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Cranks Pattern Rayburn Honey Hole Win
By Ed Snyder

South East Texas Honey Hole Team Tournament Trail
Sunday, January 14, 2001, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"North of the 147 Bridge, grinned the winning duo who had just bested the 103 bassin' teams who signed up to compete at the Honey Hole S/E TX, team tournament, "But we kinda/sorta want to keep quiet as to exactly where we caught them, they pleaded, "Cuz we got a bunch more tournaments coming up that we aim t'fish. Nuff-said on that go round as hard blue-bird skies and northerly breezes greeted the "eager" anglers who nosed out from Twin Dikes Marina to catch their 5 bass limits. And as the 3:pm weigh-in started collecting their daylong efforts, plenty of bass were to be caught and recorded that would earn $9,780 in Honey Hole payouts.

1st-(5 bass/17.95 lbs)-Alan Bond of Vidor TX, and Thomas Fredregill of Huntsville TX, put their Ranger/Mercury bass-rig "above" the 147 bridge to fish Falcon rods and Shimano reels spooled with 12 lb test Berkley "Sens-si-thin" line. "We concentrated on fishing shad colored 100 series Bandit crank-baits and black/orange suspended Roques along 9' to 10' creek-grass, they informed as they told of catching a limit by 8:am and 20 bass all day for culling their 5 bass/17.95 lb winning stringer from.

2nd-(5 bass/16.21 lbs)- John Gunnels and Dicky Newberry of Houston TX, put their Champion/Yamaha over mid-lake inside grass-lines to fish Castaway rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. The Dawson Marine team worked 1/2 oz red Rat-L-Traps for an all day bite of 10 bass from inside grass-lines which were in 7' of water to cull their 5 bass/16.21 lb 2nd place finish from.

3rd-(Jim Gaard of Dibol TX, and Clayton Boulware of Zavala TX, ran their Cobra/Mercury bass-rig to 9' to 14' mid-lake outside grass-lines to work Kistler rods and Shimano reels spooled with 6 to 10 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. "We concentrated on fishing Bomber Long A cranks and series 6 Strike King shad colored cranks today for catching our limit by 7:45 am, they informed after telling of catching at least two limits all day for culling their 5 bass/16.16 lb 3rd place check from.

Big Bass-(6.52 lbs)- Al Gomez and Ryan Sanders of Brenham TX, were fishing a Buck Bay point when Al, while using a Daiwa rod and Shimano reel spooled with 12 lb test Stren mono, managed to catch the 6.52 lb "overall" big bass on a 1/2 oz Rayburn red Rat-L-Trap at 2:10 pm. "The big bass hit on the inside grass in less than 4' of water, Al Gomez alerted to the large crowd who had arrived to watch the weigh-in.

Top 5 Teams:
1-Alan Bond/Tommy Fredregill------------------------------5 bass/17.95 lbs-$2,000
2-John Gunnels/Dicky Newberry----------------------------5 bass/16.21 lbs-$975
3-Clayton Boulware/Jim Gaard-------------------------------5 bass/16.16 lbs-$800
4-Jason Hanks/Steven Moorehead-------------------------5 bass/15.63 lbs-$675
5-Nick Albus/Edwin Loitz-------------------------------------5 bass/15.49 lbs-$550

Overall Big Bass-(6.52 lbs)-Al Gomez-$515
2nd Big Bass-(6.36 lbs)-Andrew Shelton-$309
3rd Big Bass-(6.24 lbs)-Scott David-$206

All bass were recovered and live released by the Honey Hole Bass Recovery Team.

For More info on the S/E TX Honey Hole Tournament Trail contact Ronnie Taylor at (409)-384-7830 -or- (409)-384-2238.

S/E Texas Honey Hole Sponsors: Cobra/Viper Boats- MotorGuide- Quantum- Pro-Kon-Trol- Saf-T-Lite- J&B Jackplates- Bowie Marine- Proline- Armour Star- Hamby's Protector- Oldham Lures- Please Release Me- BG Wakerunner- Topwater Inc- Livewell Larry- Academy- Budweiser- American Rods- Continental Batteries- Ann's Tackle Shop- "and" the S/E TX Honey Hole Team Anglers.

1st place displays 4 reps to their 17.95 lb win

Al Gomez with his 6.52 lb "overall"
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Top 3 teams take a bow- 1st kneeling and 2-3- R-to-L

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