerWake Runner,Magnum Inter-Plater,Piranha Propellers,Livewell Larry Motor Guide,Pro-Kon-Troll,James Wood,Hamby Protectors,Flying Fishermen

Shane Gibson Seond Big Bass
Big Bass Pic Liz, Walter and Hunter
Top Three Winner but it goes from L to R 3rd, 2nd, and then 1St Top Three Winner but it goes from L to R 3rd, 2nd, and then 1St
Shane and Lynette in the boat
Shane and Lynette in the boat
Shane and Lynette in the boat

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