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10 Bass/32.19 Lbs Wins Anglers Choice Pro/Am
By Ed Snyder

-9 Bass/22.03 Lbs Takes Amateur Division -

Anglers Choice Central Division Pro/Am Series
Sunday, February 11, 2001, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"Slightly" warmer temperatures with "slightly" calmer south-east winds provided "slightly" better fishing conditions for day-2 competition as the weather seem to be improving for the 56 Pro/Am teams who were probing Rayburn's waters under overcastting skies." AND THEN THE RAINS CAME".. "THEN THE THUNDER".. "THEN THE CHILL!!!" But despite all these adverse weather conditions, one chilled, and rain soaked angler, managed to weigh-in a 10.98 Lb "Kicker", stating, "The Lord smiled on me today!"J

"This is our first of five Central Pro/Am events for the 2001 season, announced Anglers Choice Director Johnnie Davis, "Which will hold Pro/Am tournaments on Lake Texoma, Lake Livingston, The Red River, and Lake Toledo Bend. "Our Central Division Pro/Am Championship dates and site will be announced later this year, Johnnie advised, "Which will award $10,000 for 1st place Pro and $3,000 for the 1st place amateur. "So, good luck on your efforts this year as you qualify for our 2001 Championship, Johnnie Davis announced to the attending crowd as he began awarding the top Pro/Am slots and Big Bass money.

Pro/Am Re-Cap: Day-1-Near 80-degree pre-tournament warmth quickly chilled under the onslaught of artic winds cooling down to "un-welcomed" chill-factors with 15/20 mph winds gusting to 25 mph prompting Tournament/CEO, Johnnie Davis to allow trailering as a safety ruling. But despite the 25-degree wind-chills and 4' surf, 56 Pro/Am Teams managed to find plenty of bass-bites as almost 700 lbs of bass were weighed-in giving the1st place Pro/Lead to Tommy Dickerson of Orange TX, for his 5 bass/18.82 lb weight caught from north-lake buck-brush on 1 / 4 oz white/chartreuse Mr. Blitz spinner baits.

1 st place Pro/Win-(10 bass/32.19 lbs )- "Same-0-Same-0" both days explained Pro/Angler Tommy Dickerson of Orange TX. The winning pro ran his Gambler/Mercury bass-rig to the 147-bridge area to work Castaway rods and Daiwa reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. Tommy fished 1 / 4 oz white/chartreuse Mr. Blitz spinner baits around 2' -to- 4' buck-brush and point-grass. "The only difference from yesterday to today, Tommy informed, Was that I caught only 8 bass today instead of the 10 like I caught yesterday.

2 nd place Pro-(9 bass/31.74 lbs)- Angelle's Marine Pro/Angler, David Truax of Beaumont TX, put his Nitro/Mercury bass-rig over mid-lake creek-channel bends to fish Quantum rods and reels spooled with 17 lb test Mason line. Truax worked hand-painted red-crawfish #5 Strike King crank baits along 10' breaks that dropped off into 18' water. "The only difference, David informed, "Was that the bass were holding on the inside bends yesterday but were holding on the outside bends today. The Pro/angler moved up from a 17 th place 1 st day position to take the #2 pro/win, catching his 10.98 lb "kicker" on a 7:30 am bite. "The Lord blessed me with bigger fish today, David Truax stated with a smile.

3 rd place Pro-(10 bass/30.51 lbs)-Texas Tire Pro/Angler, Chris Wilkerson of Livingston TX, put his Triton/Mercury bass-rig over creek-channel bends along the 147 bridge to work Kistler rods and Shimano reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. "I concentrated on fishing 1 / 2 oz chrome/blue Traps and 1 / 2 oz fire-tiger Hildebrandt Spinner baits along 6' -to- 8' creek-channel bends, Chris explained as he told of catching his fish between 8:am and 10:30 am.

