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Black Bass Fishing By PAT LAMBERTH

Fall makes black bass frisky Cool air and water are here and so are the black bass, frisky and ready to feed. This time of year bass are feeding well to put on weight to make it through the winter. I love to fish this time of year because they are aggressive. Top water baits like chiggers, buzz baits & chiggers and cranks in fire tiger. Some fishermen fish the spinner bait in white and chartreuse skirts.

If the water is off-color try red blades or green on your spinner baits. Don't forget my favorite jig and craw, or jig and pig in black and blue, or black and chartreuse, also the lizard and large plastic worm. Work them very slowly.

Many good blacks are being caught and a few are 7 lbs. and better. Don't forget catch and release. It is working well in our Lake Livingston. So many fishermen are releasing black bass.

Black bass are my favorite fish to catch. She has so many different things she does to survive. If she isn't biting what you're offering, keep trying other lures. Sometimes it may be the size or color she wants. Try something else, just don't give up. This is beautiful weather to be on Lake Livingston

So get out on the lake, zip up your life jacket and plug in your kill switch and be safe.

God bless America. And until next time God bless you.

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