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Toledo TUFF On MBAA Tourney
By Ed Snyder

MBAA Individual Tournament Trail
Saturday, January 13, 2001, U.S. Army Recreational Center, Lake Toledo Bend, LA.

Sandwiched betwixt arctic cold fronts and "chilly" forty-degree water conditions, 20 anglers managed to launch out of the U.S.Army Recreational Center at Toledo Bend Lake to fish the MBAA individual circuit. As one brave angler put it- "Twas fine till ya' rounded the point, then it was BRRRRRRRRRRR for the rest of the day. Three anglers would manage to "cold-lip" a few bass however that would digitize just .41 ounces between the three leading sacks.........................A Tuff Day Of Bassin' for anybody's tournament log.

1st-(5 bass/10.44 lbs)- Kraig Welbourn of DeRidder LA, managed to run his ProCraft/Mercury bass-rig to Southlake grass-banks to fish Castaway rods and Ambassaduer reels spooled with Berkley 50 lb test "Whiplash" braid. The Sewell Marine pro worked 1 oz Oldham black/blue jigs with Reaction black/blue craw-gos and Carolina rigged green/pumpkin Reaction Gator-tails." I concentrated on fishing the 16' grass-depths, stated the former Toledo Bend lake record bass holder, "But only found my bite from high-noon till 2:50 pm. The DeRidder LA, basser managed to catch 14 bass to cull his 5 bass/10.44 lb winning weight from.

2nd-(3 bass/10.06 lbs)- Mike Haiman of Many LA, ran his ProGator/Yamaha bass-rig to Millers Creek to fish 18' to 10' outside grass-lines. The Cyclone and Reaction Lure Pro worked Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 14 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. "I fished with 1 oz chartreuse/white Cyclone spinner baits with Reaction Gator-dog trailers, Mike informed as he told of only having a five minute bite all day that produced all three of his bass between 10:30 and 10:35 am. "I mean boom, boom, boom, and it was all over explained the Toledo Fiberglass angler who took 2nd place with his 3 bass/10.06 lb Cyclone catch.

3rd-(5 bass/10.03 lbs)- Bennie Jarrel of Leesville LA, put his BassCat/Mercury over Southlake hilltops to work Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 17 lb test P-Line. "I fished 1/2 oz chrome Hopkins spoons and finessed watermelon Zoom flukes over those humps which had 25' of water that dropped off into 35' to 45' of water, informed the 3rd place angler as he told of catching 15 bass between early morning to noon, "When it just stopped dead after noon, he fretted.

Top 3 Anglers:
1-Kraig Welborn-DeRidder LA---------------------5 bass/10.44 lbs-$380
2-Mike Haiman- Many LA---------------------------3 bass/10.06 lbs-$230
3-Bennie Jarrel-Leesville LA------------------------5 bass/10.03 lbs-$75

Overall Big Bass-(4.96 lbs)-Mike Haiman-$100

All bass were recovered and live released by the MBAA fish recovery team.

For more info on the MBAA Tournament Tour contact -Rodney Howard-(337)-238-4210

MBAA Sponsors:-Triton Boats- T-H Marine- Lucky Craft Lures- Kistler Rods- Evinrude Outboards, Lowrance, "and" the MBAA Individual Anglers.

Top Three Winners- 1st thru 3rd- L-to-R

Cyclone Pro- Mike Haiman- with 4.96 "overall"
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