Top 5 Pro/Anglers:
1-Tommy Dickerson/Orange TX--------------------10 bass/32.19 lbs-$5,000
2-David Truax/Beaumont TX-------------------------9 bass/31.74 lbs-$3,000
3-Chris Wilkerson/Livingston TX------------------10 bass/30.51 lbs-$2,000
4-Charles Reagan/Marquez TX---------------------10 bass/29.83 lbs-$1,000
5-Ted Pate/Alexandria LA---------------------------10 bass/29.31 lbs-$900

Overall Pro/Big Bass-(10.98 lbs)-David Truax of Beaumont TX-$1,000
2 nd Pro/Big Bass-(8.27)-Sam McCollum of Corsicana, TX-$500

1 st place Am/Angler Winner-(9 bass/22.03 lbs)- Dr. Roby Urbanovsky of West TX, fished with Pro/anglers Chris Wilkerson on day-1 and Ron Bowman on day-2 to catch his 9 bass/22.03 lb win. "We fished north-lake flats and buck-brush on day-1 and beanie bushes in Harvey Creek on day-2, to catch my bass, Dr Roby stated, as he told of fishing Falcon rods and Abu/Garcia reels spooled with Xcaliber line. Dr. Roby worked 1 / 2 oz white/chartreuse Bulldog spinner baits, 3 / 4 oz red Traps, and shad colored "Hotlip" crank-baits to land his 2 nd place amateur finish. "I enjoyed a good tournament here on Rayburn, Dr. Roby grinned as he accepted his 1 st place amateur award.

2 nd place Am/Angler-(8 bass/21.05 lbs)- Bert Keller of Bryan TX, fished with Pro/anglers who worked north-lake structure both days as he fished Daiwa rods and Ambassadeur reels spooled with 20 lb test Berkley Big Game mono. Bert fished with 3 / 4 oz white Oldham spinner-baits and 3 / 4 oz chartreuse Traps to catch his 2 nd place amateur bass.

3 rd place Am/Angler-(7 bass/20.93 lbs)- "Charles Reagan and Charley Hammack were my pros, answered Charles Dellard of Burleson TX. Dillard worked Falcon rods and Garcia reels spooled with 15 lb test Berkley Big Game mono while fishing 1 / 2 oz chartreuse Traps within north-lake Johnson grass both days to catch his bass. "My day-2 pro, Charley Hammack, after catching his limit by 1:45 pm handed over his rig to me and told me to go ahead and catch a few. "So, I did just that, answered the grateful angler as he informed of catching his 3 rd place win which were bunched up in the Johnson grass that included the "overall" amateur big bass of 7.89 lbs.

Top 5 Amateurs:
1-Dr. Roby Urbanovsky/West TX---------------------9 bass/22.03 lbs-$1,500
2-Bert Keller/Bryan TX---------------------------------8 bass/21.05 lbs-$750
3-Charles Dellard/Burleson TX------------------------7 bass/20.93 lbs-$600
4-Carl Koch/Ft Worth TX------------------------------6 bass/17.53 lbs-$500
5-Brandon Jennings/Colleyville TX------------------6 bass/15.52 lbs-$400

Overall Am/Big Bass-(7.89 lbs)-Charles Dellard/Burleson TX-$500
2nd Am/Big Bass-(6.36 lbs)-Carl Koch/Ft Worth TX-$250

All bass recovered and live released via the Anglers Choice fish recovery team.
Day-1 Pro/Catch-173 bass weighing 465-lbs-Day-1 Am/Catch-74 bass weighing 178-lbs-

For more information on the Anglers Choice Tournament circuit contact Johnny Davis at (817)-573-3400 or click to <>

Anglers Choice Tournament Sponsors: BassCat- Mercury- Berkley- Cabela's- TH Marine- MotorGuide- Fenwick- AbuGarcia- Please Release Me- e-Angler- Interstate Batteries- Ramada Inn-Jasper- Needmore Tackle- Holiday Inn Express- "and" the East Texas Amateur Team Anglers.

Tommy Dickerson with 1st place pro/smile

Charles Dellard with 7.89 lb amateur overall big bass
< photos by Ed Snyder >

"The Lord smiled on me today" Truax praised as Johnnie Davis looks on

Top 5 Pros -R-to-L- front row- and top 5 amateurs R-to-L back row

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