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5 Bass/24.89 Lbs Wins Rayburn A/C Team
By Ed Snyder

Anglers Choice East Texas 2001East Texas Team Series
Sunday, 28, 2001, Twin Dikes Marina, Lake Sam Rayburn, TX.

"The bass were really moving today, stated the team which had just intimidated the weigh-in scale with a 5 bass/24.89 lb catch, "But, they further explained, "The bass paused just long enough for us to catch at least 30 of them from which we began culling 2 lb and 3 lb fish by noon. The first place winning team had just nudged the previous leading stringer of 5 bass/22.30 lbs to the 2nd place slot that was caught & weighed-in by a father & son team who had culled their catch from an 18 bass catch............"Rayburn's coming back!!!!

1st place team-(5 bass/24.89 lbs)- Bradley Stringer of Huntington TX, and Glenn Kimble of Lufkin TX, ran their Ranger/Johnson bass-rig to Veach Basin grass-beds to work Haw hustler rods and Garcia reels spooled with 25 lb test Stren. "We concentrated our efforts on fishing 6' -to-8' inside grass-lines with 1 oz white/chartreuse Hawg-hustler spinner baits and 1/2 oz black/blue Hawg-hustler jigs w/Larew pumpkin saltcraws, they explained as they told of catching at least 30 bass from an early bite to 1:30 pm. "We were culling 2 and 3 lb bass before noon, Stringer informed as he gave credits to T-Oil Company who provided the Mystic oil which kept their engine running smooth and true. The 1st place team managed to anchor their catch with a 7.38 lb "kicker" that also took the "overall" big bass money.

2nd place team-(5 bass/22.30 lbs)- Father & Son fishing team, Marty and George Kelley of Jasper TX, maneuvered their Ranger/Mercury along Cullman Bay creek channel bends for fishing Berkley Lightning/Castaway rods and Shimano/Ambassadeur reels spooled with 20 lb test Berkley Fireline and 14 lb test Stren super-sensi line. The proud family team worked Carolina rigged red-shad Zoom 10" worms and 1/2 oz white/yellow Hildebrandt spinner baits with double willows. "We concentrated on fishing the 25' drops, informed the Legend Power Boats angler, as "papa" George told of catching 18 bass between 9:am and 1:30 pm which also gave him the 2nd big bass money for his 6.92 lb 10:30 am big-bite.

3rd place team-(5 bass/18.22 lbs)- "Well, if your going to have your 18 lb effort beat it may as well be from 20 lb -plus- sacks, stated the 3rd place duo who ran their Skeeter/Yamaha to north-lake grass-beds to fish Browning/Castaway rods and Garcia/Quantum reels spooled with 15 lb test Yozuri Hybrid line and 20 lb test Berkley mono. Billy Dent and Rick Scott of Hearne TX, fished 1/2 oz chartreuse and chartreuse/white Terminator spinner baits and Rapala Husky Jerks over 4' -to- 14' inside grass-lines to catch 20 bass between 7:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Top 5 Teams:
1-Glenn Kimble/Bradley Stringer----------------------------5 bass/24.89-$1,460
2-Marty Kelley/George Kelley-------------------------------5 bass/22.30-$730
3-Rick Scott/Billy Dent-----------------------------------------5 bass/18.22-$645
4-Stan Burgay/Lance Hughes--------------------------------5 bass/17.68-$545
5-Dicky Newberry/John Gunnels----------------------------5 bass/17.64-$445

Overall Big Bass-(7.38)-Glenn Kimble/Bradley Stringer-$300
2nd Big Bass-(6.92)-Marty/George Kelley-$200

All bass recovered and live released via the Anglers Choice fish recovery team with 158 bass weighing 420 lbs.

For more information on the Anglers Choice Tournament circuit contact Randy Knight at (979)-694-7634 -or e-mail <>

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T-Director Randy Knight helps Stringer-L-and Kimble "heft" their 24.89 lb win

Top 3 teams with 1st place kneeling
< photos by Ed Snyder >

Father & Son team "proudly" hlods up their 22.30 lb 2nd place effor

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